“──── then there’s no way I can do that one, I’m sorry but I’m going home.”

If it’s true, I want to eliminate the existence of Toiro as soon as possible, but becoming a lover with her is no joke.

When I said that and was about to leave in front of the building, Nanahoshi stood in front of me and said,

“W-wait! I’m not really asking you to become my lover! Just for today! Just for today, just be my lover! And I don’t want you to be my real lover, I just want you to pretend to be my lover, that’s all I need!”


“Yes! All we have to do is pretending to be each other and play the role of lovers! And that’s just for today! Then it won’t even be that I was Toiro-san’s ex-girlfriend!”

…… Honestly, my objective has been achieved just by being able to meet her here.

Because at this point, she should have been able to tell that I thought the time I spent with her was enjoyable.

But ────

“Please! I really want you to see my shoot, Toiro-san!”

If you say such a thing with such dazzling, shining eyes, I can’t refuse so easily.

In order to refuse these eyes, I need something reasonable.

If you want to release something worthy of that, you can do it. I want to erase the existence of Toiro.

If I can strongly express that desire, I will be able to reject this eye of her as well.

The only question is whether I want to reject these eyes.


──── I couldn’t possibly think that I wanted to reject it.

Either feelings for me, or pride in my modelling profession, or both, …… appealed to me with their eyes.

She wants me to see her shine.

“…… got it.”


When I said that, Nanahoshi looked into my eyes happily and then smiled.

“Thank you!”

I say to her, who is so pleased, as if to remind her.

“Just for today only,…… from now on, no matter how much you ask me, I will never pretend to be your girlfriend.”

“Yes! Just today!”

Once we had mutually agreed that it was just for today, she and I walked next door and stepped into the building.

When I stepped inside the building, I looked around at the building’s interior.

I could have guessed from the exterior, but the interior is also very beautiful.

It might be a bit of hype to call it futuristic, but the corridor echoes with a pleasant, deafening sound as I walk along, and the floor and walls reflect the light.

“Being able to use a filming studio in a place like this, does that mean that Nanahoshi is pretty famous in the modelling business?”

“Not at all! I’ve only been in the country!”

For now, I just realized that there’s no point in asking if she’s famous because her sensibilities are different from mine.

As she and I walked down the corridor, there was a lift at the end of it, so we both got into it.

Then Nanahoshi pressed the button for the 31st floor and the elevator doors closed.

“It’s pretty high up, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is! There’s a place near the studio where you can enjoy the view, so at night or something, it’s nice to see the view!”

Certainly, in a building like this in the city, the view from the 31st floor is something that an ordinary person like me would not be able to see.

When I was walking along the corridor while talking about such things, ────

[Nanahoshi Shooting time 11:00 to 13:00]

We came to a door with a piece of paper on it that said.

…… I knew that, but it has the atmosphere of a full-fledged filming studio.

When Nanahoshi put her hand on the doorknob of the door, she looked at me and said.

“Toiro-san, just for today, please behave properly as my lover!”

“I know.”

Yes, I will only act as her lover just for today.

As she opened the door, me and Nanahoshi entered the shooting studio together ──── as lovers, ending only for today.

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