“Ah! Nanahoshi-san has entered the scene!’

As we entered the filming studio, such a woman’s voice echoed through the filming studio.

Then, the staff members present raised a spirited voice “Okay!”

…… green bags, lights and cameras.

This is the real place.

I was feeling the atmosphere of the real place,────, but if Nanahoshi enters the scene, the staff will naturally have questions that come to mind.

As if to express such doubts,────, the eyes of the staff were focused on me.

Then, the woman who had just loudly announced Nanahoshi’s entry into the field approached us.

“Good morning, Nanahoshi-san.”

“Good morning, producer!”

Producer, I see.

Certainly, judging from the rough polo shirt she was wearing and the simple white trousers she was wearing, she seemed to be a producer.

When I was thinking that, the producer said something that probably represented the feelings of the staff members present here.

“Nanahoshi san, who is the boy next to you?”

Nanahoshi, before opening the door to the filming studio, said, ‘Please behave properly as my lover!’ I’m used to pretending to be something I’m not, so pretending to be her lover is not a problem, even if it’s a bit too brazen.

But I’m worried about her

She probably doesn’t have the personality to be good at lying, and no matter how much she says she is a model, acting skills for modelling shoots and normal acting skills are two completely different things.

Here, Nanahoshi says, “H-he’s my lover! I’m not lying okay!?” I’m going to have to hurry and follow up because it will be ruined if she says something like that, but what will really happen?

I was thinking about that, and Nanahoshi said very naturally

“He’s my boyfriend!”

“B-boyfriend ……!?”


Other staff members had an even more serious reaction than the surprised producer.

“T-that…..! You’re Nanahoshi-san’s ……!”

“Boyfriend ……!?”

“I think I’ll take a break now, I want to go home and sleep in ……”

The reactions are threefold, but mainly male staff are said to be very shocked.

Some of the reactions are seen in the form of shocked people who stop moving, others shouting loudly, and one who is clearly demoralised.

But the reason they are so shocked is because the words of Nanahoshi were so natural.

If this had been in the mood of a joke, or one that could be seen as a lie, it would have been taken as a joke and would not have been so shocking.

The fact that it was natural is why no one doubts that her statement was a lie …… it’s rather ──── too natural.

I’m not talking about the dimension of being a good liar or a good actor.

By the way, Nanahoshi said I was someone she was interested in. ……

“Toiro is my boyfriend!”

Nanahoshi said so, gently gripping my wrist.

──── Could it be that Nanahoshi is planning to take advantage of this situation to approach me!?

As I was thinking that, Nanahoshi winked at me as if to back up that thought.


──── I’ve been hit.

I guess I hadn’t thought about that yet at the stage when Nanahoshi confided in me under the building that she wouldn’t let me into the studio unless I was her model boyfriend, but if I could be her boyfriend even if I was faking it, it would be the perfect opportunity for Nanahoshi who wants to get closer to me.

In this situation, I have no choice but to play the role of her boyfriend, so if I reject her attempt to come closer to me, that will be unnatural. …… and ──── If I behave in an unnatural way that makes people think I am not really her boyfriend, They’ll suspect that I’m not really her boyfriend.

And if it’s not her boyfriend, then who am I? In the worst case scenario, I might be thought of as a suspicious person.

At that time, Nanahoshi might help me with my excuse, but just being asked why I went out of my way to tell such a lie and come into this shooting studio would be out… After all, I couldn’t refuse Nanahoshi’s eyes. Such emotional theories are completely useless as a defense.

…… Nanahoshi chiha seems to have a personality that doesn’t like this kind of means, but since I’m trying to avoid her, I guess it’s an eye for an eye thing.

As I was instantly thinking about that, the producer said.

“You say your name is Toiro-san. …… You have a well-defined face, are you by any chance the same model as Nanahoshi-san?”

“That’s~! He is neither a model nor an actor! I tried to get him to be a model or an actor before, but he turned me down because it didn’t suit his personality!”

“Well, there are many people who don’t have the personality for public appearances, so I don’t think it can be helped.”

“Yes but~! I’m sure Toiro san can make it to the top!”

“It’s fine that you’re crazy about your boyfriend, but please be sure to take pictures…It might be rude to say this to Nanahoshi-san, though.”

“I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but I’ll take care of the filming, so please leave it to me!”

When Nanahoshi and the producer finished that conversation and the producer walked towards the green bag, Nanahoshi came towards me and said.

“Toiro! Keep supporting me okay!”

“Yeah, Nana ────”

…… not, if she’s my lover

“Chiha, I’ll be watching you, cheering you on as you shoot.”


After that, Nanahoshi let out a voice so high that I don’t know if it could be called a voice, and then headed towards the green bag with a heightened mood.

I have a lot to say about this later. ────

“First, let’s see what she can do”

So I decided to see how good a model Nanahoshi Chiha is, who was chosen for the special High School.

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