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The following day, Sunday.

I finished my preparations, such as getting my hair set with bangs up, and headed to the shooting studio that had been sent to me by message from Nanahoshi──── .

The time was a little early, considering that the time for the shoot she had sent me was 11am.

Naturally, I don’t want to see her model shoot, but ────

“If you found your time with me even a little enjoyable, then please come and see the shoot tomorrow.”

If she said something like that, I couldn’t not go to see it.

I don’t know what kind of standards I have, but there are lies I can tell and lies I can’t tell.

I think I’m the one who is telling lies that I shouldn’t be telling, but that’s not my standard.

It’s whether or not I hurt the person, whether or not I make them sad ……, whether or not I cause trouble for others because of the lies I tell.

To the extent that I pretend I don’t exist or I pretend I’m ordinary, I don’t cause trouble for others.

But in this case, if I didn’t go to see her shooting, it would be the same as me telling her that I didn’t enjoy the time I spent with her.

If I really didn’t enjoy it, it would have been better to say that I was just being honest …… but.

Since that wasn’t the case ────, in order to avoid telling a lie that I shouldn’t have told, I have to go and watch the modeling shoot that Nanahoshi is doing today.

I got on the train, got off the train and as I was walking and thinking these thoughts, my sense of time felt faster than usual and before I knew it, I had arrived in front of the studio location that she had sent me to.

“…… building, huh?”

The place is a very tall building with a beautiful exterior.

Most people would imagine this building if they were told it was a beautiful high-rise building in the city.

It is a building in the city, so perhaps it is only natural, but even among such buildings, this building is one of the most beautiful.

While I was standing in front of the building, thinking that she is an amazing model who is capable of filming in a photo studio in a building like this, I heard a small voice calling my name ──── about ten minutes before the time she had sent me.

“T-Toiro san……?”

It’s such a small voice,────but.

The next moment, that person ran towards me and said loudly.

“Toiro-san! Y-you came!?”

Nanahoshi said so with an expression of not being able to hide her surprise.

“Yeah, and if I was having fun, and you asked me to come and see the shooting, I couldn’t not come and see it”

“……! Toiro san!!”

Nanahoshi’s expression changed from surprise to joy, and her cheeks turned red and she happily tried to hug me—but I dodged her to the side.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t let you hug me in front of a building like this where I don’t know where anyone related to Nanahoshi is.”

I don’t know how famous a model Nanahoshi is, but if she’s at least famous to the level of being able to use a photography studio in an urban building like this, she’s probably good enough material for a scoop.

“Moouu! Wasn’t that just now the scene where you let me hug you without worrying about that sort of thing?”

She says this with a dumbfounded look on her face, but her tone of voice is filled with happiness.

Then, with a bright smile, she says.

“But I’m ──── happy! Thank you for coming, Toiro-san!”

…… the true smile of Nanahoshi Chiha, with no falsehoods.

I can’t ──── help but be taken aback by this smile.

“It’s not something you should be thanking me for.”

Thinking this, I calmly said so, and Nanahoshi looked at me happily.

Then,──── after a short pause, she opened her mouth and said, as if remembering something, an awkward expression appeared on her face.

“Well,…… um, Toiro-san,…… when I invited Toiro-san to the photo shoot yesterday, I thought it was more likely that Toiro-san wouldn’t come, and at that time, this thing had slipped my mind in the first place. But ……”

“Oh, what’s that?”

“Basically, the only people allowed into that …… filming studio are the people involved.”

This is probably because if anyone were to let anyone in, it would cause all kinds of trouble.

“I’m a friend of Nanahoshi’s, so I guess they’ll let me in, right?”

I thought that was how I was going to be allowed into the studio, so I asked Nanahoshi about it, but she kept saying that with an awkward expression on her face.

“Friends, it’s no good. ……if family or relatives, it’s okay though……”

“…… that’s difficult.”

If it’s a friend or something, it’s still quite difficult to fake it as a family member or relative.

Even if I were able to hide it on the spot, it would be a problem if the lie was discovered later.

As I was thinking about this, she said out loud.

“B-but! There’s one thing, there’s a related person, not a family member, not a relative, who is allowed into the filming studio!”

“Well, what kind of relation is that?”

When I asked that, Nanahoshi said, her cheeks turning red and looking embarrassed.

“The model’s lover …….”

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