Regular examinations have a considerable impact on grades.

Therefore, they are something to push for if you are someone who cares about your grades properly.

Yuzuha, who wants to become a teacher, has to improve …… or maintain her grades in order to go to a good university.

Although the number of people in this study group has increased, it was originally intended for Yuzuha…

“Japanese history and world history are mostly memorised. However, it is easier to remember if you understand the flow of the subject than if you try to memorise the words.”

“Y-yeah. ……”

“Like, What was the impact of this incident? Also, why did this incident occur? Who was the person who caused it? If you investigate such things, it is better than trying to memorize the problem sentences in equal terms. It’s easy to remember.”

I teach Yuzuha, who sits next to me, pointing to her textbook.

Yuzuha is good at science and mathematics, but is quite bad at literacy, which involve memorization. When I teach, I usually start with memorization.

“Um, Shiori-san. It’s this one…”

“Well, this is …… the way to solve it, but you can save time if you use this formula from the teaching materials.”

Meanwhile, face-to-face, Shiori san and Kirishima are studying side by side.

Shiori-san teaches Kirishima while she studies herself. Kirishima asks Shiori-san

While the hands of the clock tick and tick steadily, the study progresses silently.

Perhaps because of the serious faces, there is no stagnation in the study session.

In a manga or something like that, people who lose concentration, saying things like “Study nooo!” But Yuzuha is working hard for her dream with a frown on her face, and Kirishima and Shiori san, both of whom are not bad at studying, don’t seem to lose focus either.

(Is that good or bad? ……)

Thanks to this, it’s been an hour since we started, but there’s no sign of stopping.

If this continues, it will be hard for …… me to even take a break.

“…… Tsukkun, should we take a break?”

Yuzuha, who was sitting next to me, looked into my face as if she knew I was thinking that.

I was shocked to see such a beautiful and cute face, but I pretended to be calm and raised my hands.

“Alright, I’m a little tired, let’s take a break”

“Fufu, that’s fine, isn’t it”

“I don’t mind either.”

I want to take a break! I couldn’t say that.

The feeling of freedom also made me stand up taller.

“Irie is good at teaching, isn’t he?”

She suddenly says, resting her chin on her hand.


“Yes, I thought so too when I heard it.”

Is that so? I wasn’t aware of it myself…

“What do you think about that, who is being taught san?”

“I think Tsukkun is a cool boy!”

Great, I’m happy, but I’m not playing catch-up.

“But I think it’s true you’re good at teaching you know? In fact, my grades are going up!”

“Oh, good, good. Onii chan is glad that your grades are up”

“Ehehehe…. ha! I’m the big sister!!”

As I patted her head, Yuzuha showed a face that she had noticed something.

However, I would like to say that it is a misconception to say that she is in the upper age bracket.

“Really, you’re showing off. Don’t you think so, Shiori-san…? Shiori-san?”

Kirishima tilts her head in some way.

When I followed the figure of Shiori-san out of curiosity, she slowly sat down beside me…

“I too would like to be petted.”



In addition to us being surprised, Shiori-san offers her head to me.

The graceful and mature girl is being pampered like this… The gap in her appearance was so stark that I was surprised and at the same time, my heart beat faster.

“Hey, what are you doing!!”

“Ara, I’m just looking for a reward for studying hard too? If you don’t mind, would you like to join us, Kurusu-san?”

“Saying that……”

Kirishima glances at me.

Then, after hesitating, she bit her lip a little, and her cheeks turned slightly red.────

“M-me too, please. ……”

She then turns around behind me and turns her head towards me.

“…… if you’re embarrassed, you can stop, okay?”

“Well, there are matters I can’t lose ……!”

This is unusual for her, who is very bossy.

I wonder if she is not used to this kind of obvious ‘pampering’ behaviour? The appearance of embarrassment is obvious.

However, like Shiori san, her …… gap is very heartbreaking.

(The appearance of those three beautiful girls begging for a reward is …… like this, how should I say it ……).

It is hard to describe.

Of course I don’t dislike it, and I’m honestly happy to be seen in this way.

The only problem is that I’m embarrassed too.

However, there’s no doubt that if I don’t do it, it won’t end…

“…… is this okay?”

I gently stroke their heads.

The small, silky hair feel and slightly high body temperature in my hands.

It gives me the feeling that I am stroking those three beautiful girls even more, and makes me feel even more embarrassed.

“(This is that …… bad, isn’t it?)”

“(I-I don’t have much experience, so …… it comes more than I thought.)”

Their faces turn red all at once.

It was good that she asked for it herself, but it was probably more than she had imagined.

Without me stopping, the girls remove their heads on their own and the reward ends.

At that moment, Yuzuha pulled my clothes from the side…

“Yuzuha, do you want me to stroke your head too, ……?”

“N-no,……, I’m the one being taught rather than the one doing the hard work.”

Yuzuha blushed a little and spread her arms while sitting straight.

Her appearance was as if to say, “Jump in!”

“Knee lap… do you feel tired?”


It might have been easier to study.

In a way I was too happy and too luxurious to be tired, I lamented in my mind.

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