I was not happy to comply with what Fujisaki Akari told me to do, but I decided to at least listen to what she had to say, so I stayed in the locker room after I had finished changing.

After the other freshmen and seniors had left, Fujisaki Akari, who had finished changing, came up to me with two plastic bottles of sports drink.

“Here you go. They’re cold, so I think they’ll taste good.”

She offered me a bottle, which I gratefully accepted.

“Thank you. Quite a senpai. You have a way of showing mercy to the losers.”

I opened the bottle and drank the contents.
The well-cooled sports drink soaks into my body.

“I think it’s a matter of using the right amount of candy and whips. In the first place [What the fuck!?] I thought, I don’t need a person who doesn’t think like that. High school club activities are not for fun.”

What a surprise, Fujisaki Akari also takes a drink.

“So, Minamino-san. What are you worried about?”
“I-I’m not worried about anything!”

I was irritated by the superior attitude of Fujisaki Akari.

“Haa…’s about your childhood friend right?”


He’s not my childhood friend! He’s family!

I was about to say but, my mouth did not move at all.

“I heard a glimpse of that boy. You said Sakurai-kun was ‘family,’ right? Why?”
“………… We’ve grown up together since kindergarten. We do everything together. We even shared a bath together. We are already a not blood-related family!”

To my words, Fujisaki Akari tilted her head.

“What? That means you’re just close childhood friends who grew up together like a family. You’re not even blood related.”

W-What are you talking about?

“Um…… Is Minamino-san Sakurai kun’s ‘girlfriend'”
“N-No, I’m not.”

I’m not a “girlfriend”. I was told, but I brushed it off.

At those words, Fujisaki Akari let out a sigh.

“You see, Minamino-san. Do you know what it takes for people who are not blood related to each other to become a family?”
“Time spent!”

At those words, Fujisaki Akari laughed.

“W-What is so funny!”

Fujisaki Akari spoke back to me in the manner of a teacher giving a class.

“Fill out the marriage certificate, affix a seal, and submit it to the city office. As long as you meet the age and other requirements, you can now become a family.”
“Marriage. It’s a way of becoming a family called”
“Y-You’re making fun of me!”

I’m sure I’m yelling right now with a red face.

As if mocking me, Fujisaki Akari said

“I am making fun of you, Because you don’t understand anything.”
“W-What do you mean, you don’t understand anything!”

“Japan doesn’t allow polygamy. So, there is only one person who can be a family member of a person who is not related to you.”
“……T-that’s right.”

“I am Yuto’s “girlfriend. Well, lover. Shiori is ‘a very important woman,’ so she’s neither girlfriend nor lover.”
“W-Well, what’s that supposed to mean?

“The most important thing is that I am the only one who can become a “family member” after marrying Yuto. This is why I allow Yuto’s two-timing.”

A woman who can’t become family is just like a stranger.

“Strangers ……”

The words that Misuzu said to me. That’s what this woman said to me as well.

“I sometimes have fun with the three of us, but that’s it, I think of it as having sex in a brothel and coming home.”

The statement was so shocking that I could not catch up with my understanding.

“Now, Minamino-san, I wonder what you are to that Sakurai kun?”
“You are not his family. You’ve just grown up together like family.”


“…..Just…..A stranger”

I looked down and spit out the words

“Yes. You’re not ‘yet’ Sakurai-kun’s family.”
“………… eh?”

When I looked up, Fujisaki Akari was smiling at me.

“I mean it’s possible for you to become a family with what you’re going to do from now on. Because, you’re not married to Sakurai kun yet”
“T-that’s true. ……”

I said this, and Fujisaki Akari opened her hands to me.

“But it’s impossible, isn’t it? because Sakura kuni’s heart is already set on Kitajima Towa, not on you.”

“T-That’s not true! Because! Kirito confessed to me twice, yesterday and the day before yesterday, asking me to be his girlfriend!”
“….Eh?Seriously? Then why aren’t you his girlfriend?”

I said to Fujisaki akari, who rolled her eyes.

“Because, a girlfriend is just something you play around with in front of your family!”
“…I thought you were an idiot, but I didn’t expect you to go this far.”

“T-That’s so rude! But there it is! If I say it one more time now, everything will be all right!”

I confidently told Fujisaki Akari, who tilted her head.

“I’ve been asked to be his girlfriend twice! Feelings don’t change that much! Hmph! It’s aggravating for me to say this, but I’ll put up with it if we’re going to be a family!”
“…… Eh? Minamino-san…………. I don’t think ……..”
“I thank you! Fujisaki-senpai! Thank you!”
“No, no,…… ah, you called me senpai!”

I made a decision and grabbed my bag and ran out of the locker room, headed out of the gym to the shoe closet, changed my shoes, and from there hopped on my bike parked in the bike parking lot and hurried home.

Well, it couldn’t be helped! Kirito!

It’s my ‘sister’s’ duty to listen to my ‘brother’s’ selfishness!

I’ll play along with your ‘lover’s games’!

Fifteen minutes on the bike.

I arrived in front of my house.

The time was nineteen o’clock. I had a little too long a conversation with Fujisaki-senpai.

I looked at his room in Kirito’s house and saw that the light was on.

There you are!

I took out my phone and sent a message to him.

“Kirito! I need to talk to you! Go outside!!!”

I immediately got a read receipt and saw Kirito peeking out the window at me.

He sighed and said

“I’m on my way.”

A little later, Kirito, who had changed into his loungewear, came in.

“What’s the matter, Rinne? Why did you call me at this hour?”

He sounded a little grumpy, but I didn’t care!

Because from now on I’m going to say something that will make you fly with joy!

“Hey, Kirito!”
“What is it, Rinne?”

I said firmly, so that Kirito could hear me.

“I’ll be your lover!”

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1 year ago

Lol, I sort of feel a little sorry for her. Jp authors love to make the childhood friends a bit too slow for their own good

1 year ago

Hell no. You’re toying with his feelings at that point. Not just dense

1 year ago

is the setting of this story in a town in the suburbs?

11 months ago

The president of student council has 3some…..lmao BTW are you for real rinne????