“Selling us out, is it?”

The staff member waved his hand in panic as I responded to his curious words.

“Ah, please don’t get the wrong idea. We are not trying to use you to get you into trouble or anything like that. I’m just thinking of showing off the fact that a new hero has emerged from Bren, revitalizing the city’s economy, improving the guild’s standing, and that sort of thing.”

“As your fame grows, there will be times when some fools will come by on their own, but you’ll have to take care of that on your own. I have just confirmed that you have that much power.”

“I see. I don’t want it to be too flashy, but that’s about it.”

I agree with what they said. The main thing is to appeal the power of the Bren branch of the Adventurers’ Guild to the outside world, and to promote the value of the Bren branch and the city of Bren itself to the people around.

In any case, as soon as the materials for the earth dragon appear on the market, information about their source and the person who killed them will be sought from various sources, so even if the Bren Branch were to tell them, it would be the same thing in the end.

I think that I and everyone else have the ability to avoid being taken advantage of by these people. Even if the other three people are not convinced, from the way they are reacting now, it seems that they will accept this much.

Gillian san sniffed with satisfaction when he saw us. Then, the staff member who had been instructed to do something took a document on his desk and said

“It seems that there are no objections then, so I would be happy to talk to you separately when the recovery of the land dragon is successful. ……Now then. Now that we’re done talking about material purchases, let’s move on to the achievement of being a dragon slayer.”

“Oh, you mean the adventurer grade.”

The staff nodded, looked at me, and said.

“Tale san, you are an iron grade adventurer. You will be promoted to a higher grade for your achievement in securing the materials for the land dragon. Therefore, you are a —- bronze grade adventurer as of today.”


I was a little taken aback by the suddenness of the matter.

But it is true that the only condition left for me to be promoted to the Bronze grade is to achieve the achievements specified by the Adventurers’ Guild. If supplying the guild with extremely rare earth dragon materials was an achievement, then it would be possible for me to be promoted to the bronze grade.

However, I still felt uncomfortable. As far as I know, I have never heard of a case in which a person’s grade was raised by delivering materials outside of a commission.

I guess he must have sensed my inner feelings. Gillian san, who looked troubled, waved his hand carelessly and said

“Well, it’s just as you predicted. This is about the honor as a “dragonslayer,” as I said before. –In short, the proud hero of our Grand Branch can’t look good if he’s just a mediocre iron-class adventurer.”

“So you’re saying I was promoted for the sake of appearances?”

“No offense. The only reason I’m doing this is because I’m sure you’re as good as bronze. It’s not like I’m trying to get you to put on a pair of shoes.”

“If you say so, …… I have no complaints.”

“Okay. Then sign those papers over there. Then hand in your new adventurer’s card, and you’ll be a Bronze Adventurer.”


I took the paper and pen offered by the staff member and skimmed the contents. It seems to list the rights and obligations that come with being a Bronze Adventurer. After confirming that there were no problems, I signed my name on the paper and handed it to the staff member.

“Yes, thank you. Here is your new adventurer’s card. It will be exchanged for your current one.”

Looking at the card I had received, I noticed that it looked no different from the one I had received before. Visually, it looked like a solid brass tag. However, the words “Bronze Adventurer Tale” are engraved on it.

Tucking the tag under my jacket, I slip it through my neck on the chain attached to my Adventurer’s Certificate. The sound of metal rubbing against metal under my clothes.

–I had been a wood grade adventurer, then an iron grade adventurer, and now I was a bronze grade adventurer. I am now a mid-level adventurer. Though I don’t really feel like it since I didn’t receive the usual promotion request……

If anything, I’m still a bit puzzled about it.

“Congratulations on your Bronze promotion, Tale.”

“Now Tale can be just like us.”

“That’s great! Tale kun has always been worried about being the only one with an iron grade!”

I received words of congratulations from Anri, Ur, and Rietta. They were right, all the members of the Sword of Wheat were now Bronze grade adventurers. It was indeed a pleasure to be able to stand in line with everyone else in terms of grade.

But the story did not end there.

The staff member, who had been watching the lively celebration, then held out another document and placed it in front of us. Then he looked not at me this time, but at Anri.

“Lastly, Anri, the leader of the Bronze Adventurers’ Party The Sword of Wheat. Your party will be honored with the achievements that Tale san has made this time…”

He then announced.

“We would like you to be promoted to the Silver Grade Adventurer Party.”

–We were all wide-eyed with surprise for the umpteenth time.

The adventuring party grade is a concept that has a similar meaning to that of an individual adventurer’s grade. While adventurer grade indicates an individual’s fighting ability and ability to carry out requests, party grade is the ability of the party as a whole.

Therefore, even a party like ours, in which all members are Bronze, can be promoted to Silver if the teamwork of the members exceeds their individual grades.

–However, this is not natural. Such as being able to overcome the silver level wall with such ease.

It is common knowledge among adventurers. The number of adventurers and parties that can be promoted from bronze to silver is very small.

Generally speaking, the bronze grade is the highest grade that an inexperienced adventurer can attain, and it is a sign that the adventurer has the minimum ability to be considered a veteran. The silver grade, on the other hand, is only one grade higher, and yet it is the level at which one becomes known as a first-rate adventurer.

It is not a grade that a young adventurer of one or two years can attain.

“Hmmm…. You mean to say that the grade is appropriate for a party of dragon slayers?”

“……Yes, that’s right. The reason for this is that the party is the credit of Tale san, but I hope you can overlook the fact that the reason for this is a bit difficult. I would just like to add that you have always been a party with a bright future, and it was expected that you would be promoted to the silver grade in the near future.”

“Hee, I see.”

While Anri was muttering, looking like she wasn’t satisfied, Rietta, who seemed excited, raised her voice
“I-It’s amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a silver grade at our age!”

“There is no doubt that this is quite a speedy rise in the ranks. We must have had some privileges as well, so isn’t that a good story?”

Ur said that and turned her gaze towards Anri as if asking her to make a decision. Then, everyone in this place, including me, turned our attention to Anri.

“-Well then. I guess I’ll gratefully accept that promotion. This will also raise the reputation of Sword of wheat.”

Anri confirms that we have no objections and reaches for the document in front of her. She then quickly wrote her signature on it and handed it to the official.

The staff member who received it confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the contents, and slowly nodded.

–Thus, we, the Sword of Wheat, were promoted to a higher adventuring party, the silver grade. Considering our members’ ages and adventuring experience, this was an exceptionally fast promotion.

The staff member who put the papers on the desk with a look of satisfaction looks at us.

“Well then, I now conclude the acceptance of your documents. You are now, as of this moment, a silver graded adventuring party consisting of all bronze graded adventurers. …… Now then, let me begin to explain the party’s grade promotion. There are more considerations from the silver grade, so the guild official will be explaining them to you in person. Most of the time, only the leader remains and the others go home, but what do you do? ”

We looked at each other.

It is true that many adventurers don’t like to talk about details, and in most cases, they have no problem as long as the leader listens to them.

Normally, I would not have to listen to this kind of talk, but at this particular time …….

–…… this is a chance for us to talk without Anri. I’m sorry Anri, but we’ll just have to leave first. ……

I thought about it for a moment and decided to go ahead and ask Anri for her approval. I’ve been talking about a light request today to get used to the idea of resuming activities with the four of us, so I’m going to use that as an excuse.

“Henri. We’re going to leave first and see what we can do for this afternoon.”

Huh, Tale, you don’t want to hear about it? It’s rare. Well, I don’t mind.”

Then, without any particular objections, I left my seat, taking Ur and Rietta with me. I was seen off by Anri and the others who remained here, and I left the reception room. Ur and Rietta follow me without doubting my excuse, talking behind the back about what kind of request we would like.

–Well. After the happy topic of my promotion to a higher grade, what awaits me is the story of Anri’s change and my mistake, I guess. Both are heavy topics, but they are unavoidable for the four of us to work together again.

I looked at Ur and Rietta, whose expressions were cheerful as they followed me, and began to ponder what I should start talking about.

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