I’m Aware That I’m a Burden, but I’m Not Allowed to Leave the Party, so I Tried to Disappear by Pretending to Jump off Into the Abyss, but I Really Fell ~I Become Deadly Strong in the Abyss While the Girls in the Party Are Sick With Despair~

Source: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/16817330657219422179


Tale, a magical swordsman who is a member of the up-and-coming adventurer party “Sword of Wheat,” has always been troubled by the difference in ability between himself and the other party members. Thinking that this imbalance of abilities could one day endanger the entire party, he voluntarily announces his intention to leave the party, but no one allows him to do so because the party is made up of only his childhood friends. Fearing that he may face irreversible damage in the near future, Tale finally attempts to leave the party by faking his own death by pretending to fall down a cliff in a mountainous area where he is working for a client, but an unfortunate accident causes him to really fall down. Although he managed to avoid falling to his death, he found himself in a den of ferocious demons, and after fighting to the death, he had gained a level of strength that was a cut above his previous level when he left the mountain. When he returns to his home base, expecting to be able to party with everyone again, he finds his childhood friends there, who have fallen ill with despair at the thought of Tale’s death…

Episode 21 – The Great Rampage (Stampede), Outpost

Episode 22 – Reconciliation, appearance

Episode 23 – Destruction, descent

Episode 24 – Six divine generals, flash

Episode 25 – Authority, unsuccessful

Episode 26 – arena, invasion of platinum

Episode 27 – Domination, dawn

Side Story 3 – Treasure

Side Story 4 – Dreams and vanished illusions make me stronger still

Episode 28 – Holy Crest, Awakening

Episode 29 – Authority, Strategy

Episode 30 – Death of Demon, “Sword of Wheat” Reunion

Episode 31 – Cooperation, unexpected

Side Story 5 – Getting back at you, my beloved

Episode 32 – Survival, the big circle

Side Story 6 – Girls’ Party

Side Story 7 – Each thought is for the same happiness