Holiday. I was climbing Mount Fuji.

When you hear the word mountain climbing, the first thing that comes to mind is tough, painful, and difficult. Maybe that’s why I don’t understand the appeal?

I had a similar impression before I was reborn in another world.

However, shortly after my reincarnation, I was shocked to find myself training in the mountains with a master, which changed my perspective on life.

First of all, I learned about my own physical strength and skills. It would be easier to understand if I say that I gained wisdom for living. I understood firsthand how superior the civilization and technology that mankind has built up is.

I felt a sense of attachment to things and a natural sense of gratitude to the people who have wisely manufactured them.

Furthermore, the clear sky was full of stars and meteors. I realized that my worries were not important when I was surrounded by wildlife and wilderness. Without the power of magic and civilization, human beings would be puny.

Ingenuity is the power, and the real pleasure of mountain climbing is that it is a journey where you can acquire survival knowledge and spirit, feel the mysteries of life close to you, and experience the countless charms of health, a life that stimulates your five senses, and so on. 

The most valuable asset of all is the fact that I have gained such lifelong enjoyment.

Although I was a bit surprised when I heard that I would suddenly be training deep in the mountains in a world where magic is possible, I’m now deeply impressed by my master’s teachings.

I wonder if my master is well…….

I’m somehow driven by a sense of melancholy, but I can finally see the summit.

“……Heh. This is amazing.”

Spectacular, was all I could say.

I was reminded once again that mountain climbing is a wonderful thing.

After I had enjoyed the clean air at the top, I gently closed my eyes.

I breathe in, and I prepare myself for the climb.

I climbed the mountain for two reasons.

One was to prepare my mind. That purpose has just been fulfilled.

The other is to open my 《Evil Eyes of Guidance》 at the summit.

My parents have passed away.

They were hit by a large truck, and then a hit-and-run accident.

Furthermore, my uncle scammed me out of my parents’ property.

The greed that defrauded us of our parents’ property and sent only the bare minimum of living expenses, the rage that could do nothing but vent their anger on me, and the gluttony that consumed their lives in an instant.

I still have three people I need to make sense of.

Today I went up the mountain to get information about greed.

I would probably be peeking through my evil eye at unpleasant facts.

So I wanted to prepare my mind beforehand.

I quickly raised my eyelids and screamed in my heart.

《Evil Eyes of Guidance》! ! !

I look into the past of the greed I desire the most right now.

Images of my parents shortly after they passed away in a car accident streamed into my mind.

There, I saw the filthy side of my uncle, who was a tax accountant and had passed the bar exam.

[I got 50 million just for acting like a nice relative ! Thank God ignorant kids are so easy to deal with…….!]

[Eh? Don’t have enough living expenses? Want your father and mother’s property back? Don’t worry, don’t worry. Uncle is taking good care of the money. If you lose your sense of money while you are still a young student, you will have a hard time when you grow up, you know? You know, Uncle is a tax accountant, right? I calculate the cost of living for both of you and transfer it to you, so you should rethink your life.]

[(You’re asking me to return your property after all this time !? You’ve got to be kidding me ! I’ve taken care of all your troublesome procedures for you, you know ! !)]

[Okay, cool ! Give it ! Give it ! That’s it, cool ! Stop it, you idiot ! Hey, ah ! Oh, shit ! Why is number 8 coming in there? I’ve lost a million ! Come on, let’s go ! If the horse races don’t work, then the boat races !]

[Ah, shit ! This is 50,000,000 ! You’re setting it to one, you piece of shit !]

[I don’t care ! I’ve got money. Let’s have a party tonight ! Champagne? No problem, just order what you want.]

Through the Evil Eyes, images of my uncle’s extravagant spending keep pouring in.

His words and actions make it hard to believe that he is the same person who, after losing my parents in a traffic accident and being driven to the brink of despair, was the same person who walked along with a gentle smile as a ray of hope.

I gently closed my Evil eyes.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I realized that I had seen my parents, who were worried about me and Mai until the very end, in the car accident.

I can’t just end up being beaten like this.

I wiped my tears and went down the mountain. 

……Next is greed.

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