After spending the end of the year cleaning up, the six of us, including Ishizaki and the others, decided to go to the shrine for the first time in the new year.

Ishizaki and I went to the shrine first and waited for the girls to arrive. Since it was New Year’s Day, many people were entering the shrine. The winter cold and the cold wind were chilling my body, and waiting without doing anything was a lot harder than I had expected.

“It’s cold, isn’t it, Yuuki?”

“Oh, it’s cold.”

“Why do you look so unconcerned? It’s so cold I’m freezing.”

Ishizaki was shivering a little and looked like a person who was freezing from all angles. He seemed to be quite weak to the cold.

“Yuuki….you’re a good looking guy.”

“Even if you say that, I’m not happy. If you don’t like the cold, you should wear more clothes.”

“Don’t you want to wear light clothes as much as possible in winter?”

“What are you, a grade schooler?”

I was so taken aback by the nonsense of the reasons why he hadn’t put on any clothes, and shoved it in. Suddenly I wanted to ask for my jacket back, but since it looked like I could manage it, I decided to lend it to him for the time being.

I was wearing the scarf I had received as a Christmas present, so it was warmer than I had imagined.

Still somewhat cold, I huddled with Ishizaki for a while and waited, and then the girls seemed to have arrived. When I looked up, I saw four of them wearing kimonos standing there.

“I’m sorry, I was getting dressed by Segawa san’s mother and it was getting late. It was cold, wasn’t it?”

“No, I’m fine. You look good in a kimono.”

“Thank you, Yuuki.”

Natsuki and the others, who are dressed in gorgeous kimonos, lightly made up, and have their hair tied up, I candidly express my impressions. Unlike usual, the nape of their neck was visible, and they looked sexier than usual.

While I praised them without hesitation, Ishizaki’s cheeks blushed slightly and hesitantly. Perhaps growing impatient with Ishizaki’s unwillingness to say anything, Segawa called out to him in a slightly angry voice,

“Hey, don’t you have any thoughts for me?”

“Eh, ah, I think it looks great on you. You look cute.”


Segawa nodded exaggeratedly at Ishizaki’s answer and turned to him as if she had regained her composure. It seems that she was satisfied.

“Well, first of all, Happy New Year. I look forward to having a good relationship with you this year “

[Happy new year. I look forward to having a good relationship with you this year too]

“Okay, then let’s go to New Year’s visit.”

I felt something a little strange about Segawa who was about to line up for the New Year’s visit immediately after giving a very formal New Year’s greeting, but I didn’t mind it and followed her in line. Because there were too many people and it was easy to get lost, it was better not to be too far away.

Ishizaki, who was still looking shy, was pushed in next to Segawa, and the four of us lined up behind them. I held hands with Natsuki for the time being, and asked my sister and Riko to hold hands.

I was glad we were holding hands, because I was a little worried that they might fall sometimes, either because of the unfamiliar kimono or because people were pushing us around.

In the meantime, it was our turn.

“Now, here’s my wish…..”

“Wait a minute. Isn’t 5,000 yen too much? Isn’t it a five-yen coin?”

“It’s okay. I want to make this wish come true even if I have to ask God for it.”

I was wondering what she wished for by throwing 5,000 yen, but since there were many people waiting behind, I didn’t stop her and threw 5 yen coins into the money box.

I made my wish, ignoring the incantation-like lines coming from beside me like [Yuuki Nii, Yuuki Nii, Yuuki Nii…..].

We moved to a slightly less crowded area, and the [What did you wish for?] question that I usually do after making a wish begins. I usually don’t ask that question.

But since I was curious about why she was spending 5,000 yen to make a wish, I decided to ask her.

“What did you wish for, Shiori? You even spend 5,000 yen.”

“It’s a secret. You can’t say something like this until it comes true. But well, 5,000 yen is just that much of my feelings.”

“Isn’t the amount of money irrelevant in this kind of thing?”

A sharp question comes flying from Natsuki. However, my sister answered this very easily.

It’s my self-satisfaction. Even if it’s self-satisfaction, I wanted it to come true even if it was self-satisfaction. But more than that, look, there is a fortune over there. Let’s do it.”

“I agree. This is a game to see who has the most luck.”

There was indeed a fortune at the place where the sister pointed, and Segawa was the first to walk toward it. This is another standard event, so it was one of the things I wanted to do at Hatsumode. Incidentally, last year’s fortune was a little weak, so this year she wanted to draw at least a good fortune.

We each drew one fortune, and then returned to the place where we had just left to look at them. At this point, it was confirmed that Segawa was not doing so well. She dropped her shoulders as soon as she saw the fortune.

Segawa, whose voice had dropped in tone, said, [Well, let’s start from the bottom……] and as expected, Segawa raised her hand.

“It was bad luck.”

“Well, it’s just luck, you know. Don’t be so downhearted.”

“You can say that because you were lucky, right? It’s pretty depressing.”

The bad luck is rather rare, so you can say it’s good luck. I’ve only seen a handful of people who have pulled bad luck so far.

The next person to raise her hand was Natsuki.

“I got a small luck. Well, I guess I’m in the middle.”

“Oh, me too, small luck.”

Ishizaki raised his hand when he heard small luck. Segawa looked at him with a bit of resentment, but small luck wasn’t so lucky either.

Next, Riko raised her hand saying that she had medium luck, and finally me and my sister raised our hands with great luck.

“You two have great luck. On the contrary, great luck seems to appear more often.”

“It feels good.”

“Shiori Nee and Yuuki Nii are so lucky. I also wanted to have great luck.”

“I told you earlier, it’s like trying your luck.”

Even though I said that, I was pretty happy inside, but Segawa would probably say something to me if I said this, so I decided to keep quiet.

As I looked at the contents, in the section on love, it said [There will be happiness in the future.] I wondered if there would be more happiness than now, but the thought that it said so made me happy.

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