“Hey Yuuki, are you dating Nakano senpai?”


“No, it’s because I heard a rumor.”

Thinking that I was suddenly being spoken to by someone I had only spoken to a few times, I was asked about my relationship with Natsuki.


“Why such a rumor?”

If it’s true that rumors are circulating, who started it? So far, the only six people who know must be the person in question, Ishizaki, and Segawa.

As I was pondering why such a rumor had been circulated, I received a shocking answer.

“Nakano senpai told me herself. I don’t know if it’s true or not.”


Even if it’s a lie that the most beautiful girl in second year is dating, it will spread quickly. If Natsuki spread it, I don’t know why, but I wanted at least one word.

I decided that I had no choice but to ask her, so I waited until lunch break.

Lunch break came and I headed to the rooftop. With my former childhood friend gone, I could use the rooftop freely.

When I went out to the rooftop, the two had already arrived and were sitting in the middle, leaving space for me to sit in.

Perhaps because the two of them are on the rooftop, no one wants to go there.

“Yuuki kun, sit here.”

“Here you go. I made this today.”

Natsuki recommended that I sit in the middle and receive my bento from my sister.

I remember Riko saying that it was unfair that only the two of us were in the same room. At home, I might spend more time being caught by Riko.

I opened the lid of the lunch box and started eating my lunch. So far, it was the usual flow of events.

“Natsuki, I heard there’s some kind of rumor going around, do you know?”

“Hm? Thwat’s.”

While Natsuki swallows what is in her mouth, my sister starts speaking.

“About Natsuki and Yuuki dating, right? Yuuki.”

“Yes, that.”

“Well, I think it would be quicker to hear it from Natsuki.”

My sister looks at Natsuki sideways while saying that in amazement. As for Natsuki, she seems to be able to swallow it just right, even though she looks awkward, and she starts talking as if the dam has been cut. She also seemed a little impatient.

“I hope you won’t be offended, but I didn’t do it on purpose. I was so happy that I slipped up, or maybe I was just in a daze. ……Anyway, I didn’t do it on purpose.”


“B-besides ! I don’t know about Riko chan, but Shiori senpai has been confessed to until now, and if I tell them that I’m dating Yuuki kun, I don’t think anyone will confess to me…”

When she said that, Natsuki looked up at me with a shabby look on her face.

The second half may have been added later, but from the feeling of the first half, it seems that it really came out unintentionally. It’s always been the same for my sister, who is the “Ice Princess”, to wield boys, and rumor has it that Riko is starting to feel the same way. In that case, as Natsuki said, it might be good if the number of people confessing to Natsuki decreased.

I patted Natsuki on the head and told her it was okay if it wasn’t intentional.

She still looks apologetic after I tell her that, but I realize it’s not directed at me, but at the person next to me.

I looked at my sister next to me, her cheeks puffed out and she seemed jealous.

“…… I think I should slip up too.”

“Hey, as expected, isn’t that bad…?”

“Hm, you said it’s okay if it wasn’t on purpose. If it wasn’t on purpose, I can say it, right?”

Saying that, my sister puffed up her cheeks and turned her face away. completely sulky.

I had to get her in a good mood at times like this, and she often stays that way for a while. I thought about what I could do to make her happy.

“I’m begging you, please don’t tell. If it’s not school, it’s okay to be spoiled.”

“I don’t want just to be spoll.”

“Hm……then I’ll listen to what you have to say, so is that okay?”

“I don’t want just one.”


She seemed to be very sulky and wouldn’t listen to me, saying [No]. She was like a spoiled child. I think it’s better that she doesn’t roll around on the ground.

In this case, I need to give her a special big service. I don’t know what would happen to me if I heard that, but it is much better than being sulked all the time.

“I’ll listen to you for as long as you want, one day, okay?”

“One day is not enough.”

“….Three days then.”

“One more !”

“All right, all right. How about a week?”

The last part of her tone was almost non-sulking, but I knew that if I balked here, she would sulk again, so I suggested a week.

Then my sister turned to me vigorously and hugged me.

“I love you, Yuuki.”

I know, Nee chan.  ……I knew I was being used.”

“Then next week, I’m going to let you have your way with Yuki.”

When my sister said so in a good mood, she went back to eating lunch. Me and Natsuki watched the situation with a wry smile, and then I returned to eating my bento.

I felt like I had promised something terrible, and inwardly I was getting impatient, but I ate my lunch so as not to show it.

Still thinking about the earlier promise lingering in my head, I turned to the two and tell them what Ishizaki had asked me to do. According to the two, Segawa is “waiting for a confession”, so I decide to tell Ishizaki to ask her out on a date and confess in a proper atmosphere.

Of course, I also add that this is endorsed by Natsuki and her sister.

With that, I think I’ve almost solved Ishizaki’s problem, so I leave that in the corner of my mind and think about how I’m going to get through next week.

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