“Pork is cheap today…….tomorrow, no. What should I do? Can I go to your house tomorrow, Souta kun?”

“……? You don’t have a lesson tomorrow?”

“No, I do. But I will miss you if I don’t see you, Souta kun. Ma……ahem. I was thinking of talking to my mother about it.”

Nagi said that very naturally. Her cheeks are slightly pink.

I’m happy to hear that, but there was something that concerned me.

“…..Is that okay? You made up with Soichiro san and the others, right?”

“Don’t worry. My father and mother are okay with it.I sometimes wondered if I should make time for the two of us. Of course I’ll eat at home on other days, and from now on I will have more family time besides dinner.”

……If Nagi says so, it should be okay. I guess they’ll be able to get along already, and if she has something she wants to say to each other, she can say it.

“That’s good”

“Fufu. The chicken is cheaper, too. It was just right.”

And then I saw Nagi examining the meat.

“Hey, how many years do you think they’ve been newlyweds?”

“One year……no. I’m sure it’ll be like that even in the tenth year.”

“It makes you want to put a child in the middle.”

I heard such conversation from behind me.

When I thought about that. I noticed that Nagi’s face was turning red.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, umm. Souta kun……”

Nagi was holding a chicken. She looked at me.

“H-how many children do you want?”

I didn’t understand the meaning of that word.

……What are you saying?

And then. Nagi became restless. It would be bad if she dropped it, so I took the chicken and put it in the basket.

“N-no, I mean. you know. I mean, after all, an heir is necessary. But, uh…  If it’s with Souta kun. I don’t mind having as many children as you want.”

“W-wait, wait, wait. You’re too early to start thinking. You know, financial problems.” 

“No, that’s not the point. You guys are students.”

While receiving Eiji’s calm words from behind. Nagi held my hand.

“I-I have money. My mother will do her best to support us.”

“N-no. That’s not a good idea.”

“….Or. Souta kun, you don’t want the child.” “Okay, that’s enough. You idiot couples. The eyes of the people around you are getting very serious.”

Then Hayama threw a chop on Nagi’s forehead.

“Really… What kind of conversation are you talking about in the middle of the day? Say that at night. Do it when it’s just the two of you.” 


“And Minori kun too. If you don’t stop her properly, she’s going to be all over the place, you know? Don’t follow those to footsteps.”

“Hey, hey, hey. There’s no better role model couple than us.”

“That’s right ! We’re a wholesome love making couple ! We are !”

As I watched them talking like that. Nagi secretly put her mouth close to my ear.

“……Then let’s talk about it at night, shall we?”

She said so in a whisper. The destructive power of these remarks stopped me from thinking for a moment.

Nagi’s cheeks were red, but she was still holding my hand tightly.

As I was exchanging glances with Nagi. I felt countless stars coming from behind me. Mainly from the three people behind me.

When I tried to let go of her hand……Nagi looked very sad.

“…Just fingers.”

When I said so, Nagi looked happy and intertwined her little fingers with mine. 

“Well, okay.”

With Hayama’s permission, we continued shopping.

With Hayama’s permission, we continued shopping.

“–I’m sure it’s fine, though. but I’m surprised at how close the two of you have become. You were close to begin with, but.”

“I feel safe when I am near Souta kun.”

Nagi chuckled at Nishizawa’s words and leaned her shoulder against me.

……But her cheeks are slightly red.

Even though my cheeks involuntarily relaxed. When I realized that Eiji was watching me, I shut my mouth tightly.


Eiji looked at me with a grin. I tried not to look at him.

“Ah, Come to think of it, I’m sure we’re out of oil. Let’s go buy some, Nagi.”

“Eh? Oh, yes. I understand !”

Nagi and I pushed the cart and started walking.


As soon as we got home. I left Eiji and the others in the living room and went to the kitchen with Nagi.

“We did a lot of shopping.”

“Yeah. I bought a lot of things because they were cheap……well, I checked the expiration dates, so I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

While taking out the ingredients from the bag with Nagi, I replied. Nagi took out the ingredients she was going to use now, and I put things in the fridge, freezer and vegetable room.

In the middle of it. Nagi was frozen in the kitchen after taking out all the ingredients.

“…… Nagi?”

“I thought I would never come back.”

Nagi picked up the cutting board and stared at the pan.

“I thought I would never come. I had thought so. I thought I wouldn’t be able to cook for Souta kun……or learn to cook from Souta kun’s mother.”

Putting down the cutting board. Nagi smiles.

“I’m grateful to Sota and the others for everything. Thank you very much.”

Saying so, Nagi walked one step after another.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me. I thought I was used to it by now, but I was wrong.

The sweet scent dulled the nerves in my brain. My heart beats loudly and fast.

But the look on her face. ……I saw Nagi smiling softly, even with a few tears in her eyes, and my mouth relaxed.

“You’re welcome.”

I put my hand in from the side and hugged Nagi’s body. I was a little taller than Nagi, so Nagi stretched out. Nagi rested her chin on my shoulder.

Nagi’s body is slim and soft. ….If I put even a little effort on it, it would break. But I know that’s not the case.

Nagi smiled and hugged Nagi as if to be stronger.


Her voice and breath tickles my ear with her small laugh.

When I stroked her silky hair and head, more laughter leaked out.

At that moment.

“Hey hey, I want to ask you something–“

The sliding door was opened. Hayama came out. It was a complete déjà vu.

“…….Sigh. It’s nothing.”

Hayama returned. I’m not sure if she understood what I was going through.

And speaking about Nagi.

“Ehehe…..I’m happy when I’m with Souta kun like this.”

I couldn’t see the surroundings at all. …..I wonder if it’s really okay.

I received a warning from Hayama, so I think it’ll be okay. At school, Hayama will be with her.

When I patted Nagi’s back, she let out a happy voice again. That Nagi.

–I was so relieved to see Nagi looking so happy again. I felt a warm feeling on my cheeks.

“……Souta kun?”


Without thinking. I hugged Nagi tighter.

It must be painful for Nagi too. She hugged me back strongly.

I won’t put it into words. If I say it, Nagi will be worried.

I don’t put it into words. If I said it, Nagi would know how anxious I was.

Because I didn’t want to show Nagi that I was uncool


I want to cherish her in my arms. I want to protect her. I want to make her happy.

Various thoughts are mixed together and appear in the form of a sigh.

“Souta kun.”

Nagi called my name. ……Suddenly, something warm touched my head.

It was Nagi’s hand.

Her hand was soft and gentle as if it was touching something precious. She caresses my head.

“–I love you, Souta kun.”

A small voice. But it was powerful. It was filled with feelings.

“I won’t give Souta kun to anyone. I will make you happy with my own hands.”

I thought she read my mind.

A laugh escaped from my mouth.

I put my right hand in Nagi’s hair and stroked it as if combing it.

Nagi’s hair is amazingly silky and doesn’t get caught in my hands. I enjoy it so much that I end up doing it.

And when I do this, Nagi gives me a ticklish smile. It’s a very unusual laugh that she doesn’t usually do.

“–I feel the same way.”

Nagi buried her face in my neck. I was a little tickled by the hair that moved on my cheek.

“I will make you happy”

“Yes !”

Just like that, I hugged Nagi tightly.

Hayama yelled at us to be quick, and then I laughed with Nagi.

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Geez, at this rate they’ll never get done with the cooking, lol.

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my stomach genuinely hurt while reading this

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apologies gang… it seems that were all lonely…….. we should share this loneliness together