When I gave Natsuki and Riko stuffed animals as well, they said, [I want to go to the arcade too !] So today, the four of us, including my sister, came to the arcade.

“Hey, hey, can we play any of the games?”

“No, I don’t mind. I don’t think we’ll use up all of our money.”

All three of them had never been to an arcade before and were looking around the store with a curious look on their faces. Recently, there are various types of crane games other than just lifting, so you won’t get tired of watching or playing.

Natsuki  was looking as if she couldn’t wait any longer, and headed toward one of the platforms. On that platform was a stuffed animal of some kind, with an indescribable appearance.

“Do you want it?”

“Yeah, isn’t it cute?”

“Well, it’s fine……”

Natsuki immediately put in 100 yen and pressed the button.

The position is not so bad, but basically crane games are to shift and drop (in the case of probability machines, there is also an element of luck). Natsuki tried several times, but they all slipped off the arm. Some of them were further away, which was a bit frustrating.

Seeing this, Riko said, [I’ll do it for you] and she began to operate it. My sister was observing the situation and Natsuki was staring at her as if to say there was no way she could do it.

“Maybe we can do it this way.”

“Eh ! Why can you do it?”

“Why, what do you mean?”

Riko made a much bigger move the first time, to which Natsuki responded with surprise. Riko and my sister are the type of person who can do anything, so crane games would be included.



Natsuki’s shoulders slumped in disappointment.

“I’m sure you’ll be able to do it in time, Natsuki.”

“Hmm, then Shiori senpai, please try it too.”

“Well, that’s fine. Well then, let’s do that.”

The one that she chose is what is called a “bridge”, which means that the prize is placed so that it straddles two bars and requires a great deal of technique. It was not for beginners because it was difficult to get the prize if you did not move it with proper thought.

“Nee chan, are you sure you want to do this?”

“Of course, I might have to do it this way.”

“Well, good luck.”

The prize was a figure from a popular anime, and I had never seen my sister looking at it. I wondered why it had to be this platform, but my sister had already started moving it, so I decided to watch over it.

The first time is crucial in this kind of game. If you make a mistake on the first try, it will affect you later on.

I don’t know if she knew that, but her first move went quite well. But then her hand stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

“Yuuki, what should I do from here? It looks kind of difficult.”

“Oh, from here…….”

Although I thought the timing of the stop was too early, I moved the arm in a position to cover my sister.

Then I hear two voices behind me saying, [It’s not fair…….]

“What do you mean not fair?”

I asked as I taught my sister.

“Nothing, Yuuki Nii.”

“Riko chan, let’s do it later.”

“…..? Well, that’s fine.”

I didn’t know why the two of them were saying it’s not fair, but in the meantime, I continued to operate the arm and showed my sister an example.

I can’t see my sister’s face, but she seems to be looking right at me, so I’m sure she’ll figure out the rest. I thought so and moved away from her.

“Nee chan, I think you can do it from here.”

“Is that so? …… Well, okay, I’ll give it a try.”

It looked a little disappointing, but my sister’s handling was great, and I was able to move it smoothly without moving it to a difficult position.

When I was one step away from falling, my name was called from behind.

“Yuuki Nii, what’s this?”

“Oh, that’s–“

After that, Riko, my sister, Natsuki, Riko, and so on, asked me to teach them, and in the end, I could hardly see the moment when someone dropped it.

Finally, we all took purikura (each one with me) and headed home.

“Seriously, it’s a problem when a bad insect is coming. I can’t believe they picked on Yuuki.”

“Yes, Yuuki kun is cool, but getting hit on is no good.”


I smile wryly when I remember that time.

When I left everyone to go to the bathroom and then tried to go back to everyone, I was definitely getting hit on. As it turned out, the three of them somehow got wind of it and rushed over to me, and the girls who had been hitting on me ran away.

The three of them were so intimidating that I felt a chill run down my spine even though I wasn’t directly confronted with their intimidation.

Well, I felt sorry for them, or maybe they were just unlucky. Anyway, those people left in a much deflated, half-crying state.

“I mean, you guys were getting hit on, too.”

“It’s annoying. I’m glad that Yuuki was there at that time.”

“Thank you, Yuuki Nii.”

My sister said that with a genuinely annoying look on her face, and Riko and Natsuki nodded while replying.

The number of people gathered there was about three times as many as at my time, so much so that for a moment I mistakenly thought there were celebrities there. But when I peeked in to see what was going on, I saw that the three of them seemed to be in some kind of trouble, so I interrupted  and took my sisters and the others and ran away.

It’s not my problem, but it must be hard to have a good face.

“But I had a good time today, so let’s all play together again !”

“Yes, all of us.”

I thought about Natsuki’s words for a moment.

Play with everyone. I don’t think I’ve been hanging out with anyone, including Ishizaki and Segawa. Most of the time, it’s just the three of us (or five if you include Ishizaki and Segawa), and I feel comfortable with that.

I wonder if it would be better for me to go out with the three of them, as my sister said.

Although I was still thinking about it, I felt that I was leaning more and more toward her suggestion.

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1 year ago

Yuuki, this is something that people wishes for but can’t get normally. So don’t waste this great blessing from heavens. Go for the harem!