I was chatting with Yusei and Daishi at our usual spot.

“I’ve decided to have dinner with Tajima-san, just the two of us.”
“Oh, that’s a perfect date. That’s really good of you, Yusei.”
“Well, Tajima-san is really cute, and I asked her out, and she said yes!”

When I complimented Yusei, he scratched the back of his hair in embarrassment.

Yusei had been a diligent student all through high school and had no experience with women (and neither had I, if you ask me).
So it was commendable that he attacked me.

“How about you, Tsukasa? Have you changed anything since you started going to blind dates?”
“Oh, me. ……”

Yusei caught me with curious eyes.

He also put his glasses back on and looked at me with a sideways glance.


These guys know about my old situation.

They know that I saved a girl from a criminal when I was in high school.

Even if I hide it, they will probably find out.

So I told them about Yuna.

“!!!! You scared me! What’s with the loud voice?”
“How can this not make me scream! What a chance!”

Yusei holds my shoulders and starts shaking them.

“When we were at the party, Kiryu san was frequently conscious of Tsukasa, so I was a little curious about her!. I see. I see. So that’s what it’s about!”

Yusei nodded happily and opened his mouth again.

“I’ll support you.”
“No, support? How is that even possible?”
“You saw them at the party, didn’t you? The two good-looking guys made a fierce attack on her. They’re not someone I can handle.”
“Hmm….I don’t think so.”
“I think Tsukasa can handle it.”
“Why ……?”
“Because Tsukasa is a good guy who can bring us together.”
“I-I’m going to bring you together? No, it’s more like the opposite.”

I tilted my head at Yusei, who was saying something I didn’t understand. Then, this time, Daishi slapped me vigorously on the back.

“! Daishi……”
“Tsukasa-kun, you are qualified.”
“You know, most of the heroes in “galge” games have some kind of past with the heroine, right?”
“No, that’s just in games.”
“The essence of a person is the same in games as it is in real life. unlike the two handsome guys I mentioned earlier, I think Tsukasa is incomparably more attractive than them. I’ll be rooting for you too.”
“You can do it, Tsukasa-kun.”

Daishi’s Aniota words stuck strangely in my ears and I couldn’t get them out.

I tried to deny it, but they were looking at me passionately.

The other day at the maid café, the male staff members were looking at me.

It was the usual look that calmed me down.

I really do have good friends.

After saying these words of gratitude in my heart, I opened my mouth.


What the two of them are talking about will never happen.

I don’t want to do anything rash like trying to take advantage of something I helped her with a long time ago.


I felt somehow satisfied because of what they said.

Yuna is traumatized.

And I still feel so much guilt for not being able to help her sooner.

So, I guess it’s okay as it is.

And when Yuna feels fear, I help her.

As long as Yuna doesn’t find my help creepy, I have to help her.

Just remembering her face two years ago still makes my heart ache.


But what comes to my mind now is not her from the past

Kaede san, the look that looks through her eyes.

And the look that Yuna turns to me, as if she is holding something back strongly.

I was feeling comforted by the words of my two friends, and now the thought of my two sisters comes to my mind.


In front of the cafe

My class is over.

The train had an accident, so I was 15 minutes late.


This is the café where Yuna had thanked me before.

When I walked in, a lady said, “Welcome,” and brewed a cup of siphon coffee.

I look around and see Nana with red hair and twin-tails waving at me. So I quickly place my order and head over to the table where she is.

Sure enough, there were Nana and Yuna.

Nana is dressed impressively in a short skirt. She has a baby face and a small body, so if she wore a school uniform, I would totally believe her if she said she was a first-year high school student.

Then there is Yuna.

She is truly unrealistically beautiful.

This is the third time I’ve seen her as an adult.

And yet, I still haven’t gotten used to her good looks.

Soft flaxen hair that reaches her shoulders.

Her skin is shiny and wax-like, and her eyes are pretty and well-defined.

The bright denim accentuated the beauty of her leg line, and the light purple knit that exposed her shoulders matched her body very well.

And most of all, the two ferocious beings pushing up the light purple knit drew my gaze.

“Beautiful …….”

The words leaked out unintentionally.

The two are the two most ferocious figures pushing up against the pale purple knit.

Well, it can’t be helped that I’m fifteen minutes late.

“I’m sorry. The train was stopped.”

I tried to sit next to Nana, but she stopped me with her hand.

“You sit next to Yuna, don’t you? Hi hi hi.”

Nana smiled devilishly.

To be honest, I had the impression that Nana was easier to talk to, so I tried to sit next to her, but I had no choice but to sit next to Yuna.

I look sideways at Yuna next to me.

As usual, Yuna is not in a very good mood.

But then she changed her expression and put on her usual calm expression, and then she closed the distance between us.


The fragrance, which could be either perfume or shampoo, tickles my nostrils.

I really don’t know what I’m thinking at all and it makes me nervous.

I was already nervous from the moment I saw Yuna’s face, though.

This is the first time I’m talking to two beautiful girls together in a cafe.

I wonder what’s going to happen……

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