When I said that, my sister dropped her shoulders a little and muttered, “I understand.”

I was just in the mood to stop by, but I ended up winning a large number of prizes. To be honest, I think I got a lot of my money’s worth.

It was a good amount, and I made it to my house with the attention of many passers by. I put the bag down, opened the door, said, [I’m home] and entered the house.

As I entered the living room with the bag in both hands, my sister stood up as if she was waiting for me.

“Yuuki, welcome home. What’s with those bags?”

“I went to the arcade and got a lot of stuff. You can have some of them.”

“Oh, thank you. Even so, it’s a lot. You should share it with Natsuki and Riko.”

“That’s the plan.”

I put the bag in the living room and went to my room. And she tugged on my sleeve.

I turn around and ask her.

“What’s wrong? Something happened?”

“……Come to my room for a minute.”

“Well, okay.  After I change my clothes.”

“No. Come now.”

My sister’s expression was hard and she seemed to be nervous for some reason. If she makes that kind of face, I’ll get nervous, and my joints will stiffen as a whole.

I entered her room as she was pulling me in, and sat down awkwardly when she urged me.

“So, what’s going on?”

My sister took a deep breath and closed her eyes a little.

“… First of all, I wonder who you like right now. Of course, between me, Natsuki, and Riko.”

“Eh? …..Sorry, but I don’t have anyone in particular to say right now because I haven’t decided on anything yet.”

“I see.”

When I said that, my sister lost her posture as if relieved. Maybe he was worried that he might not be chosen? If so, it’s kind of cute.

But my thoughts were quickly shattered.

“Then, I wonder if it’s not good to go out with the three of us. It’s just a suggestion.”

“What? The three of you?

“Yes. I think that’s one way. I wouldn’t know what to do if I wasn’t chosen, and even if I was chosen, it would be heartbreaking to think about the other two.”

Yuuki is unaware that his sister has not yet fully expressed her true feelings.

More than that, he was surprised at the idea of going out with the three of them.

What does it mean to be in a relationship with three people? Does it change over a certain period of time or is it all together? It’s not that I don’t understand what my sister is trying to say, but my mind is a little confused.

“How can I do that?”

“The burden will be more on Yuuki, But I want you to love all of us equally. I don’t really mind if there’s the first, second, or third.”

“……Let me think about it”

The choice suddenly appeared in the midst of all the things that had been troubling me. Even though I’m puzzled by that, I organize the information.

In other words, you’re dating at the same time you’re putting things together. However, I wondered what the other two would think.

I’m talking about my sister, she must have already told the other two about this. Otherwise, she would not have come to me.

I had noticed that my sister was also very protective of Natsuki and Riko. She wouldn’t do anything that could potentially bring them to my attention, even if it was just by chance.

I gathered my thoughts and turned to her.

“I don’t think it’s a bad idea either.”

“Well then……!”

“But let me think about it some more. I can’t decide yet.”

When I said that, my sister dropped her shoulders a little and muttered, [I understand.] Then she claps her hands to change the air and takes me with her to look at the prizes I have taken.

While my sister was picking out the stuffed animals, her earlier suggestion was still lingering in my head.

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You have my respect, you want to cherish your relationship with them and not prioritize yourself.