Sunday evening. I decided to go for a walk.

My sore muscles have eased up considerably, and I heal faster if I move around a little. I’ve heard that it’s a good idea.

I changed into my loungewear, did my hair, and left the room.

My mother was in the living room.

“I’m going to go for a little walk outside. I don’t think it will be that late.”

I said

“If you see anyone strange, run away right away.”
“‘Hmph. back at you.”

We exchanged a few words, and then I went outside.

I hadn’t decided where to go.
I was just walking along and I suddenly remembered something from the past.

The park where I played with Kirito.
I remembered that he was so excited that he slipped in the sandbox and got covered in sand.
I remember laughing …… at his very silly face because it was so silly.

At that moment, I thought to myself.
I wanted to be “family” with this boy.
I had lost the ability to laugh, and this boy made me laugh.

Thinking about that, my feet naturally went to that park.

“……Huh? I wonder if someone is there.”

I saw someone sitting on a bench in the park.
It was two people too……

“….Eh? Kirito and ……Kitajima Towa.”

I could see them more and more clearly.

That is Kirito and Kitajima Towa!

Those two, what in the world are they doing at the place where Kirito and I have fond memories of each other!

With this thought, I run to the entrance of the park.


“……E, what, wha, wha…?”

what are you doing !!!!

Kirito and Kitajima Towa were kissing right in front of me !!!

S-stop fooling around!
Stop defiling the place of our memories!

I glared at them in surprise and outrage, and then Kitajima Towa noticed my presence.

Then, at the sight of Kitajima Towa, Kirito tried to turn around to look at me.

Yes, that’s right! If he knew I was here, I could make him quit that kind of behavior right now!

In front of my eyes, that woman forcibly kissed Kirito !!

T-that woman! She’s putting her tongue in !!

So frustrating!!! So frustrating!!! So frustrating!!! So frustrating!!!

I’ll NEVER forgive her!!!!!!!

That woman who did that to Kirito right in front of me!

And what I can’t forgive most of all! I myself who let such a thing happen!

As if mocking me, Kitajima Towa’s eyes laughed at me.

[I won’t give him to you]
[This is no longer your place]
[I’ve already won the game. Please give up, okay?]

I could hear her voice.

No, not yet! It’s not over yet!
I haven’t lost yet!

If those two were to become lovers, but they’re not married, then they’re ‘strangers’!

Tears …… streamed down my cheeks as I thought that. ……

“Y-you’re kidding me…….”

In front of my eyes, Kirito and Kitajima Towa are kissing each other with their …… tongues intertwined. The sound of it echoes in my head……

oh no…… no…… no…… no…… no…… no !!!

I don’t want to listen I don’t want to listen I don’t want to listen I don’t want to listen I don’t want to listen I don’t want to listen I don’t want to listen I don’t want to listen I don’t want to listen I don’t want to listen I don’t want to listen, I don’t want to listen, I don’t want to listen, I don’t want to listen, I don’t want to listen!!!!

I ran to get away from there.

I wiped the tears from my cheeks.

This is not over yet! I still have a chance!
I will never give up!

But what should I do?

…….I don’t know
How can I get between those two!!!!

Who do I ask for advice!!!?
Fujisaki Akari?
No, you can’t! That woman is in the position of a ‘lover’.
She’s in a different position than I am. I can’t say anything appropriate.

In that case, I’d say ……

“Kurose ……, Shiori ……”

The woman who has obtained the one and only position of ‘a very important woman’ in the situation where Kirisaki Yuto and Fujisaki Akari are lovers.

I think her skill in gaining that position while she is behind me in the starting line will be …… useful. ……

[Well, why don’t you ask the ‘master of side love’ about your preparedness rather than me?]
[I’ll talk to Shiori chan.]

Fujisaki Akari said she’ll talk to that woman.

I called Fujisaki Akari on my phone right away.

Listening to the seemingly endless long ring tone, I heard

“Hello. This is Fujisaki Akari. Minamino-san, how may I help you? ……”

I shouted to Fujisaki Akari, who finally picked up the phone.

“Please make an appointment with Kurose Shiori!!!! I’ll be on my way to the time and place she specifies!”

Kitajima Towa! I’m not done fighting yet!
I am not giving up yet!
Win now while you still can!

I’m the one who will win in the end! It’s Minamino Rinne!

(TL/N : Kind of a bit sad where rinne is crying…I don’t know

Oh yeah, I may or may not be putting this WN on hold for a while because I am a bit bored honestly, well, let’s see how this turns out, thank you !)

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1 year ago

I do kinda feel bad for rinne, but she played herself.