Episode 60 – Déjà vu



The week has somehow come to an end and today is Saturday. My memory has come back to me, though only a little.

For example, “Nee chan” instead of “Shiori san,” “Natsuki” instead of “Nakano san,” and so on. Recently, I have been acting with one purpose in mind.

Although there are still many things that are not clear to me, I have been able to remember some of the people I was involved with (Ishizaki, Segawa, Riko, my sister and Natsuki, and also my parents).

Still, there were many things that I couldn’t recall very well. It was hazy, like a fog in my head, and only the outlines were blurry.

And today, we were going to a place I had been to before.

“Yuuki, are you ready?”

“I’m ready, Nee chan.”

“Muuu……I wanted to go too.”

“Riko is staying at home.”


It seems that we will meet at the station and go to the amusement park. Riko wasn’t allowed to come to the amusement park and she was sulking because she had to stay at home.

We promised to do whatever she wanted to do to make up for it when we got back, and we headed for the station.

By the time we arrived at the station, the other members were already there, and we got on a train that had just stopped at the station and headed for the amusement park.

“Yuuki, what do you think? Do you remember anything?”

“Nothing…..it just seems familiar.”

“Well, if we go around the same way we did that day, maybe you will remember a few things.”

It’s a big amusement park, and there’s a line at the entrance. You can smell the tide a little and know that you are near the ocean. From here, I could see the Ferris wheel, which looked somewhat familiar.

It takes a while, but we enter the amusement park and ride the coffee cup.

Ishizaki spins the wheel as fast as he can, causing everyone to get drunk and fall down, and I, being relatively better off, went to buy some churros and drinks nearby.

“Excuse me, five churros, please.”

“Yes, please wait.”

After this somewhat deja vu-esque exchange, I went to buy some drinks.

I started walking to get a drink, and after a while, I felt a pain in my head, and I stopped at the side of the road to rest a little.

A young man and woman came to mind, the woman wearing a ring on her left ring finger. The woman’s face was blurred and I couldn’t make out her face clearly, but the man seemed familiar.

But none of the people I remembered fit the description, and I wondered a little, but everyone was waiting for me, so I walked out to get a drink.


Later, we rode the biggest roller coaster in this amusement park, went to the maze and the haunted house.

Natsuki, my sister, and Ishizaki are not good at high places and were, and Natsuki is prone to getting lost. I remembered that my sister can create such an aura that she is known as the “Ice Princess”.

Still, I didn’t feel like I was forgetting something important to me.

The sun was already setting, but it looked like we were going to ride the Ferris wheel for the last time.

“Yuuki kun, do you think you can remember anything?”

“I’m sorry I haven’t……much yet.”

“No, no, it’s not something you should apologize for, Yuuki kun. Well, I’m glad you remember me, Shiori senpai, and Riko chan.”

“I’ll do my best……”

I mutter so without confidence.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but I’m going to do my best.

Maybe that’s what “important” is.

In no time at all, it’s our turn to ride the Ferris wheel.

It was too small for the three of us to sit side by side, so I sat alone on the other side.

“Yuuki, did you have fun today?”

“Yes, it was fun.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

When I said that and smiled, my sister smiled happily.

And then, next to her, Natsuki was grinning.


“No, I just thought that you were a brocon.”

“How rude of you, it’s not like, it’s love. Not as a younger brother,……nng, it’s nothing.”

My sister said so, with a very good pronunciation. She glanced at me when she was halfway through and suddenly stopped talking.

Love, not like. I wondered if it mattered if she liked me or loved me, since we were family.

I thought so, but when I saw that she stopped talking, I retracted the question.

Then, as if to distract me, she started talking about something else.

“Oh my, you can see the ocean, can’t you? Yuuki, do you want to come over here?”

“Come to think of it, it was like this before, too. Why don’t you take a look, Yuuki?”

“Then, I’ll take your word for it……”

The evening sea has a beautiful image. 

I thought so and moved closer to my sister.

Then she grabbed me by the arm and I moved in close to her.

I see that she has a very well-defined face when I look at her from close up.

She has the same silky black hair as me, obsidian black eyes, long eyelashes and a small mouth.

Even though she is my step sister, I still feel a little nervous.

And the moment I think that, my mind is electrified, and various scenes flow through my mind.

The sheer volume of information sends me back to my seat, holding my head down.

“Yuuki. What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”

Ugh. ……”

“Yuuki kun ! Are you okay?”


I’m so embarrassed, I bury my face in my knees.

The first thing I remembered was the promise I made to Natsuki, my sister, and Riko. And all the things the three of them had done to me up to that point.

Taking a bath together, sleeping with Natsuki and my sister in their underwear, and having Riko suck my fingers……

I groaned a little from the sheer embarrassment of all those things.

“I remembered……Natsuki, Nee chan, and Riko.”

“Really? You really remembered? ….Yay !”

“Whoa !”

The two of them hugged me with their faces lit up when I told them what I had remembered.

The content of what I remembered and the two’s actions cause me to short-circuit and become like a doll.

As they rub my head against them in that state, I feel a little embarrassed again, thinking that the same thing might happen to me when I get home.

I wonder what I’m forgetting, because despite remembering the three of them, the fog in my chest has not lifted.

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