I was in a tight spot right now.

“H-hey. It’s heavy, you know? Legs might go numb.”

“……Was I it that heavy?

“No, it’s not that. I’m just saying that my head is probably bigger than yours.

That’s what I told Nagi, who was a little disappointed. I turned my head around to see if there was a way to avoid it somehow.

“Hurry up and lie down.”

“But, you know……”

“Even so, I’m reluctant…she grabbed the hem of my clothes.

“Or… didn’t like it?”

Nagi quietly said so and looked down.

……That’s. That’s not fair.

“Okay, I get it. ……Um, I didn’t hate it, I was just embarrassed.”

When I say so. Nagi looked up.

She was smiling and had a very nice smile on her face.

“Fufu, I know.”

“Y-you’ve done it.”

Nagi giggled. She Tapped her own knee.

“Come on, please come quickly.”

“……I get it.”

I couldn’t resist Nagi’s smile and……put my head there.

I turned my back to Nagi.

“Souta kun?”

“……What is it?”

“I can’t see your face.”

Nagi turned me over and laid me on my back. When our eyes met, Nagi smiled.

“Or. Would you like to lie down on this side?”

“I’d rather not.”

It’s too stimulating for a lot of reasons. ……no. Lying on my back is also stimulating in various ways.

I turned away while being careful not to look there. A hand was gently placed on my head… and shook it.


“When you look at it like this, Souta kun, you’re cute.”

“……Don’t tell guys they’re cute too often.”

“……? I also like the cute Souta kun, you know?”

“My heart made an unpleasant noise at those words. I was already quite overwhelmed by the sweet smell and the softness I felt on the back of my head.

“Well, let’s talk about the cool Souta kun, shall we? I want to praise Souta kun a lot too.”

“……Don’t tease me too much.”

“I mean it, all of it.”

My face still gets even hotter with those words. Once I looked at Nagi’s face,……she kept smiling and looking at me.

“First of all. ……That time when you helped me. You were very, very cool.”

“……That was a clumsy way of doing it.”

“It was cool. You helped me by thinking of me first. If you had called the police back then. I wouldn’t have been able to get along with Souta kun like this.”

I didn’t understand the meaning of those words,……Nagi explained to me.

“Because of my father’s tendency to worry. If he had found out, he would have had to drive me to and from school. …..I couldn’t even thank Souta kun. No. I’m sure I’ll be able to tell you someday. It’ll be a long time before we become friends like we are now.”

Nagi’s index finger stroked my forehead. It tickled a little.

“After that, Souta kun was also very gentlemanly and……came to the door every time and picked me up. It must have been difficult, but every morning and evening, without complaining at all… Thank you very much.”

“……Nothing. It wasn’t that much trouble.

I was more embarrassed than I thought and looked away. Nagi’s hand slips. She stroked my cheek.

“If it’s only for one day, it might be so. But do it twice a day. A normal person would want to complain about it.  But Souta kun never said a word about it. You didn’t even show it in your attitude.”

As it was, my face moved just a little. and my eyes met Nagi.

“I’m so glad that it was Souta kun who saved me.”

She was smiling with a slight blush on her cheeks. She was smiling with her eyes narrowed. The expression on her face was full of joy and I could feel her happiness just by looking at her.

“So, thank you very much. Souta kun.”

“You’re welcome.”

Oh, no. I’m so happy. My cheeks loosened sloppily.

But Nagi was looking at me like that with a smile on her face. Her white, thin hand caresses my head, gently, but firmly. She holds my hand firmly.

She stared at my face as if she would not let me hide my face, so I could not avert my gaze.

As it is, our gazes are intertwined. …..Time passes.

I can’t hear the clock that should be ticking. ……Because the sound of my heart beating faster was louder than that.

Nagi’s fingers played with my hair, and the fingers of her other hand traced the shape of my hand as if checking it.

“……Souta kun’s hands are firm. They are big and dependable.”

Each of those words caressed my heart and my brain went blank as if it were boiling.

“In this way, Souta kun is very masculine. ….Your shoulders are broad, and your hands and face are totally different from mine.”

I couldn’t help but. I let out a small breath.

“……You’re not afraid?”

“I’m still a little bit afraid of men. …….But I have never been afraid of Souta kun. And I never will be.”

Nagi’s hand brushed my bangs. He gently stroked my forehead with the pad of her finger.

“Even if Souta kun became fat or skinny, or even if he suddenly became two meters tall, I would not be afraid of him. Nothing would change from what it is now. ……I’ve been making meals for him, so I don’t think it will be a problem.”

In those eyes. …..There was no teasing, she seemed to mean it.

…..I was already at my limit.

“……Souta kun?”

I hid my face with my free hand. ……It was disheveled, because it was supposed to be a face that was not to be seen.

“Muu……please don’t hide your face.”

“Even you hide your face when you can’t stand it, Nagi.”

‘That’s true, but…..fufu, it can’t be helped.’

I was listening to Nagi’s laughing voice. I kept covering my face with my hands until it returned to normal.


“It’s delicious. Every time I think about it, the seasoning is exquisite. It’s neither too thin nor too thick. It’s my favorite flavor.”

“Fufu, thank you very much. ……Actually, I was gradually trying to find the flavor that Souta kun would like.”

I was eating stir-fried vegetables. I couldn’t help but look at Nagi.

Nagi was watching me with a smiling face as I was munching and chewing.

I swallowed firmly and opened my mouth.

“I’ve never heard of that.”

“I said it for the first time. Souta kun always eats deliciously, but I heard that your pace is faster than usual. I have noticed that you eat with a good appetite. Ah, I just realized that you like this seasoning.”

I’ve often wondered how she usually sees me eating. So that’s what it was.

“……Really. I can’t get my head around Nagi.”

“I’m just doing it because I like Souta kun when he eats deliciously.”

She stared at me eating again and smiles. She’s really happy.

While watching me eat again, she smiled. The timing to finish eating is the same, she watched me thoroughly.

“Thank you for the food.”

“Apologies for the crude food.”

After finishing the meal, I put away the plates. All that was left was to take Nagi home.

“……Thank you very much, really.”

As I was getting ready to leave, Nagi said that to me.

“You’re welcome. …..I like it too, so don’t worry about it too much.”

Those words were not a concern, but sincere. Because…..

“Me too. I’m happy that I can spend more time with Nagi.”

When I said that, Nagi’s cheeks turned red. But she smiled happily.

“… I’m happy too. Shall we go then?”


We left the house and headed for the station. It’s so cold that you could almost say it is already winter.

But I like walking to the station. Because I can walk side by side with Nagi.

“We both have final exams soon, don’t we?”

“I’m not able to do much today, but I’ll study again tomorrow.”

“Yes ! I want you to teach me English, too !”

“Of course.”

While having such a conversation….. I held my chests, which were beating uncomfortably.

“Souta kun?”

I took a deep breath……when I saw Nagi looking at me worriedly.

“Next time, when the test is over….why don’t we reward each other like before?”

I felt my face burning as I said it myself. While looking at me like that, Nagi nodded cheerfully.

“Yes ! Of course !”

The words came back to me and my body relaxed a little.

….I’m glad. I wondered what I would do if she refused.

Then, Nagi looked at me intently.

“I was going to say it myself, but… Souta kun, is there anything you want me to do for you?”

“Hmm? ….Right. I want you to do it, or rather, I want to do it with you. Well, wait until then.”

I’m so slightly misleading. I started walking and Nagi was right next to me.

I have to do my best for the test.

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