I bought the ingredients for lunch at the supermarket and cook lunch together with Riko.

I’m a little happy to see her helping me again recently.

“Riko, seems like you’ve been treating me like you used to lately.”

“Hmm, I guess so. It’s not that I hate Yuuki Nii.”

“Is that so? Well, I guess it must’ve been puberty that made you rebellious.”

Basically, she was cold toward me and my father, so I sometimes thought she hated me, but I thought it must’ve been puberty.

I was relieved to hear that she didn’t hate me.

“Hey, Yuuki Nii.”

“What’s wrong?”

“You’ve told me before that if you saw me as the opposite sex, you’d like me.”

“Hm? …..Ah, I did say that.”

I remember saying that when I took a bath with Riko on my first semi-confinement day.

But what about it?

“Well, then.”


“If I say…that I like my Yuuki Nii as a man, will you see me as a woman?”

Riko’s words made me drop the dishes I was holding.

“Hey, Yuuki Nii, are you okay?”

“Oh, y-yeah.”

“Yuuki, don’t move.”

My sister, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room, heard the sound of a broken plate and came over to me. At that moment, the intercom rang.

“Nee chan, go get that first. I’m fine here.”

“Really? Don’t hurt yourself.”

She looked at me worriedly and went to the front door.

“Um, I’m sorry, Yuuki Nii. I know it’s annoying to suddenly hear something like that…..”

“No, it’s not like that. Um….”

She looked down apologetically, so I stroked Riko’s head who seemed to be laughing forcibly. 

“Recently, your words and actions are just like Nee chan, Riko. So I thought that maybe you two are more similar than I thought.”

“I see…….”

“So, I was just surprised……”

“Well then, that’s fine. You should be more prepared from now on, okay?”

After saying that much, Riko started cleaning the broken plate as if nothing had happened

Actually, the reason for that was a lie, but when I saw her looking so dejected, I thought on the spur of the moment that I have to support her.

With that thought in mind, I started to clean up the broken plate.


“Yuuki Nii, are you okay? Let me see.”


I was cleaning up while thinking and accidentally cut my finger.

Then Riko took my hand, sucked the injured finger into her mouth and started licking it.

“Wait, Riko !”

“Hm, don’t move.”

She took her mouth off my hand for a moment and then started licking my finger again

It was bleeding a little so I thought it might be better to stop, but Riko held my hand firmly and didn’t let go.

And above all, it was embarrassing to have Riko looking up at me with my finger in her mouth.

I may look easy, since that made my heart jump a little.

It didn’t seem like she would let go of me, so when I left it as it was, I heard the sound of the living room’s door opening.

“Yuuki kun?”

“Oh, Natsuki. What’s wrong?”

“I just wanted to see your face. ….I mean, what are you doing?”

When I looked up, Natsuki and my sister were already in front of me.

“Ah, Natsuki, Nee chan……”

“Yuuki, are you hurt?”

“Ah, yeah……”

“So you’re letting Riko lick it?”

“No, that’s……”

It doesn’t look like she’s particularly angry, but she’s staring at me  for some reason.

Then Natsuki looked at Riko as if she was surprised.

“Puhaa Yuuki Nii’s finger tasted good……I licked Yuuki Nii’s fingers because he was injured. Is that a no?”

“It’s not like that,…..right, come over here for a minute.”

Saying that, my sister took Riko with her and Natsuki followed.

I cleaned up the remaining and continued to cook.

I’m curious what they are talking about, so I eavesdrop.

I could only hear a whisper, but it seemed like the three of them were having a conversation with Riko about something.

Since there were only a few steps left to go, I finished cooking lunch right away.

I put the food on the table and called the three of them over.

“Lunch is ready– ……Natsuki, if you haven’t eaten yet, please have some.”

“It’s true that I haven’t eaten yet, but what about you, Yuuki kun?”

“Ah, I’m fine. I’ll just go to the convenience store.”

There was only enough food for three people, so there’s not enough food for the four of us, including Natsuki.

Then Natsuki seemed a little angry.

“I came a little late, so Yuuki kun should eat.”

“No ,I’m fine. Natsuki…….”

“No, no, Yuuki kun should.”


“Yuuki kun !”

With that kind of feeling, we argued a bit about which one of us should eat.

Then my sister saw this and said

“We should all feed Yuuki a little bit.”


“Shiori Nee, I agree.”


“Good idea, Shiori senpai.”


As usual, it seems that my opinion doesn’t matter at times like this.

I also took a seat, but nothing was placed in front of me.

And, my sister said,

“Here, Yuuki, aahn.”


She said, and she put a piece of deep fried food on a fork in front of my mouth.

It was frozen food, but a little creativity could make a difference.

I take the fork in my mouth and eat it.

And just as I swallow the food, Natsuki gives me the fork.

“Here you go, Yuuki kun.”

I ate it again.

And when I finish eating again.

“Here, Yuuki Nii.”


This time, I ate what Riko offered me. In this repetition, I ate my lunch.


“I’m sorry, Yuuki kun. I got a little carried away…” 

“No, don;t worry. I’m fine.”

“Why don’t you go lie down?”

“I will.”

In the end, the three of them got more and more into it, and they fed me quite a lot of food.

I lay down on the sofa because my stomach was in agony.

Then, my sister said to me,

“Hey, Yuuki, do you remember the promise we made to each other during the summer vacation?

“Promise?. ……Oh, that thing.”

“Yes, that’s right. you’re dating both of us. I’d like to change that up a little bit.”

“Yeah, okay.”

The promise we made when we went to the beach during the summer vacation. What would she change?

“I want you to include Riko in that promise.”

“Include Riko?”

When I turned my face to Riko, I saw her looking down with a blushing face.

“Riko also likes you, Yuuki. So, you can’t leave her out, okay?”

“I guess so.”

“That’s why I want you to include Riko as one of us. Is that okay?”

“Yeah, okay……”

My consciousness is broken here by the drowsiness of a full stomach and the warmth of the afternoon sun.

Does Riko like me? I fell asleep, while thinking vaguely.

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Harem! 3 girls from different ages, but one common thing, they love Yuuki! Harems are the best.

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