Episode 27 – immoral thing



The studio where Sera is located is not that far from Reganda. It takes 15 minutes by car to get there, but since Sera is driving, I took the train.

Come to think of it, I’m the only one of the four who works at Reganda who doesn’t have a car. The three sisters are always concerned that I commute by train.

So Ai ne is trying to give me the car she used to use.

But I feel a little sorry if I keep getting it.

Happiness of 3 sisters

While I was thinking about this, I arrived at the station where the studio is located.

I start walking.


“You’re late!”
“I just got off the phone.”
“Still too late! From now on, I want you here in three minutes.”
“…I’m sorry, but I can’t teleport.”

When I walked into the apparel company where the studio is located, Sera in front of the elevator got pouty and angry and started complaining to me.

Well, I don’t think this is because I was late.

It was more of a reaction to the fact that I had been intentionally avoiding Sera.

I politely bowed my head.

“I’m sorry.”
“Yuu niichan?”

Sera was startled by my sudden action. I slowly lifted my head and opened my mouth again to Sera, whose eyes were wide open.

“Let’s go somewhere in the car. Ai nee has given me permission to go on a little road trip.”
“…… from Ai nee chan right”

Sera’s short, soft blonde hair and emerald eyes shook slightly as she said this, giving her an implied expression. In addition, the large marshmallow pushing up her expensive-looking white shirt also showed its presence to me. Perhaps it was my imagination, but Sera’s raw legs stretching out from her shorts seemed to be even more slippery than ever.

At first, she looked meaningful, but eventually, she spoke to me with a twinkle in her eye.

“Well, let’s go someplace a little farther. Together.”

Sera suddenly came close to me and hugged my arm.

“They’re watching us …….”
“This is your punishment for avoiding me all this time.”
“People are staring at us.”
“That’s what I’m talking about. ……”
“Are you nervous? I’m not nervous.”
“….Don’t make fun of your onii chan”

No matter how much I protested, Sera didn’t listen and pulled my arm more towards her giant marshmallow.

This is definitely going to start some weird rumors ……

I sighed and stared at Sera’s profile as she walked on in high spirits.

She was

giving a provocative look towards the people around her as if she was showing off. Then, for a moment, she looks at my face.

The gaze and eyes that demanded something so strongly from me made my body twitch, but the shock of it all was gently absorbed by Sera’s chest.

I was

Feeling Sera’s soft breasts, I headed for the parking lot where her car was located.
We got in the car and started driving towards a certain place.
After about an hour of driving, a familiar landscape appeared.

We stopped at a familiar parking lot, and Sera and I got out and stepped into the place where our memories were piled up.

“Nothing has changed.”
“Ah, it’s true. But are you okay? This must not be a very nice place for Sera.”

Yes, it is. This is the place where we spent 15 years ago. At the same time, it is also the town where the tragedy occurred.

“Yes. That’s why Yuu niichan has to stay close to me.”

Sera hugged me again.

“Sera ……”

I only mentioned her name and did not refuse her.

I kept myself disciplined, trying hard not to think of anything out of the ordinary.

We looked around.

Children’s playgrounds, secret hideaways, candy stores, shrines, churches, etc. ……

Most of them were virtually unchanged from 15 years ago, although there was some deterioration over time.

And with arms locked, Sera and I are on our way to our final destination.

A place filled with old and painful memories. And Sera, who has become a fine woman capable of giving birth to a baby.

To be honest, I am confused.

In fact, I have been having relations with both of them frequently. And when Sera joins in, something that shouldn’t be happening could happen.

I have managed to hold back the black feelings that have been overflowing in my heart from erupting, but I am being stimulated by my skinship with Sera.

“Ah, it’s a new building after all.”

As I was thinking various thoughts in my mind, Sera stopped at the place where the house of me and the three Kirie sisters used to be and gave me a vacant look.

“Yes, that’s right. Well, it was such a big deal that the TV stations and newspapers picked it up. But, are you sure you’re okay?”
“I’m fine. Because I have the man I love with me.”
“The man you love……”
“Hey, Yuu nichan.”

Sera, who is holding my arm tightly, asks me with a sad look on her face.

“What is it?”
“Even if this town disappears, the old memories that Yuu nii chan and I have spun together will not disappear, right?”
“That’s of course, 15 years ago Sera and I were having a good time here.”
“But if I or Yu nichan die, the memories will be gone, right?”

Sera was thinking the same way as me?

It was unexpected.

Such a fast-paced and sassy girl ……

I knew we shared the same grief.

By the time I felt a strange feeling in my throat, Sera had opened her mouth again.

“Yu nichan has been avoiding me for a long time lately, hasn’t he?”
“You’re so cocky, Yuu nichan.”
“No, you’re the one who’s cocky.”

Sera interrupted me and suddenly brought my hand to her tight stomach.

“You can’t run away from me. Yuu nichan.”


Sera’s expression

The expression on her face is very similar to the one I see when I’m thinking about something out of the ordinary.

It was very similar.

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