Since the day after I went to the mall with Riko, I have been living almost like a prisoner for more than a week.

The only time I went out was to go to a part-time job, and since my sister and Riko came along with me to that job, I could say that I had very little free time.

What happened was that my sister and Riko wouldn’t let me out of the house, or rather, they wouldn’t let me go.

There seemed to be some kind of deal between my sister and Riko, and they took turns clinging to me for a day.

I was surprised to see that Riko was worse than my sister.

The first day.

When I woke up in the morning, I saw something on my body.

It was warm, so I knew it was a person. I thought it was my sister, but when I rolled up the futon, there was Riko with her face buried in my chest.

“Riko? What’s wrong?”

“Oh, Yuuki Nii, you woke up. I’m charging you right now.”

“Huh, charging?”

“That’s right. I’m recharging Yuuki Nii’s energy.”

“Oh, I see…”

No wait, what do you mean?

It’s not only that Riko is following me like it’s normal, but also that she’s recharging my energies.

It’s supposed to be my sister who says such things, but even Riko was in the same state as her.

Riko stayed in that position for about 10 minutes and then left the room, probably satisfied.

“….What was that all about?”

In the end, without knowing the reason, I got dressed and headed for the living room.

When I entered the living room, there was Riko sitting on a chair and a table with breakfast for two placed in front of her for some reason.

“Oh, Yuuki Nii, sit here.”

Riko got up from her seat and told me to sit on the chair she was sitting on.

I was curious as to why the two of us were put together, but I had come here to eat breakfast, so I sat down quietly in the chair.

Then Riko came to sit on top of me.


“What’s wrong?”

“That’s my line…”

Riko’s behavior was strange.

Normally, she would be uncomfortable with this kind of distance, but instead of being uncomfortable, Riko is coming closer to me.

I don’t mind it, and I’m glad about it, but I’m still a little worried about her sudden change of behavior.

Without considering my concern, Riko acted differently than usual again.

“Yuuki Nii, aahhnn.”


“Come on, open your mouth.”

“No, why?”

When I opened my mouth to ask why, she put chopsticks in my mouth.

It’s bad manners to take something out of your mouth, so I ate it.

I wonder if Riko was satisfied when I ate it, then she let me hold the chopstick.

“Now you do it, Yuuki Nii.”


“Hurry up.”


When I brought them close to her, Riko took the chopsticks in her mouth without hesitation.

I realized after doing so that it was an indirect kiss, but Riko didn’t mind at all.

“Riko, what’s really going on?”

“Hmm? Do you dislike me like this, Yuuki Nii?”

“It’s not that I don’t like it, but…I’m just surprised at your sudden change…”

“Then you don’t mind, right? Here, give me the chopsticks.”

Riko took the chopsticks from her mouth, answered my question, and then took them from me and shoved them back into my mouth.

This continued until we finished eating.

After finishing breakfast, Riko pulled me to sit on the sofa, turned on the TV, and laid her head on my lap.

“I’m going to watch something that was recorded, so please leave it on.”

“What about the length of it…?”

“It’s only about an hour, so it’ll be fine.”

“I see..”

I didn’t have time to go to the bathroom, so I was left feeling a little uneasy, but I decided to watch TV with Riko.

–After an hour.

“It was fun–“


It was more interesting than I thought it would be, and I’m glad I didn’t have the urge to to go to the bathroom.

I thought she would let me go, but in the end I was caught again, and I remained trapped for the rest of the night.

When night came and I was about to take a bath, Riko followed me again.

“Could it be…..”

“That’s right. Wanna come in together?”

It seemed that she had really become like Nee chan, and we took baths together.

I was the first to take a bath, and then Riko came in.

I was so impressed with her matured body that I couldn’t help but look away.

“….I don’t mind if you look, you know?”

“No, it’s not good. In a lot of ways.”

I try not to look at them as much as possible, although I have no choice as long as we’re in the same space.

After a while, Riko also got into the bathtub, facing me.

“Yuuki Nii, you’ve grown up well built.”

“Well, I’m a high schooler now.”

“How about me? I’ve grown up a lot since then, haven’t I?”

Riko put her hand on her chest and seemed to be waiting for some feedback.

What’s the correct answer to this question?

Should I be honest or should I not answer?

After much hesitation, I decided to answer honestly because Riko was waiting for me with a sparkle in her eyes.

“Uhh, um…you looked more like an adult woman than before, or rather, you have grown up.”

“Is that so? What do you think about me as the opposite sex, Yuuki Nii?”


“It’s fine. Tell me?”

Another difficult question to answer….

Her eyes were sparkling like before, so I decided to answer this question honestly as well.

“I think you’re cute.”

“Can you fall in love with me?”

“Well, if I can look at you as the opposite sex, then yes.”

“I see. As long as I know that, it’ll be fine !”

After saying that, Riko didn’t say anything more and took a bath quietly.

After getting out of the bath, tired from an unusual day, I went to bed.

I never thought that Riko would take it this far.

I fell asleep as soon as I got into bed.

In the morning, I felt something on me again.

I rolled up the futon as I did yesterday, and there was my sister.

And just like yesterday, this time I was caught by her.

☆ ☆ ☆ 

The second day was with my sister, the third day was Riko, and so on, and the same thing as the first day has been going on for more than a week.

Most of the time I was with one of them, except when I went out for part-time work occasionally.

When I headed for the living room a little nervous, wondering if my life would still be the same as yesterday, the intercom rang.

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