As I was waiting in the living room with my sister, Segawa and Ishizaki came over to us.

“Um, I’m sorry for earlier…..”

“What about?”

“Well, I mean, the bathtub…”

“What about !?”

“Ah, well, it’s nothing. I’m sorry.”

Saying that, I bowed my head.

Segawa was smiling, but she had the same scary aura as my sister at school.

And she was glaring at me.

It’s not for me to say, but those eyes are scary.

I’m glad Ishizaki is behind her.

“Well… let’s go take a bath, Nee chan…”

“Yeah. I guess so.”

Saying that, my sister headed for the bath while staring at Segawa.

Unlike me, they seemed to be communicating something to each other through eye contact.

Segawa was also pulling back her aura and looked the same as usual.

☆ ☆ ☆ 

“Sigh…..I’ve done it.”

Segawa’s attitude was 180 degrees different between her attitude toward me and her attitude toward her my sister.

After all, she was disturbed by me, and I guess she didn’t like being peeped at.

I can’t say anything because it’s completely my fault, but I don’t want to act in a way that will make them dislike me too much or lower my likability.

“I’m sorry, okay? I forced you to go with me…”

“No, Nee chan. I think I certainly had my hopes up in some areas too.”

“…Somehow, I don’t like it that way.”

“Ugh, I’m a high school boy. I have some of those feelings.”

“But you see okay with being with me.”

“Well, we’re family.”

“Oh my, you forget? We’re step siblings.”

“Eh? Oh, come to think of it…”

Come to think of it, we’re like that. There’s a lot of things going so much that I forgot.

It’s funny that I forgot. It’s pretty shocking.

If so, that means I’m taking a bath with someone of the opposite sex who isn’t related to me by blood.

……Wait a minute, isn’t this a situation where I need to be aware of my sister as the opposite sex?

As I was pondering this, my sister came closer to me.

“Yuuki, you left me alone a while ago… Orya !”

Then my sister hugged me from the front and my face was buried in her chest.

“Nghh ! Mggh !”

“Anh, Yuuki, stop it !”


“Oh, are you growing taller?”

My sister said we weren’t real siblings, so I wonder if it’s okay for her to do this.

Why is she doing this to me?

I wondered, but could not ask.

She pulled me up and sat me down on the bath chair.

“I’m sorry, Nee chan. I’m fine now, thanks.”

“I don’t mind. ….I mean, you can’t leave me like that, okay?”

“Ahaha, you’re really attached to me, Nee chan. ……Or rather, it’s not my place to say that.”

Somehow, I never felt uncomfortable being with my sister.

We’re really on good terms even during the rebellious phase.

“As long as Yuuki stays by my side, it’s fine. I would be jealous if someone else took Yuki away from me.”

“Ahaha……I may never get a girlfriend for the rest of my life.”

I wonder what would happen to the other person if my sister really got jealous.

…Yeah. It seems impossible to date someone who doesn’t have my sister’s approval, and I think she rarely gives it.

“No way, I’ll be your girlfriend.”

“There you go again, joking around.”

“I’m not joking. We’re not blood related.”

“Eh? No, but…”

“You don’t like me, Yuuki?”

She looked like she was about to cry and asked me that.

I was surprised, but it’s not like I don’t like it.

But to me, my sister is ‘my sister’. So I didn’t think of her that way.

Well, I think she was joking.

“I didn’t mean it that way, Nee chan.”

“Then !”

“But I think Nee chan has someone better than me.”

“……Yuuki, you still don’t understand how I feel about you?”


My sister said that and kissed me. And an adult one.

I wonder how long she had been doing this. My sister didn’t let go of me at all and I kept getting kissed over and over.

The kiss was over, and when I was feeling exhausted, she started talking to me.

“Did you get it now? If you still don’t get it, I’ll go further than this.”

And by “further,” well, I guess that’s what she meant.

She sounded so serious that I knew she meant it.

I nodded toward my sister, saying [I got it] (not that I fully understood, but I kind of didn’t want to be the first here).

Perhaps my sister said that on purpose to tell me that [Yuuki was the most important thing to me] She didn’t really mean it, did she?

…I don’t think kissing is necessary.

I nodded and my sister disappeared out of my sight.

I wondered what she was doing, but I was too weak to move.

After a while, my sister came back.

I don’t know what she was doing, but she looked as if she had made up her mind to do something.

As for me, I was getting a little cold from the water.

“Nee chan…I’m cold. Can’t we continue later?”

“Mmm…okay. I don’t want Yuuki to catch a cold.”

We got out of the bath and walked through the living room to the terrace outside.

Segawa still gave me a cold shoulder, but it was a lot better than before.



“Nng, it’s still hot in the summer even at night.”

“Yeah, I should’ve dressed a little thinner.”

“I don’t think I can wear any lighter clothes…”

My sister was wearing no bra, a white T-shirt, and shorts underneath. I was wearing pants, but any more light clothing would be like underwear, I think?

And since she was wearing no bra, I could see the shape of a certain part of her breast.

“That’s not a problem. So, back to the story.”


“Yuuki, will you go out with me?”

“Huh !?”

No wait, why is that? You weren’t joking earlier?

“Well, Didn’t I tell you that I like Yuuki as a member of the opposite sex?”

“Eh? Isn’t it to tell me that I’m important to you?”

[ [….] ]

My sister turned bright red.

No, I never thought that my sister liked me as the opposite sex…….

I’m sorry, Nee chan. I feel like I made her misunderstand.

“Yuuki ! Don’t you want to go out with me !? You’re going out with me, right !?”


“Hey, please. Will you go out with me?”

“N-Nee chan.”

My sister was getting desperate and came to me. But I couldn’t just listen to her.

I don’t listen to everything she says either.

..Ah, when I peeked at Segawa, shouldn’t I listen to her?

I did it with an ulterior motive. In there.

Putting that aside. Going out with my sister, huh?

I wonder what will happen.

I don’t dislike my sister. In fact, I like her.

But I think I like her as a family member, not as a member of the opposite sex.

Even if that is the case, it might change once we start dating, and there’s nothing wrong with dating (as long as I don’t think about my parents or little sister).

It might be a good idea to go out with her. We both know each other well and we might be compatible.

As I was pondering this for a moment, the window suddenly opened.

When my sister and I turned to look, Natsuki was standing there.

Behind her is Segawa who looks apologetic. Is it Segawa that called her?

“Shiori senpai…no sneaking around.”

“Y-yeah. I guess so.”

It’s rare to see my sister being pushed around. I haven’t seen my sister like this in a long time.

“Hey, Yuuki kun. I’m going to tell you something too.”


What are you going to say? What?

“I’ve always liked you, Yuuki kun ! Please go out with me.”


She strangely emphasized “with me,” but that’s not the issue.

Natsuki likes me? And my sister likes me too.

Suddenly I’ve become popular. ….But, what should I do about this?

[ [Hey, Yuuki (kun).] ]

[ [Which one of us are you going out with?] ]

Sigh…..what am I supposed to do?

I was at a loss with the sudden confession from the two of them.

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1 year ago

Boy, it’s fine. This is the reason why harems were created.

1 year ago
Reply to  Akirei

Yup….i agree with you……a men of culture can’t belong to only one woman or girls….. that’s where HAREM is coming in