“Which one? Which one do you eat, Minori kun?”

Watching Shinonome getting excited like a child, my mind somehow calmed down…..and somehow, I felt relaxed.

Then we both looked at the menu.

“Right. What’s on your mind at the moment, Shinonome?”

“Well, let’s see. This, stewed hamburger steak or carbonara looks delicious !”

‘”… I guess so. If you’re not sure, you can order both.”

“S-still, I’m not going to do that.”

“If that’s the case. Then why don’t we order two of this and share it?”

When I said that, Shinonome nodded.


“I understand. ……But it’s still morning. What about breakfast?”

“Not yet.”

“I would like to ask one more thing.  Hamburg steak or carbonara. Can you get in in the morning?”

“……All of them are a little tough.”

“Then go ahead and pick out what you want to eat. Let’s split it half and half.”

Shinonome’s eyes light up and she looks at me as if to say, ‘Are you sure !?’ I nodded with a smile. I looked at the menu again.

It seems a little heavy for a morning meal. Well, I’m the type of person who can eat a lot in the morning, so I guess it’s not a problem.

“Oh, right. What would you like to drink?”

“Ah…..well, let’s see. I’ll have orange juice.

“Okay, I’ll have a Coke.”

Then, we decided the order and rang the bell.

Then an elderly man in a cook’s coat – the manager, I guessed – appeared.

“What’s your order?”

“Oh, yes, I’d like a stewed hamburg steak.  And one soft drink, orange juice and a Coke. Oh, excuse me. A plate. No, two, please.”

I said. The elderly waiter thought about something and looked at me and Shinonome.

“If you don’t mind. I can serve you two plates of stewed hamburg steak.”

“I-is that okay?”

“Yes. ……My apologies. To be precise, it is possible to separate the rice and the hamburg steak. Since the hamburger steak itself cools down easily after being cut, I’d recommend cutting it after serving it.”

“Please do so.”

“Understood. I will confirm your order.”

After confirming the order. The manager smiled.

“Well then, have a good time.”

Amazing. Every single gesture was so polite or beautiful.

The image of a gentleman in my mind appeared as it was in reality. Can I said that?

I would like to become such an adult.

As I was thinking about it. I felt a tug on my sleeve.

 “……? What’s up?”

I looked. Shinonome looked down with a bright red face.

“U-um….I showed you an unsightly appearance earlier. I apologize.”

“Hm? ….Yeah.”

When I remembered about earlier. I couldn’t help but relax my cheeks.

“Don’t you think it’s fine? ……It’s kind of cute.”

“Ah…..don’t tease me.”

Honestly, it’s true. Shinonome covered her face with her hands and hunched her shoulders in embarrassment.

“I-if possible. I hope you can forget about what just happened.”

“Yeah, got it.”

I feel like it’s a little regrettable. It can’t be helped if Shinonome says so.


“Now then. May I ask you to teach me until the food arrives?”

“Y-yes. Of course.”

To my words. Shinonome nodded her head while her face turned red.

The study session began.


“……It looks so delicious.”

“I’m extremely grateful. If you have any other requests or additional orders, please call me. Now if you’ll excuse me.”

When the food arrived, Shinonome’s eyes lit up like a child’s again. She immediately cleared her throat.

“….I-it looks delicious. May I cut it into pieces?”

“Yeah. Thanks.:

Shinonome holds a knife and fork in a familiar manner.

It’s not like I understand what Shinonome was trying to cut…..but, I want to say it.


Shinonome pretends to be calm and puts the knife in. I can feel that she gulped over and over again. …..She’s really easy to understand.

When I see this, I feel a warm feeling caressing my heart.

But I know the feeling too. …..It looks quite delicious. This hamburger.

“Here, Minori kun. I’ll share it with you.”

Shinonome divided into a plate. The sauce was scooped up many times with a spoon and poured over the top.

The juices dripped from the hamburg steak….It’s a very tasty looking hamburg steak.

“……It really does look delicious.”

“Yes !”

Shinonome’s reply made my cheeks relaxed again. I wonder how many times my cheeks will relax.

And then.The two of us clasped our hands together.

[ [Let’s eat.] ]

We started eating the hamburg steak.

In a word. The stewed hamburg steak was the most delicious hamburg steak I had ever eaten.

Well, I’ve never eaten a stewed hamburg steak so much. I was surprised at how good it tasted.

I saw that Shinonome also had the same….no. She ate it more delicious than me.

With that cute little mouth, her eyes shine every time she takes a bite. I couldn’t help but raise the corners of my lips. And then she exhaled [Phew…] satisfiedly.

As I watched while smiling. Suddenly, our eyes met.

Oh no, I got into a bad habit. It’s not good for anyone to be seen while eating.

However, Shinonome looked at me and smiled.

“Geez, Minori kun. Your cheeks are covered with sauce, you know?”

“,A-ah. Here?”

I unintentionally raised a dumb voice and touched my cheek. Apparently, I touched a place close to the consideration, and Shinonome chuckled.

“No. …….Fufu. Here.”

Saying so, Shinonome took a paper napkin and gently stroked my cheek. 

She put the napkin down with a smile on her face. I felt my cheeks getting hot.

“….It’s not that Minori kun doing anything bad. It’s a payback.”

Shinonome chuckled and said that….but, her mouth was still chewing. She couldn’t help burts into laughter.

“F-fufu…..I’m sorry. Minori kun, you looked like a child.”

I thought that it was my line. Shinonome was having fun, so I laughed  too.

But, if it stays like this, that hamburg steak is going to get cold. 

“Look, if you don’t eat it quickly, it’ll get cold. It’s a waste, shall I eat it?”

“N-no !”

Shinonome made a surprised expression and quickly pulled the plate with the hamburger over to her

That gesture was also like a child’s…..and I laughed.

Shinonome noticed. Her cheeks puffed.

“G-geez….Minori kun. You’re mean today.’

“My bad, my bad. I saw a lot of your expressions today, Shinonome. Now, let’s eat the rest.”

At this rate, Shinonome’s mood could be worse.

But that’s my baseless worry. Shinonome gobbled up the hamburg deliciously.


I guess we had nourished our spirits. After that, we continued to study.


“What’s the matter? Shinonome. You’ve been restless since a while ago.”

“N-nothing !”

Shinonome shook her head at my words. I took my textbook.

Since a while ago, Shinonome’s behavior was strange. Normally, she would be concentrating on teaching me, but she seems to be somewhat unenthusiastic.

Is it because she’s not feeling well? Or is it simply that this situation has become boring?

My fears were soon dispelled.


At the sound of that cute voice, Shinonome’s shoulders jumped. Shinonome timidly looked under the desk……and her eyes lit up.


I looked down too.

There was a black cat with fur as beautiful and pitch black as the night sky.

Come to think of it, I remembered. This place is famous for its black cats, isn’t it? I heard it was friendly and smart.

I remember her name was…

“Her name is Lun.”

I noticed that a male waiter had arrived nearby. He was holding a plate in his hand.

“She’s smart enough to know her own name. You can call her if you like.”

Hearing those words. Shinonome gulped down her spit and….. fearfully looked at the black cat–Lun.

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