Episode 26 – Let’s Go To The Sea



One week has passed since the summer vacation. We were going to the beach.

My sister brought her swimsuit, probably because she had originally planned on going.

I still had last year’s swim trunks, so I decided to wear them. Last year, I went swimming with my former childhood friends.

This time, instead of a day trip, we decided to stay at Ishizaki’s villa, which was apparently located near the sea, for two nights and three days. I didn’t know much about Ishizaki’s family, but it seems that they’re wealthy.

Since we were going to stay there for quite a long time,  I had more luggage than I expected.

I don’t know what we are going to do, but I’m sure it’ll be fun.


We gathered in front of the station and took the train to the nearby area.

All of us had a lot of luggage, especially Natsuki. It was obviously not the amount of luggage for one person, but twice as much as the others.

When I asked her what she brought with her, she replied, 

“It’s a secret !”

And she wouldn’t tell me.

I thought it was probably equipment for playing, so I didn’t go any deeper.


When we arrived at Ishizaki’s villa, it was much larger than I had imagined.

I couldn’t see the ocean, but I could smell the slight scent of the sea.

“Wow, it’s bigger than I thought it would be !”

“Isn’t it? It’s surprisingly good. This place.”

“I guess so. With this, it seems that everyone will be fine in a separate room.”

“Yuuki? You’re in the same room with me, right?”

“Oh… I guess so, Nee chan.”

I seem to be with my sister even though I’ve come this far. For the first time in a long time, I thought I could sleep alone.

 “Um,…, I’m sorry. But I’m going to have to split you up into two rooms, one for two people and one for three.”

「「「「 Why? 」」」」

“Oh…… Well, we don’t have enough beds for the number of people, so there are two rooms with one bed. I’m sorry, but I can’t sleep without a bed or futon. If Yuuki is with Shiori senpai,……. The beds themselves are big enough for three people, I think. I’m sorry, but it’s not nice to have the girls sleep on the couch.”

He’s mumbling something.

Well, that means Ishizaki was planning to sleep together with me in the first place.

Ishizaki can’t sleep unless it’s a bed, but I’m going to sleep with my sister, so when we split the room, Ishizaki would be with  Segawa and Natsuki.


That should be fine. Why don’t we put Segawa and Ishizaki in the same room? I hope Natsuki will be okay with me.

I looked at Natsuki with that in mind, and for some reason her eyes were shining.

And my sister loos grumpy.

Well, it seems fine.

“Well, Ishizaki, I’ll probably be all right. As long as you’re okay.”

“Eh? Well, I don’t really want

What? Well, I don’t know, but I think I’ll be all right, I guess?”

“I see. Then, Ishizaki and Segawa will be in the same room. Natsuki, my sister and I will be in the same room. I’m sure this will be fine. Are Natsuki and Segawa okay too?”

When I asked both of them, Segawa’s face turned red and she nodded her head while Natsuki nodded happily. 

I felt tremendous pressure from my sister behind me, but I want to think it’s just my imagination. I think my sister is scary when she gets angry.

“No, no, no, are you sure it’s safe? Yuuki might be safe, but is Segawa okay with me?”

“Yeah. I’m fine as long as it’s you, Shota.”

“I-I see. ….All right ! We’ve got a room now, so let’s put the rest of our stuff down and go play in the ocean !”

「「「「 Okay ! 」」」」

Well, I hope Ishizaki and Segawa won’t do  that kind of things in these three days.

If they do, I’m sure I’ll hear it in my room, so it’ll definitely be awkward.

…I don’t think so, but I don’t know if my sister won’t get weirded out.


When I got to my room, it was still quite spacious.

I put my luggage down, and my sister and Natsuki pushed me down on the bed. As for Natsuki, I think she did it in a hurry because my sister did it first.

“Yuuki, are you looking forward to tonight?”

“Well, uh, um, prepare yourself, okay? Yuuki kun.”


I have a very bad feeling about this, but I’m not allowed to run away, and I guess I’ll just have to leave it up to myself then.

With a sigh that was almost like giving up halfway through, I let the two of them get up and leave the room.

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10 months ago

What in the world are those two planning?