Episode 5 – Even when the future is known, reunions are surprising



When I turned around, the boy in the back seat, Sasaoka-kun, smiled cheerfully.

“Um, Sasaoka-kun, right?”
“Yesyes. Have you remembered me yet? well, you’ll remember me after being teased like that, won’t you? I’m Sasaoka Sosuke . You can call me by my first name.”

Sasaoka-kun smiles at me and asks me to shake his hand.
I feel a little bewildered by the unfamiliar distance between us, but I take the hand he offers me.

“Then, I will call you Sosuke.”
“Yeah! Then I’ll call you Arase, too!”

Sosuke firmly grasped my hand back and smiled brightly once again.
He seems to be a nice guy, although his slightly lighter hair gives him a slightly flirtatious look.

“So what on earth did you do to get stared at by asagiri?”
“…… Is she that famous?”
“Well, yeah. For a high school boy in the countryside, the mere existence of such a dark-haired beauty is a blessing in disguise. And she has a cool personality. I think she has a lot of fans. But she doesn’t seem to have any interest in men. I asked her out for a date once and was rejected.”
“Ah, yeah. ……”

I think I’ve learned a little bit more about Sosuke in the short time I’ve been with him.

Sosuke waits for me to speak with a twinkle in his eye, as if he is curious about the relationship between me and Asagiri.
I let out a small sigh. It seems I have no choice but to talk about it.

“As a matter of fact. Yesterday…”

From there I simply told him the facts of what had happened yesterday.

Of course, I didn’t tell him that I had predicted the future and saved her from an accident.
I wasn’t sure how I was going to tell it, but I decided to say that I almost tripped and fell and grabbed the arm of Asagiri, who was in front of me, and I hugged her as a result.

“What’s that?! You have been following her since the first day you moved in! No, wait. Are you!? hahaha!”

Maybe he’s hitting a nerve, but Sosuke can’t stop laughing.
His characteristic laugh is worrisome.

“Kakka──Gohoho, Goho, Goho,……, I swooned. That’s why Asagiri is behaving like that!”
“……That’s what I meant. Well, I’m not trying to be friends with her, so it’s fine if she ignores me.”
“What? What, you’re not interested in girls?”
“I’m not saying I’m not interested in girls, but I’m not interested in them right now.”
“Hey hey, high school boys are all dried up huh? Oh, by the way, I’m looking for a girlfriend.”
“I’m not asking”

The conversation is light, but I feel that it’s not a bad conversation to have with Sosuke.
I wasn’t really planning on making friends at my new school, so I was prepared to be a loner, but I felt like I could get along with Sosuke.

“Ah, um. Is this a good time?”
“Oh? Kurase, you have a question for a new student too? Or are you asking me out on a date?”
“No, I don’t think so.”

The girl called Kurase smiles in answer to Sosuke’s winking question, and then cuts him off.
Ignoring Sosuke’s sagging eyes, she comes over to the side of my seat.

“…… Ah.”

Then I realized.
I realized that she was the girl I had rescued from the river yesterday.

“Well, ……, hello”
“You’re welcome! I never thought I’d see the person who saved my life again after yesterday.”

You’re welcome. ……? (The word “domo” can mean hello or thanks)

I’ll leave it at that, I’m the one who’s surprised. I can’t believe something similar happened twice in one day.
But I’m a little awkward remembering our last exchange.

“That was me too, …….”
“Introducing myself once again! My name is Kurase Nanami. Nice to meet you.”

……Hey? It’s more favorable than I thought.

I felt my face heat up for a moment as Kurase-san tilted her head cutely, but I regained my composure and reiterated my name.

“I introduced myself earlier, but I’m Ito Arase. Nice to meet you……”
“Oh? What is it? You two, don’t tell me you know each other!?”

Then Sosuke, who had doubts about the conversation between Kurase-san and me, intervened.

“I don’t mean we are acquaintances, but something happened yesterday.”
“That’s right! It’s not like he saw me in my underwear!?”
“No, wait a minute.”

What, did just come out? Don’t be in such a panic to tell the truth!

“U-Underwear! H-Hey! What the hell did you do with Kurase?”
“C-Calm down, Sosuke!”

Sosuke grabs me by the shoulders and shakes me violently.
I tried to quiet Sousuke down, but his eyes were bloodshot and he wasn’t listening to me.

“I can’t calm this down! Not only Asagiri, but even Kurase! Two beautiful girls who are among the top of our school! I’m so jealous!”

That’s your real intention? !
It’s true that Asagiri and Kurase are both beautiful….. wait not that

“For now, let go of me!”

I forcefully pull the restless Sosuke off of me.

“Um, Kurase san ……? I’m sorry, could you not say that in a misleading way?”
“Huh? Oh, sorry! No, Sasamori-kun. Actually, he saved me yesterday when I was drowning in the Hatta River.”
“……, that’s what you mean. I was sure……. I’m sorry, but if I had been there yesterday, I would have ……!

Too many troubles are leaking out.
By the way, yesterday’s river is called the Hatta River.

“Sasamori-kun, you’re so quick to jump to conclusions.”
“Hahaha …..huh.? Oh, by the way, didn’t you just now mispronounce my name?”
“I was so surprised when the person who saved my life transferred to my new school!”
“I didn’t think the girl from yesterday would be in the same class as me either.”
“Hehehe, you’re right! I wanted to thank you one more time for what you did yesterday. I also have to give you back your clothes!”

Apparently, she is a serious person.

I was nervous when she said it in a strange way, but I’m glad she didn’t give me a bad impression like Asagiri did.

“Ah you can give it anytime”
“Yeah, thanks!”

Kurase-san smiles at me. It is true that Kurase is a very beautiful girl, as Sosuke said. Her destructive power is immeasurable.


At that moment, a voice called Kurase san’s from behind.

“Ah, Yuuri chan! Welcome back, where have you been?”
“I went to the bathroom for a minute. What are you doing there?”

Kurase san turned around and saw Asagiri.
When Asagiri found out Kurase san was talking to me, she blatantly furrowed her brow.

“Hey, hey, hey, are you jealous? Just because your beloved Kurase was a little friendly with a transfer student…”
“Shut up. Sasazuka! shut your mouth.”
“My name…”

The point of anger is directed at me when she instantly neutralizes Sosuke, who has been trying to make fun of her.
Asagiri approaches my desk, steps forward as if to protect Kurase-san, and taps the desk.


I was so surprised that my body was scared.

“Listen? If you touch Nanami, I will drown you in the Hatta River.”

It was very powerful. …… I see? Apparently Asagiri and Kurase-san are good friends.
And I, who got what I wanted to say, replied without any effort.

“…. heyhey”
“Look, Nanami. Chime is going to ring now, so go back to your seat.”
“Eh? still a little more …….”

Asagiri forcibly pulled Kurase toward her seat.

“This is going to be interesting. Kakaka”

In the back, I heard the muttering and laughing of Sosuke, who had been mourning just a moment ago.

This guy …… thinks it’s someone else’s problem.

Soon after, the chime rang and Asagiri returned to her seat.
As Asagiri returned to her seat, she glared at me even more sharply than before.

Why is this happening ……?
I didn’t do anything …….

Is it my imagination that the fire is burning more and more without me doing anything?
My anxiety only increased until the next seat change.

“Everyone. Are you ready for class? Well, we’ll start on page 11 today. Oh, and for Ito, the transfer student, please ask Asagiri next to you to show you your textbooks. Here, please put your seats next to each other.”

See…… I didn’t …… do anything. …… Why ……?

After that, I did what the teacher told me to do. I had no choice but to put our seats together and ask her to show me her textbooks.

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