About three months have passed since Yua and I officially started dating.

We spent Christmas together, but at the end of the year, Yua and her family (including her mother’s fiancé Matsukata san) went on a trip to Italy, and we hardly saw each other during the winter vacation.

One day after returning to Japan, Yua said,

[I want to get a job in the fashion industry.]

She consulted me about it. Needless to say, it was probably due to the influence of her mother, Azuki san, who runs an apparel business. They spent a lot of quality time together.

After picking universities and vocational schools with clothing-related departments and told her about them,  she chose the one with the highest deviation score. Because it was close to the university she wanted to go to, not to mention that she could receive a high level of education.

However, with Yua’s current academic ability, it would be difficult without a lot of effort. That is why I am tutoring Yua in between my own studies. I also feel lonely in college life without Yua.

Today, too, I took advantage of my day off to watch Yua study in my room.


“I’m going to….take a break…….”

Yua plopped down on the table as if she had run out of energy.

“It’s been only fifteen minutes since you opened the workbook, though.”

“Eh !? Isn’t it been an hour?”

“The difference in time is astonishing.”

“I just came back from Italy.”

“There’s no such symptom during jet lag.”

“Let me have one sugar rush…….”

“You just ate a whole box of those.”

The box with the pile of candy was already empty.

“Then let me replenish with love !”

Yua hugged me as I sat next to her.

“Replenishing with love won’t increase your concentration !”

“It will !”

I was told. I was afraid that it would make her less focused.

“What exactly are you going to do when you say you’re going to replenish with love?”

“That’s obvious.”

Yua brought her face close to me and put her lips on top of mine.

It was warm, soft, and smelled good. I wanted to taste it forever.

Our lips separated. It was very short, it wasn’t enough. Maybe I’m jet-lagged.

Yua inserts her hand into the hem of my shirt while staring at me. I felt a shuddering sensation on my side.

“Hey !?”

I held Yua’s hand in a panic.

“What are you doing?

“You know what I’m going to do. Or do you want me to tell you?”

She looked at me with mysterious eyes. I straightened up.



“Speaking of which, Makabe–“

“You changed the subject so blatantly.”

Yua glared at me with a stern look. Then she sighed.

“Then, what is it? What happened to Makabe kun?”

“He made his winter vacation debut.”

“Winter vacation debut? What does that mean?”

“‘After all, love is just a way to leave behind better genes. If that’s the case, it’s inevitable that females will be attracted to stronger males. In other words, the most important thing is testosterone. I started to burn my skin, wear contact lenses, wear my hair in a two-block haircut, and have my ears pierced. I also wore a lot of silver jewelry.’.”

“So that was his winter break debut……. But “debut” doesn’t really mean anything if they knew the old Makabe  kun, does it?”

“Yeah. That’s why I usually creeped out. He became underweight and wears nothing but black clothes. There’s a rumor saying that ‘The god of death is staring at me’.”

Yua was taken aback.

“It sounds like Makabe kun in some way.”

Then, as if remembering something, she uttered,

“By the way, Kii chan also.”

“Ishimizu san? Did she find a boyfriend?”

“No, she didn’t. But lately she’s been getting a lot of confessions.”

That girl with the sharp aura that could cut your skin just by getting close to her?

“She’s very popular, with both men and women. She smiles a lot. She’s rejected all of them, though.”

It’s not just us. Everyone is changing little by little.

“Everyone had a blast.”

“I guess so. Only Seita kun is not so active.”

–That was unnecessary….

Yua’s eyes made my back sweat.

But Yua didn’t pursue further. After a few moments of thought, she said,

“Well, I was wondering–“

She looked at me up and down and said, 

“Seita kun, are you worried about me?”


Of course, or rather, I feel sorry that I might burden the other person’s body in order to relieve my own needs.

Besides, considering Yua’s past, I was afraid that doing so might peel off the dry wound that had formed in her heart.

“I knew it……”


“Somehow. you said that you would be mentally prepared, but maybe.”

It seems that Yua can read my thoughts through my expression.

“Seita kun.”

Yua straightened up and looked at me from the front.

“It’s about communication.”


“We have talked about many things. It’s the communication of the heart, right?”


“Became a couple, and I want to connect with you more deeply, so I want to communicate with you physically.”


“Seita kun, you always choose your words carefully so as not to hurt me. Because you’re that kind of person, Seita kun,  I can feel at ease entrusting my mind and body to you, you know? I want you to feel that I love you and I want you to feel that you love me, so I want to communicate with you.”

Yua’s big eyes looked straight at me.

“I don’t want you to comfort me or fill my loneliness or any other negative feelings. I’ve already been healed by Seita kun. –I want you to know that.”

She said so and blushed.

I felt a pain in my chest. I grabbed Yua’s arm as she tried to pull her body away from me and pulled closer.


Yua let out a squeal in confusion at my chest.

“I’m mentally prepared.”

I lifted Yua’s body and laid her on the bed.

My rationality is not strong enough to endure being told such teasing words like that……

Yua looked away in embarrassment and relaxed her body.


I reached out my arm and opened the drawer on the side, took out the condom thing that I had bought at the pharmacy, which I would need in such a case, and put it on the bedside table.

Yua, who had been watching me attentively, said,

“You’re too excited !:

“No, I’m not ! I’m just making sure ! You never know when the mood might change.”

“Even when the mood is right, are you gonna regret it when you don’t have those?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“I can see your true color !”

“So it’s a leading question !”

“Just kidding. I’m glad you’ve thought this through.”

Seeing Yua’s shyly smiling expression, I thought from the bottom of my heart that ah, I really am glad I prepared it properly.

Yua closed her eyes and raised her chin a little as if asking for a kiss. I put my face close to hers.

I could see a clear sky through the window. I know I have nothing to hide, but for some reason I feel a little guilty about doing this in the daytime.

I pulled back the curtains and started communicating with Yua.

(TL/N : Uwoohh Seeeggs, Thank you for reading this Web Novel, I hope you enjoy the series !)

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11 months ago

That was pretty good. Nothing spectacular, but also no major complaints. Short and sweet!

10 months ago

A bit of a shame that it ended already. I’m not a fan of romances ending right after the couple get together, I like the sweetness that follows. I guess all the important stuff was covered, so I don’t feel like the story is incomplete, but I’d certainly like to follow these characters a bit further into their relationship.

Well, overall, it’s a pretty good story.