The moment I was about to go to help Kurokawa san–a voice called out to me from behind.

“Are you going to pour oil on the fire?”

That’s right.

And then, ah.

I’ve been caught up.

“That sounds interesting too. But if Kashiwada kun is going to gather hate on Rena’s behalf…..I don’t agree.”

Well, it can’t be helped, can it?


Don’t these people seem to have bad personalities?

“I guess so.”

[Right?] when I turned around and saw the koala woman still looking sleepy.

“I don’t mean to attract that much hate, though.”

I lightly deny it.

“Even if you are, there will be consequences. I think you’ll stir up a storm.”

“Is that so?”



Rena will be fine. She’s as strong as she looks. Rather than that, it’s better not to get involved with that Fujikura san.”

Why not?

“Because her boyfriend is a DQN.”

What’s that?

Sounds weird.

Did he appear in some kind of show?


I’m not interested in that.

While I was pulling back in various ways, the koala woman let out a sigh,

“Leave it to me for now.”

Even if you say it with such a sleepy face.

I have nothing but anxiety ……

“To the fire.”


“Is it okay to pour a lot of oil?”


Welcome back, main idea.

And then she walks away, tediously scratching up her hair.


“Umi? Why are you here?”

“Kakei san?!”

Fujikura san and the others were in a stir at the exquisite intrusion of the koala woman.

Kurokawa san was also startled, but she looked somewhat relieved.


The way she appeared was a bit like that of a hero.

But after this–

It didn’t end so peaceful—

“I heard you guys were talking about Rena love affairs?”

The koala woman starts talking in a novel way.


Fujikura san and the others, caught off guard, looked blank.

“It’s okay. You’re in your puberty. I understand that you are interested in such things because you are a living creature.”



“That’s why you were asking Rena about her reproductive activity records with her new boyfriend, right?”


“Yeah, reproductive activity. I think it was your previous boyfriend, Tendo kun, wasn’t it? He didn’t even hold her hand. However, didn’t Kashiwada kun suddenly started beep beep Rena, and Rena was beep beep beep even though it was her first time, she beep beep beep isn’t that too dangerous?”






Too much oil on fire.

Kurokawa san’s mouth was twitching.

However, the effect was extraordinary, and Fujikura san and the others ran away as if defeated.

Ah, all three of them choked.

A-are they all right?

As I was thinking that, the koala woman lightly made a peace sign.

It’s the first time I’ve seen such an unmotivated piece sign.

Even though I thought so—I couldn’t help but smile.

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7 months ago

Being absolutely shameless to solve the situation, lmao

1 month ago

The power of *beep*