There is a school store on the way to the club building, so I buy mineral water and lemon tea along with two croquette buns.

Koala woman don’t have much concept of food……

I sometimes wonder if she will starve to death if left alone.

The manager always said, [She can’t eat catering] or Uchida san, the part-timer, would sometimes give her onigiri.

While making a complicated face, she properly thanked me and ate without leaving any leftovers.

I would laugh, remembering the look on the koala woman’s face.

And that’s how I ended up buying something for her, too.

I guessed that the koala woman had left the classroom by the time I did, so if I walked slowly, I should be able to catch up with her by now.

At any rate, I walked leisurely into the East Building, where the clubroom is located, and right after going up to the third floor, there was some kind of dispute between the girls in front of the women’s restroom.

Is it called summoning?

What a surprise.

I tried to stay away from them, but–


Could it be Kurokawa san?

I stopped when I saw a familiar face.

But she doesn’t seem to notice me.

“I think it’s not right for a human being to cheat.”

The next moment–.

I hear an argument about being a human being, so I retreat.

What is this?

Kurokawa san, is she being pressured by these guys?

“I really feel sorry for Tendo kun.”

No, no, no, no.

When I hear how they got together, I think it’s Kurokawa san who you should feel sorry for.

“Don’t get carried away just because you’re  a little cute.”

Hey, hey.

Look into her eyes.

It’s not just a little bit cute.

I’ve never seen her get carried away with it.

But when I, the opposite sex, say these things, girls will say, [Boys don’t know what they’re talking about !] And then they get all angry…..

“I mean, Rena, you easily switch to that dull guy.”

“What a bitch.”

“Maybe you are really just bored with Tendo kun?”

“Perhaps. What if she just smash and dash? Ahahaha.”


I can’t believe they’re saying this just because the rank of the guy she dates is at the top……

Popular girls, scary !

And the swearing, too, awful !

Also, this is my fault, right?


I don’t have a choice but to leave?

I understand that I’m adding fuel to the fire, but the fact is–there is no solution to this kind of thing.

I know because I went through it in middle school.

You can talk back, you can be silent.

–The result is the same.

You will be torn to pieces depending on the mood of the other person.

Mind or body.

Or both.

I wonder what the reasoning is.

Some people like to see others suffer.

That’s all.

The rest of us are outnumbered.

That’s why I stop them before they escalate.

Besides, I should at least be on their side.

Good grief.

Before that, I sent a message to the koala woman, saying, [I can’t go because of minor business.]


I wonder if I can eat two croquette buns…….

It’s a big portion.

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