[Kurokawa Rena’s point of view]

I couldn’t breathe, remembering my middle school days.

But when she said [I mean, Rena, you can easily shake that mob.] and said bad things about Kashiwada kun–

–To be honest, I was mad.

Just as I was about to reply with considerable force, Umi appeared and our eyes met.

After that, she looked at me, and I was perplexed to see Kashiwada kun. 

To be seen in such a terrible scene,


Did you come to the club building together?

That question is more important.



I like Kashiwada kun too much.

And Umi…….

I’m glad you’re protecting me and helping me, but don’t make that face, okay?


Are you going to give me Kashiwada kun?

If you don’t want to give it to me, don’t let me get involved with Kashiwada kun, okay?

[Right, reproductive activity. As I recall, her ex-boyfriend—]


Oh, no.

Do you understand?

Umi gave me a chance, you know?

Starting tomorrow—is it okay if I keep Kashiwada-kun all to myself?

Umi gives Kashiwada kun an unwilling piece sign in front of my eyes.

Kashiwada kun laughs at that.


You can laugh like that too…….

The moment I thought that–my heart ached.

It’s funny, it hurts so much.

In here, no–I grabbed the sleeve of Kashiwada kun’s uniform as he approached Umi.

Worrying about me, Umi said to Kashiwada kun [Please stay with Rena for now.]

Are you sure?

I’m really gonna take him, you know?

A voice that doesn’t make a sound, I’m the worst.

Umi waved a little at me and was about to go back to the classroom.

At that moment, Kashiwade kun handed her a croquette bun and lemon tea.

“Take this…….well. It’s lunch.”

Umi was stunned, but held the croquette bun and lemon tea as if they were her treasures.

She smiled happily.

I’ve been thinking about those days a lot lately.

The day when my beloved woke up for the first time in a long time.

He whispered while holding the hands of the two children who had grown up considerably.

It’s been half a year since the doctor in charge told me that he doesn’t have much time left.

This person did his best.




“My life–I was happy with you and the kids.”

“We were happy too…….”

Before the tears could well up in my eyes, my loved ones would close his eyes as if he were asleep.

It was the second time in my life that I had experienced this.



If there is a God–

I hope that the two people who are important to me will meet in a world without me as a hindrance.




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7 months ago

I’ll be honest, I don’t understand what is happening. I’ll probably wait until it is over and then read it from the beginning…

7 months ago

Uh… Huh?? What the heck just happened!???

1 month ago

Sudden time skip?!