I suppose it’s not a good idea to peek into the confession scene like an onlooker, but both Asahina-san and I have put a lot of effort into this love story, so it’s acceptable to do so.

I’m curious to see what kind of confession Reo will make, and I wonder about Asahina-san.

I wonder if Otsuki-san would be interested in how she feels about receiving a confession.

There was a convenient bush near the two of them, so I decided to quietly approach.

Here, I could hear their voices and could take a good look at them. But there was one problem.

“ Asahina-san, you’re very close to me.”

“It can’t be helped. It’s too small.”

“I just did some exercise, so I smell sweaty.”

“Not really. I don’t mind sweaty boys.”

Asahina san is coming closer and closer to me.
Is it on purpose, I feel something very soft against my back.

Asahina san’s breath can also be heard. If I look back, her face will be very close to mine. I can never look back.

“I wonder why Hirasawa-kun is sitting there. Maybe he’s already been rejected?”

“Please don’t say something bad luck. He probably ran out of energy.”

“Oh, he’s sweating like a waterfall, isn’t he?”

A basketball game lasts ten minutes per quarter for a total of forty minutes.

The team with a few members who are regular starters like Reo often go out and play for forty minutes.

As the ace of the team, Reo is constantly on the move, which wears him out more than he would have liked. After 40 minutes of full strength, he must be at his physical limit if he had run this far with Otsuki sna in tow. Otsuki san took a large towel from her bag and wiped his body, which was covered in sweat.

“Do you long to have a girl wipe your sweat off?”

“Of course it is. Even Reo is very happy to accept it.”

Otsuki san was right to bring a bath towel in anticipation of this. I’m sure there are sports drinks and refrigerants in that bag.

As I stare at them, the sweat on my forehead is suddenly wiped away.

“Wait, what are you doing?”

“Kogure-kun, you’re sweating too, so I’ll wipe it off. I don’t have a towel, but I do have a handkerchief.”

“No, no, no.”

I was sweating a little bit at the end of the day. I felt bad about asking her to wipe my face with it.

“Your handkerchief will get dirty and you won’t be able to use it again.”

“There are plenty of handkerchiefs. It’s more of a problem if you leave sweat.”

“That’s ……. Could you at least let me wipe it myself?”


Asahina san happily wipes the sweat from my face and body. I’m naked under the uniform, so I’m sure a lot of people are looking at me from above.

It’s okay beacuse I’m a guy, but if it was the other way around, I’d feel pretty bad.

The way she touches my collarbone is a little bit sexy.

Reo, on the other hand, was wearing the plain school uniform.

He was wearing a plain school uniform, which he basically wore outside of games because it was too cold for him.

Why am I not wearing that? I’m lending it to him because he forgot to bring it with him.

Reo sipped from a plastic bottle containing a drink given to him by Otsuki-san. I guess he hasn’t fully recovered his strength yet.

“Isn’t it reckless to confess after the match?”

“Men like to put up. Today Reo has played two full games.”

“……The final match, especially the last minute, was amazing. I was moved when I saw it.”

Asahina san must have been watching properly too. I thought she was probably asleep because she came with Otsuki-san, but… was it my misunderstanding?

“Yeah, Reo’s three-pointer and dunk shot. It’s really amazing, isn’t it? Everyone was so impressed with his play.”

“Well. As expected, Hirasawa kun’s play was amazing.”

I’m kind of happy that Asahina-san could see how great Reo was too. I need to spread the word more about Reo…..

“But I was impressed by Kogure-kun’s play, who assisted Hirasawa-kun on both of his plays.”


“Trusting Hirasawa-kun’s movement, he moves with determination and …… takes the ball and makes the assists. Why doesn’t everyone praise Kogure kun’s play?”


The unexpected words confuse me. I didn’t expect to be praised for my play, which was only for a few minutes, instead of Reo, who made a big play in that situation.

“basketball is all about assists right. I’ve seen videos of artistic passing.”

“I’m sure this team is mesmerized by the flashy play of Reo. It can’t be helped.”

“Why not? Kogure kun’s play was better looking.”

It was the first time. This is the first time that I’ve ever been complimented on my own play.

As for basketball, I started playing because Reo had started playing and I had no talent at all.

I couldn’t shoot, and I was terrible at dribbling.

The only thing I could do was pass the ball as well as anyone else, and I was able to get into the game at all times because I was recognized as the best at working with Reo, the ace of the team.

My role was really only to make Reo shine.

When we worked well together, it was because Reo’s points came from my play, not because I played well. It was because Reo was always in the right place.

No one was supposed to be watching my play.

“I may not stand out, but Kogure-kun, working for everyone, was the coolest guy in the world.”

“T-thank you …… makes me very happy.”

The gentle voice of Asahina-san almost made my eyes loosen up a little.

When Reo shine, I was proud that I was able to do my job, but this time I felt even more happy.

“I wonder if the reason I’m so happy is because I wanted to be praised.”

“If so, I will praise you a lot from now on. Kogure-kun is amazing.”

I was so happy this time that I wanted to be praised so much. In the midst of the cheerful feelings,

Finally, Reo stands up.

He returns the towel and sports drink to Otsuki-san. Reo stands up and faces Otsuki san.

“It’s starting, isn’t it?”


I and Asahina-san both stand still and watch the two of them from behind a bush.

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