“Aikawa, haven’t you been fishing lately?”

A few weeks had passed since the summer vacation ended, and Aizawa started to say something like that.

“Ah, well, I haven’t been fishing much…….”

Actually, it’s not that I haven’t been fishing, but unlike in the past, I’ve been able to go fishing with Watanabe san and then study, so I’m not spending enough time.

She has a curfew, so when it is just the two of us, we don’t stay up late to fish, which is another factor.

As a result, I haven’t been able to fish with Aizawa the past few weeks.

“What the hell, I’m really looking forward to it ! Without your cooking, I won’t have the stamina to make it to club activities.”

Aizawa complained about the intense practice of club activities recently.

“Well, anyway, it’s almost time to catch fish, and I think I can bring in some horse mackerels.”

I said and soothed Aizawa.

It was lunchtime, and Aizawa ate lunch alone, probably because he had a club meeting today.

When I was about to go back after buying a drink from the vending machine…

“Ah, Aikawa kun. Are you eating lunch alone?”


It was the first time the president spoke to me since the new semester started.

“Yeah, Aizawa has a club activity.”

“H-hmm. I see…..”

The president fidgeted and glanced at me.

“Come to think of it, you changed your hairstyle recently.”

At first, I was forced to wear it for fashionable reasons, but now I actively keep my hair in shape because it is both fashionable and convenient.

I ran out of my old wax, so now I’m buying a new one.

“I think the old Aikawa kun is fine too…….”

“Do you think so too, Prez?”

“Hmm, me too?”

The president has the same expression as Watanabe san, so perhaps there is a flaw I’m not aware of.

It seems to me that it was a slip of the tongue. She stares at me and gives me a probing look.

At this rate, I was afraid I would be asked, [Who else said that?] I decided to cut the conversation short.

“Anyway, I’m going back because my lunch break is running out.”

So far, we haven’t talked about anything significant, but I emphasized that lunch break is finite.

I’m sure that the president must have plans to have lunch with someone.

“Oh……yeah. Okay then.”

As expected, she backed down.

I saw her leave with her shoulders slumped, and I wondered if she had something else in mind. I tilted my head.

“On the Tuesday after next week, first-year students will spend half a day taking a special class.”

During homeroom, the homeroom teacher explained about the school’s events.

In my hand, I had a piece of paper handed out by the teacher explaining the event.

There would be no other classes for the day, and that the students would choose from a selection of elective subjects to take classes in……

Each subject is taught by a specialized instructor, and the purpose of the event is to help students find the job they want to pursue in the future by choosing the subjects they are interested in…….

“Please write down your first to third choices and submit them by the end of this week. If there are too many applicants, we will draw lots and make an announcement next Wednesday.”

“Aikawa, which class are you going to take?”

“Hmmm, let’s see…….”

Aizawa talked to me and I checked the classes I could choose again.

“Art”, “Home Economics”, “Music”, “Agriculture”, “Industry”, “Fisheries”, “Information Processing”, “Welfare”, etc…

As one would expect from a school with so many students, there are a lot of subjects to choose from.

No matter which class you choose, it seems that you will never be bored during the one-day experience.

For a moment, I was almost attracted to “Fisheries,” but I think fishing is just a hobby.

As for other options, “Information Processing” with a view to IT companies, or “Welfare” with a view to the future, might be a good choice.

In any case….

“What do you think those guys would choose?”

Just as I was thinking of Watanabe san, I was surprised to hear Aizawa ask me the question.

He lowers his voice and proceeds to talk so that only I can hear him, because it’s something he doesn’t want anyone else to hear.

The fact that Aizawa has a liking for someone in that group is a fact that he has stated. I don’t know if he intends to use this kind of event as an excuse to close the distance between them.

“I think Ishikawa san is an “art” person. There are a lot of things she is interested in when we talk, and she seems to be suited for it.”

“Well, Riho is stubborn because of that. It certainly seems so.”

Aizawa easily affirmed my opinion.

“Sawaguchi san is…..probably music?”

“Well, she’s a lively person.”

I don’t deny it, simply because she seems to like karaoke and such, but it’s not far off the mark.

I search for Aizawa’s presence for a moment, but there is no change.

“I think Watanabe san is [welfare.]”

“After all, she’s the school’s Madonna, and when you think about it, ‘welfare’ is going to be crowded……”

Aizawa put his hand to his chin and pretended to be troubled.

Perhaps Aizawa’s choice will reveal who he likes?

“So where does Aizawa intend to go with this?”

I asked for Aizawa’s choice, careful not to show it on my face.

“I’m going to go with…..[Fisheries.]”

“Eh? Why?”

“I’ve become a little more interested in marine life since then.”

“But if you’re thinking about the future, why not [Information Processing] or [Industry]?”

It is hard to imagine Aizawa wearing a white coat and observing the ecology of marine life at a laboratory by the sea.

“I don’t think this choice will determine my future, and on the contrary, it would be more interesting to choose a class that you wouldn’t normally choose, wouldn’t it?”

As a result of my probing, rather than finding out Aizawa’s true intentions, he gave me a rather serious answer, and I was left wondering about my choice.

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