Episode 15 – Win or Lose



“Thank you for the food.”

Yua finished eating her lunch and clasped her hands together.

As usual, the stairs at the back of the gym were deserted. This has become our regular spot.

And after lunch, there’s the standard exchange. I turned my body toward Yua just a little bit and braced myself.

It’s a hug. There was a time when she hugged me, saying “Let’s eat” right after “Thank you for the food” like a dirty old man’s crude joke.

But then…

“Shall we head back?”

Yua put her lunch box in her bag and stood up.


She doesn’t want to? I’m so embarrassed that I assumed she was going to hug me.

“Y-you know….”


“Today,  um…. About charging.”

“Charging? –Oh.”

Yua averted her eyes, looking embarrassed.

“Umm……, the weather is nice today, so I’m going to use solar power.”

“So you could substitute renewable energy…..”

“It’s eco-friendly.”

I didn’t get the joke.

There’s still something wrong with it. Her changes seem to have started the day we went to see the movie, around the time she received a message on her phone.

I wonder what kind of message would make her change her mood and make her stop hugging me after lunch, which was her daily routine.

Was there some good news? But I don’t understand why she would stop hugging me even though her mood has improved.

It seems to me that “getting in a better mood” and “stopping hugging” are two contradictory things. It may be difficult to satisfy both conditions at once. So, there must be some other cause.

I was still thinking about this in agony after returning to the classroom.

Then I heard a female classmate talking.

“Did your ex-boyfriend call you? Seriously? Even though he was two-timing you.”

“He broke up with the other one, so he wants to get back together.”



“Wait a minute, you don’t mean.”

“Umm….. He seems to be reflecting on it.”

“No, no. He just wants to get laid anyway.”

This is the kind of conversation I often hear from the free spirited cheerful people. It’s not worth listening to.

Normally, I would brush it off. But right now, I was extremely upset by what they were saying.

A call from her ex-boyfriend. If that was the message Yua received that day, it made sense.

Maybe he asked to get back with her, and Yua, who was still unfulfilled, was happy and in a good mood. Then she couldn’t hug me anymore because she and her ex-boyfriend were talking about getting back together.

I almost let out a groan and held my mouth with my hand.

No, wait, calm down. Why am I shocked? I’m not Yua’s boyfriend to begin with. I’m just a small-minded bug who takes advantage of her broken heart and enjoys only the best parts of being lovers. I have no right to say anything about her getting back with her ex.

I know that in my head. But for some reason, the uneasy feeling in my chest kept rising.

During recess after the fifth period, Makabe spoke to me.

‘What are you doing, staring out the window? Moment of youth?”

 “You know. Hypothetically speaking…., that you and I had ex-girlfriends.

“It’s too impossible that it’s not even a hypothetical.”

“Don’t say such sad things, you don’t know yet. –So, why would I contact my ex-girlfriend?”

“Well, I guess you’re trying to get back together with her.”

“I know right……”

“Or maybe you just want to get laid.”

“I know right…..!”

I covered my face with my hands.

“Speaking of which, I wonder if that kind of contact would make your ex-girlfriend happy.”

“I don’t know the secrets of a woman’s heart. Are you trying to pick a fight with me?”

“Because you’re a well-informed man, aren’t you?”

“How can you become a technician if you only watch porn?”

“Don’t say sad things, you’ll make me cry too.”

Makabe raised one eyebrow.

“Why are you asking such a thing?  I don’t think you’re talking about that beautiful girl from before …….”

“No, no, no ! I’m just speaking in general.”

“The setting is too detailed for a general topic.”

While placing his hand on his chin, Makabe thinks.

“In any case, there are some plots that the only person who could’ve known is themselves. . Circumstances are bound to change, and the only other option is to ask them directly.”

-If I could do that, I wouldn’t be in such trouble……!

Then something flashed through my mind.

–Wait a minute,……. I see, directly…….

“What’s with the sudden smirk? You’re being creepy.”

“Don’t mind it.”

“It’s really creepy.”

“I know.”

“You know, you’re expression a lot more–“

“Shut up ! I’m really going to cry !”

The bell rang and Makabe went back to his seat.

Worrying about it doesn’t improve anything. I decided to Ask Yuai directly. I made up my mind.


Lunch break, the next day. Today, Yua and I were eating lunch in front of the delivery entrance at the back of the gymnasium. I was worried that even this lunch might be canceled, so I was relieved for now.

After finishing lunch, Yua put away her lunch box and stood up without hugging me as she did yesterday.

Long-awaited, I called out to her.

“You know !”

Yua rolled her eyes and turned around.


My heart jumped and I started to sweat.

“Ah, tomorrow is a day off, right?”

Then Yua looked at the sky.

“The world is a place where people work even on holidays, and that’s why society keeps going……. I forgot about that kind of thing……”

“What’s up with you all of a sudden?”

Did you follow the poetry SNS account?

“I’m sorry. So, what was it?”

“Oh, yeah. I don’t have anything to do, I’m bored. So, I was wondering if you’d like to–“

I clenched my throat.

 “W-why don’t we go somewhere and have some fun? Together.”

I said. I said it. Good job. Good job, me.

Yesterday, I came up with an idea. It was to ask her out on a date.

To be precise, all I need is for Yua to think that I asked her out on a date. If she stopped hugging me out of her ex-boyfriend obligation, then of course she would be reluctant to go on a date with me. This way, I can guess how Yua feels without having to ask her directly.

“W-well, so?.”


Yua’s eyes shook.


I was hoping that she might be as happy as when I held her hand. But in fact, what appeared on Yua’s face was a bewildered expression.

–I knew it….

My prediction came true. Everything in my head and my field of vision went blank.

“Sorry, for suddenly–“

“I’ll definitely come.”


I lifted my face.

“I’m going. To play. With Seita kun. Absolutely.”

Yua told me clearly once again while making an inversion of the word order in a sentence.

“B-but, are you fine with it?”

For a moment, she looked troubled.

“I’m fine ! ……I’m fine !”

“Why twice?”

“I have no reason to refuse !”

She’s clenching her fists tightly and her cheeks are puffed up. She looks really enthusiastic. It doesn’t look like she’s lying.

So what was it that made her look lost for a moment?

“Where are we going, by the way?”

“Eh? Oh……. W-where would you like to go?”

“Did you invite me without thinking about it?”

While saying that, she was smiling.

–Well, whatever.

Anyway, she’s going on a date with me. Let’s worry about the date plan for now.

“Well….. we went to the movies before, so let’s go grab a bite to eat.”

“I’d like that. What else?”

“Eh, w-what else? Meal and…. That’s right, maybe watching an action movie.”

“Not too many options, huh?”

Yua pouted.

“But it’s just like you, Seita kun, so cute.”

My cheeks heats up. I never thought I’d have a date with a girl.

Until the bell rings, no matter what, we make plans for the date.

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