Chapter 2 Episode 5 – Fate


“No way,…… me and Kouki kun’s 10 years of love are supposed to not exist……!”

After Shinobu san heard the whole story and quickly understood the situation as to whether her job was involved, she collapsed into the bathtub. I sympathize. It would be insane to think that I would be in the same position. But the fact is that I have no memory.

“So you’re saying that me and Kouki kun can’t get married……!?”

“No. If Shinobu sama returns to the future, there will be Kouki sama there with memories of Shinobu sama. in other words, Kouki sama who is here now is the only singularity. There is no problem with that.”

I don’t know the detailed logic, but perhaps the agent is using its AI to make corrections. Hearing this, Shinobu san somehow regained her energy and stood up, wrapping a towel around herself.

“So this Kouki kun doesn’t know anything about me…….”

“No, we’ve been friends for a long time. I just don’t remember going out with you……

“Then I guess that means I can enjoy the innocent Kouki kun….”

“Didn’t you just say something scary?”

Whatever it was, I was happy if Shinobu san’s happiness could be maintained. The rest is my problem.

“I’m sorry, but can you tell me how me and Shinobu san got together? I just can’t imagine……”

“I was being attacked by a murderer, but Kouki saved me.”

“Am I doing something cool !?”

Murderer !? Saved her !? As far as I know, such an extraordinary event has never existed in the past. Did that happen just because I broke up with Saki……?

“The reason we started going out was because of the sports festival in July this year. A murderer showed up there and Kouki kun protected me.”

“So you’re saying that I was cool enough to subdue the murderer and that’s why you fell in love with me? I don’t think I can do such a great thing……”

“That’s not it. Kouki kun, you were stabbed with a kitchen knife when you tried to stop the murderer who was trying to attack me.”

“Isn’t that lame !?”

“It was actually Daiki kun who pinned him down. When Kouki kun was stabbed and there’s an opening.”

“Isn’t he too much of a jerk?”

“He didn’t kill anyone, so he’s not exactly a murderer, but Daiki kun, who apprehended the criminal, was honored as a good high school student who subdued a murderer. Daiki kun, who made a name for himself as a handsome high school student who never hurt the murderer despite his anger over his brother’s injury, and he went straight into show business.”


“But for me, Kouki kun is the number one hero ! The only one I love is Kouki kun.”


The almost naked Shinobu san is hugging me but my consciousness is not there. What is this helpless feeling of mine…..I’m that lame……. It sounded like me….. And that’s it?

“I’m going to get stabbed, aren’t I…..?”

“Yeah. It was quite a serious injury. It was really dangerous.”

“Then I want to change that future……”

“No, you can’t ! Without that, Kouki kun and I might not be able to get closer ! But Kouki kun will get stabbed….that’s a big no. But not being able to go out with him is a…… ugh, what a great dilemma~~~!”

Shinobu san seems to be having a hard time…..what should I do? I don’t want to get stabbed, but if I don’t, I don’t want to erase Shinobu san, who loves me so much and is obviously happier than when she didn’t have a boyfriend. But hey, I don’t want to……be in pain…….

“Agent, can’t you do something about it?’

“I can do something about it. It is a piece of cake to mess with people’s memories. I just have to alter their memories so that they will go out with each other even if they don’t have any relation. I don’t eat breakfast, though.”

“I don’t like that either ! That doesn’t sound like true love !”

“Then I’ll heal your wounds right after you are stabbed. Even if you are dead, I can restore you to your original state.”

Hmm…….sounds like a solution, but it’s kind of cheating. Before that.

“That murderer never existed in my history. What could have caused such a case?”

“I don’t know. I can do anything, but that’s because I’m set up to be able to. I mean, I can’t get information that isn’t given to me.”

“I know to some extent. I don’t remember the motive, but the murderer was my classmate Wakabayashi Yu. She was a quiet girl.”

Wakabayashi Yu….. seems like I’ve heard of her somewhere……. But I’m not involved with the fact that he’s one year older than me…….hm……?

“She was at the party……!”

I remembered…..out of the 5 girl who were there, who were neither Shinobu san Midori nor next to Daiki. I don’t remember much because it wasn’t that important, but that’s why I think she was a bit of a plain, quiet girl.

“Then it’s my fault……!”

I don’t know the reason, but a killer was born because of the occurrence of a blind date that was not in the original timeline. In other words, Wakabayashi san became a criminal because I did something extra. That’s……that’s……!

“If I don’t stop it ……!”

What I have done must be settled by myself. This is a natural thing for a human being.

“But that’s not Kouki kun’s fault, it’s just a slight shift in fate that made it happen, right? It’s like an accident, isn’t it?”

“But…..that doesn’t change the fact that it was caused by me……!”

“But without that incident, you might not have a future with me !”

‘Don’t worry about that. That may be true from Kouki sama’s point of view, but the actual modification I am making is similar to moving Kouki sama to another parallel world. In other words, there is no risk arising to you now.”

That’s settled. I’ll eliminate the injuries that take place in July. That should eliminate Daiki’s extraordinary success. If such a shelf act puts me in an unreachable position, I will really lose my chance to win. If I don’t crush that guy head-on, fair and square, there will be no point. There is no point in practicing guitar. There is no point in just getting stabbed and being happy. With proper effort, I will beat Daiki. If I can grow, I will be able to reward Shinobu san, who’s crazy in love with me.

“I will change my fate.”

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  1. Is he haywire in his head….why is he so obsessed with beating his brother…. that’s why he can’t win …no matter what he do….. Just stop competing and you’ll win……voila…. that’s all

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