Without waiting for our response, Shinozuka san forcibly twisted us into a seat together.

Wondering what on earth was the purpose of her approach to us, Shinozuka san quickly took her seat in the ladies’ room.

“I was surprised to see you when I came by. If all I had to do was to come here, I would have come with you.”
“Ah, Yeah, that’s right!”

Jinguji kun was smiling, while Nagano kun reacted as if it was a coincidence that they really met.

“……Hmm? What’s wrong Aoi?”

When I looked at him doubtfully, he laughed softly and tilted her head.

“It’s nothing”

I laugh and fool myself too.

It smells fishy.
I have come to feel that way about him, especially these days.
I had never been particularly concerned about it before, but I felt it became more pronounced after I started keeping my relationship with Komiya kun a secret.

He is very popular in class and many people try to get him and me together, but I really wish they would stop.

Just a short time ago I didn’t care about him, but now he’s like …….
Let’s talk about the right things and then, when the time is right, we’ll leave.

“But there are so many people. I’m sick of it. I’ve never been in a place like this before.”

As if to interrupt my thoughts, Shinozuka san returned from the restroom. She sat down on the sofa, looking around curiously.

“Hmmm~, I know right!”

Then she picks a potato and takes a bite and throws them in one after another.

“Shinozuka san, do you need anything? If you want something extra, I’ll get it.”
“No need”

Seeing Shinozuka san like this, Nagano kun is concerned about her.
Shinozuka san shook her head and lightly scoffed, and Nagano kun nodded.

…… That’s pretty straightforward.

“So what were Shizuka and the others talking about?”

Leaving his friend drooping beside him, Jinguji kun asks a question to Shizuka.

“Eh? Aaah…..things !”
“Oooh, secret right?”

Shizuka was momentarily at a loss for words at this, but brushed off the content.
Was it simply out of concern for my friendship with them, or did she not want him to know about her birthday gift to Komiya kun?

…… probably both of them.

But still, it’s weird that you’re asking Shizuka, and not me.

“I wonder why Shinozuka-san is with Jinguji kun and the others.”
“I actually invited her after Aoi and Shizuka turned us down. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to go to a school that has a different type of schooling, but I’m sure it’s a good idea. Right, Kakeru?“
“Huh?Oh, oh, yes! I want to get along with Shinozuka san!”

Apparently, this is true.
Nagano kun seems to have a crush on Shinozuka san.
Shinozuka san is frowning when her words are interrupted, though.

“It’s just fine. Because lately, Aoi has been avoiding us.”
“…… it’s not like that.”
“I think it happens. I think there were some misunderstandings like the last time because I didn’t talk with Aoi much.”

…You’re mistaken.
I wonder if it is only in his mind.

“So Kakeru also has something he wants to say to Aoi.”
“Oh, oh! Yes, that’s right. Aoi! I’m really sorry about the other day!”

Saying this, Nagano kun bowed his head, paying no attention to his surroundings even though he was inside the restaurant.

“Hey, Aoi. Kakeru is apologizing too, so don’t be bent out of shape forever. You should forgive him. Then we can all make up and have a welcome party for Shinozuka san”

There is nothing to forgive.
It shouldn’t be me they should be apologizing to.
And I’m not sure you really feel sorry for him.

A welcome party? What are you talking about?
…… I don’t feel good.

“Hmm, so that’s what you’re thinking”

As I was wondering how to respond, Shinozuka san interrupted me from the side.
When I looked at her face, she looked sincerely uncomfortable.
Nagano kun raises his lowered head and is puzzled by her appearance.

“So you invited me here just to talk to Ichikawa.”
“Ah, no, that’s not rig—”
“Huh..I’m sorry but I’m leaving”

Shinozuka san, perhaps offended, gets up from her seat.
Nagano kun called her back, but she left the restaurant in vain.
This led us to disband as well.

To be honest, I didn’t have a very good impression of her, but kudos to her for this.

After we disbanded, I hurried home.

“It’s boring.”

I, Shinozuka Suzu, was still hanging out alone at random after the disband.
I could have called for a pickup, but I was kind of in the mood to walk around town.

I got angry and left the store, and that fancy-headed boy named Nagano or something chased after me and apologized.
He said it was a misunderstanding or something, but I don’t really care about that.

The persistent bowing was getting depressing enough, so I ignored it and left the place.

The reason I was invited by that Jinguji and decided to follow him this time was simply because I wanted to know more about Ichikawa Aoi.

There was also the fact that I lost in a PE case, but then about what happened in the infirmary.
In hindsight, I felt there was something between her and Youta.
I suspected that she might be Youta’s girlfriend, but I have not been able to obtain any proof.

[[Let me tell you something about Aoi.]]

I’m so angry at myself for being fooled and taken for a lark by such sweet talk.
I thought that once I found out about Ichikawa, my relationship with Youta would become clearer, but I was wrong.

And he also knew where Ichikawa was.

It was also that man who designated that place.
I met him by chance, so I thought I’d shake him directly in front of his friends, but that was his palm, too, I guess.

So that last thing. I’m sure that guy knew earlier that I had a delicate relationship with Ichikawa and thought he would take my side.

It was stupid of me to believe his words so easily.
when I ask Hitomi, he seems to be a very classy and trustworthy guy ……

“Well, it looks like he screwed up, and that’s a good sign.”

In the end, I got no information. I have no intention of hanging out with those guys after this.

“Maybe I’ll put it on later.”

I told Youta that I would not tell her girlfriend, but not if it was Ichikawa.
My pride would not allow me to remain defeated. Especially if it was Youta’s girlfriend.

“…..Is that, Ichikawa?”

As I was thinking about this, I happened to see Ichikawa after the disband.

Before I know it, she had changed from your uniform to casual attire.
It has been an hour since then, so that is not so strange.
She had come out of the supermarket and was apparently shopping for food with a large package.

“What is it? I’m curious.”

She didn’t have that baggage earlier.
This means that once she got home, she brought it with her.


I decided to keep her figure in view and follow her trail.

After following her for a while, she enters the apartment.
A slightly older, ordinary apartment that doesn’t even have an auto-lock.

“You don’t live here, do you?”

I don’t think I would live here, it is a shabby place.
I watch her go up the stairs from outside and stand in front of one of the rooms.
She rang the intercom and out the door came.

“Tss, I see”

It was Youta, my own (planned) fiancée.

“I knew it….”

I gave a small laugh and then watched them disappear into the room.

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