I, Komiya Youta, have a girlfriend.

Let me say it again. I have a girlfriend.

How wonderful that sounds.

This alone will make mornings more energetic and give a boost to my school life.

But remember, I haven’t exactly fallen in love with her yet.

I had someone I liked. I haven’t sorted out those feelings yet either.

Even though there was someone I liked, I gave up on that love for one reason or another and I am now dating my current girlfriend.

Aside from the fact that this is unethical, my girlfriend, Ichikawa  Aoi, is incredibly beautiful.

It is as if that smile alone could purify the human race.

“Oh, you’re so quiet.”

“Hahaha–, Because that’s what they usually do, right?”

It is After school the day after I started dating Ichikawa san.

All the boys were blown away from the fatigue of the day when they saw her smiling politely in a casual conversation with his friends. 

“Today, the goddess is really bad~” ( TL/N : bad from the word “Yabai”, nowadays the Japanese people sometimes use that word as slang for expressing something cool, or crazy.)

“Thanks to that person, I feel like I’ve survived the day.” 

“I know right? Now I can get more motivated tomorrow !”

In this way, she has a tremendous influence on the people around her. Mainly boys.

“Oh, what are you talking about?”

“Let me hear it for myself~!”

“Me too–!!”

She has a wide circle of friends.

The boys and girls, the so-called “cheerful” ones, all gather around her.

“Yes. Shizuka is—-”

She repeated the same topic and laughed happily.

“Damn you, Jinguji and the others!”

“Die you, handsome man !!!!”

“Screw you!!!!”

And among her friends who often hang out with her, a boy called Jinguji is particularly resented by other shady boys in this way.

It’s mainly envy and jealousy.

Jinguji Ren is handsome and athletic, and his popularity with the girls, adds to this even more.

“Ahaha, That is strange Aoi!”

“I know right? That’s what makes Aoi so interesting.”

“Is that right? I’m just doing what I do.”

A handsome man and a beautiful woman. The picture of them laughing together is a very well-matched couple.

The other girls also made statements to the effect that they approve of their relationship, saying, [If it’s Ichikawa san, she’s a good match for Jinguji kun, so it can’t be helped.]

The boys are also saying, [Jinguji is a good guy, so we can trust him.] and I don’t know from which perspective.

But I am the one who is actually dating her, not Jinguji.

Amazing. I don’t know why it’s me and not Jinguji.


Thus, I had mixed feelings when I saw them as if they were a couple laughing in front of each other.

Well? I don’t think it’s a good idea for a guy who hasn’t yet gotten over a previous love to suddenly act like he’s your boyfriend, right?

After all, it’s no fun to see her being told that she’s a good match for some hot guy besides her boyfriend, right?

What is it? What is this feeling that is rising in me?


I couldn’t help but smile wryly.

“What’s with that creepy smile on your face?”

“Shut up..”

I immediately responded to the sideways retortment.

The person who retorted, Fujimoto Ataru—–A.K.A Naka. He’s also my only best friend.

Unlike me, who has a faint presence and a mob, Naka is a fine, cheery person . He’s a guy who has a wide circle of friends, plus he’s a good-looking guy there, and I don’t know how he got on with me.

If anything, he is the one who should be with Jinguji and the others.

He is good friends with Jinguji and the others, but he basically hangs out with me most of the time. When I asked him why he was with me, he said, “Because it’s easy”. I don’t understand this guy.

“Today’s also, the goddess was in perfect form.”

Naka mutters, looking in the direction of the laughter.

“I know right.”

“What, are you jealous of those guys?”

“It’s not like that.”

“Have you exchanged a conversation yet?”

“Leave me alone.”

Naka knows that I liked Tohno san and often teases me about my inability to confess.

And he knows that I was in despair the other day when I heard that she likes someone else.

“Why didn’t you just confess anyway~?”

“How can you do that when you know you’re going to get dumped?”

“Still as cowardly as ever. If I were you, I’d confess.”

“You don’t know because you’ve never been dumped.”

“Well yeah.”

“It pisses me off when people say things like that with confidence. Even though You ended up being disillusioned later on.”

“Y-You bastard ! the thing that’s sensitive to me !” 

“We’re both in this together.”

Naka has a nice face, but he’s a disappointment on the inside. It can’t be helped.

And there’s no way I could confess to her now, either.

I already have a girlfriend. I know it’s not easy, but I have to say goodbye to this feeling now.

“I wonder if those two are dating.”

Naka’s gaze returns to Ichikawa san and Jinguji again.

“They’re not.”

I blurted out.

I had no intention of saying this to Naka. It was a reflection, so to speak. But Naka did not miss it.

“Hmm? How do you know that? Don’t tell me you really fell for Ichikawa san?”

“N-not that. I just happened to have a chance to talk to her the other day, and I just asked.”

“Hmmmmm~? Is that right??”

I’m glad this guy was simple. I convinced him somehow.

But am I really dating Ichikawa san?

It’s been a day, but it’s kind of hard to get a sense of what it’s like to be in school and not be involved in this way.

I wonder what will happen if word gets out that someone like me is dating her.

From what I’ve seen of the boys I’ve just met, It’s scary to think of what would happen if the other party was me, who’s an ordinary one.

Well, I don’t have to force myself to be with her at school.

She has hers. I have my community.

Surely my ordinary life would end if it became known that I was dating her.

If I get a chance to talk to her again, I will ask her to not get involved with me at school as much as possible.

I doubt this is really a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

“Well, let’s go home Aoi–”

“Yeah, Let’s go home.”

“Oh? Do you want to stop somewhere?”

“What about club activities, Ren kun?”

“Today’s a day off”

“Then let’s just drop in at a random cafe!”

With such conversation, Ichikawa san and the others got up from their seats.

I knew that conversation is very riajuu-like.

A cafe on the way home? I’ve never been there.

“Oh, it looks like they’re leaving. We’re going home, too.”

“Yeah, I think so.”

Naka and I got up from our seats and decided to leave, with Ichikawa san and the others behind us.

We have the same timing, but if possible, I hope we don’t have to go home together. It’s kind of awkward.


As I was thinking about this, my eyes met Ichikawa san’s in the group.

Then she smiles at me with a sly grin.

Then she winked lightly and then her mouth moved.


When she finished saying something, she returned to the group and left again.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“……No, nothing.”

“Is your face turned red?”

“Because you’re hot and bothering me.”

“Isn’t that rude!?”

After insulting Naka lightly, we headed home while talking nonsense.

If it wasn’t my imagination, She said [See you later].

A message directed only to me. Not bad.

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