Apparently, according to the story, for some reason Ichikawa san, Mitsushima san, and for some reason Suzu decided to compete in the 50-meter run.

Source : Sakino san.
It seems that Naka heard about this from Sakino san. She wanted to do something about it, but she could not act badly because of the other day.
Well, I understand the feeling.

Ichikawa san and her team lined up in the lane, bending and twisting to condition themselves.
For some reason, Tohno san was among them, and she was frightened by the atmosphere

It feels so out of place.
It’s like a puppy thrown into a cage with a bunch of ravenous beasts, and it makes me want to protect it.

It is just physical education, but they are as enthusiastic as if they were anchoring the class relay at a gymnastic festival.

“Who do you think will win?”
“I guess Mitsushima san.”
“No, Ichikawa-san was pretty quick on her feet, too, wasn’t she?”
“That girl who just transferred today, I saw her earlier, and she was fast!”
“I’m going for the big hole, Tohno san!”

The boys are getting excited about who will win on their own.
Normally, Mitsushima san, who is a track and field athlete, would win. Surprisingly, however, the votes were split.

“I knew it, those legs! I can’t get enough of that muscularity!”
“But if we’re talking about faces, she’s the goddess by far!”
“Idiot. Look at that flabby fruit! Think of the initial microtremor duration!” (Basically B00bs)
“Hmph, Are your eyes blind? Blonde hair and flats are the best, of course!”

It was more like a popularity contest than foot speed.
What’s with the level of enthusiasm?
Still, everyone should tone down their voices a bit more.
The girls’ stares are painful.

“Hey, Who are you betting on?”
“I wouldn’t bet on anyone.”

This is where I should support only her, Ichikawa san.
Normally, I’d have been concerned about the eyes around me, but with everyone’s attention on me, I’m sure that if I were the only one cheering, it wouldn’t be like before.

However, it just so happens that the other three people in the lanes for this race have more than a little to do with me.

Mitsushima san, for example, I said I would support her earlier, and Tohno san was the one I originally had a crush on. Suzu is also my former fiancée, though tentatively.

Who in the world could have predicted that these four would be competing against each other?
I am inclined to support everyone, but is that a good idea?

As I was thinking about this, Mitsushima san looked at me and waved her hand with a smile.


Was it egotism? It seemed like she was dumping on me, but there were other boys around.
Mitsushima san’s waving hand made the boys around her even more enthusiastic.

Now that there is so much noise around me, I feel like I can support them too.

“M-Mitsushima san ! Go for it !!!”

I raise my hands and cheer along with those around me.
I’m sure she didn’t hear a word I said, but just as I waved my hand, Mitsushima san nodded her head in satisfaction and looked straight ahead.

It must be a coincidence.

The next moment, Ichikawa san in the next lane tilted her head sharply toward me.
Then she smiles evilly.

I was horrified.
Huh? Don’t tell me Ichikawa san just asked me that?

Then I looked at her and she looked straight at me and her mouth started to move with a crack.


I had goosebumps. For some reason, I felt like she was telling me so.

I’m just looking at it from a distance, so maybe not, but is it my imagination that …… it seems to be that somehow?
If they were, that would be a message entirely directed at me.

“I-Ichikawa san ! Fight !!!”

I couldn’t resist cheering for Ichikawa san so I do the same.

When Ichikawa san heard this, she smiled and turned her head to the front with a satisfied look on her face.

…… I knew you heard that, didn’t I?
Ichikawa san may have hell ears.

I felt the voltage of the men who saw Ichikawa san’s smiling face reach its maximum.

The relief was short-lived.
Now Suzu is glaring at us.
I know this. She’s definitely staring at me.

[Support me too!!!!] This is what you must be thinking.

“G-Go for it……Shinozuka san!”

That was close. I almost called it off.
The volume is smaller than the other two, but that’s okay.
Something about the way Suzu is looking becomes good. So, can she hear me too?

And when it comes to this, I feel sorry for Tohno san if I don’t support her.
Maybe she didn’t need my support, but I couldn’t help but cheer her on as she shrank so much.

“Tohno san too…..Go for it”

I muttered in a small voice that no one could hear.

Finally, the four of them line up at the starting line with the teacher’s shout.

“On your mark, go.”

As soon as the teacher raised the flag vigorously, all the girls started running at once.

Before the start.
The boys who were doing the grip strength test had finished their measurements and were coming toward the field.

Lined up in the lane, Aoi and others had found Youta among them, buried among the boys around him.

[Ah, it’s Youta. You said earlier that you would cheer me on, but I think it would be a little difficult to do so with all this attention. I wonder if he would if I waved to him?]

[Fufu, If I can get Komiya kun to cheer me on, maybe I can win.]

[Watch me, Youta. Watch me defeat these girls.]

[Awawawa. What should I do ?!

[This is definitely a losing situation …… Komiya kun will see me embarrassing myself ……]

And even though no one mentions Youta, they all develop their own feelings for him.

It was Aki who made the first move in this context.
Although she was not particularly conscious of it, the innocent waving of her hand toward Youta further spurred the fighting spirit of the other three.

Youta, who could be seen in the distance, was looking shyly back at her as he waved his hand.

[Aha, he gave it back to me. It’s something to try, isn’t it? It’s kind of amazing what’s going on around here…….]

[……………… Looks like you need to be punished. Who the hell are you rooting for?]

Aoi saw this and said something to Youta with a mouthful.
Then immediately seemed he waved his hand back at Aoi as well.

[Fufu, that’s good. You support me first]

[Haa?! So you don’t support me!?]

This time, Suzu was inwardly angry, thinking that no support was being sent to her.
She still doesn’t know who Youta’s girlfriend is, but she didn’t like the fact that he was supporting two other people instead of herself, who was going to be his fiancée.
But that quickly changes to cheering for herself as soon as Suzu glares at him.

[Hmph, You should have done that from the beginning!]

[If this happens, let’s run hard! I’m sure Komiya-kun will praise me for doing so…….?]

Hitomi was earnest in her thoughts, not caring about anything else.

And so they are enthusiastic about the competition.

For the record, this is just a physical fitness test.

“On your mark, go.”

Then the serious competition began.

The first to make a successful start was, surprisingly, Suzu. Aoi was next.
Although Aki had originally wanted to make a crouching start, she opted for a normal standing start to maintain fairness here.
The unfamiliar starting method caused her to fall behind.

Hitomi, by far, was the slowest to start.

In the first few meters of the short 50-meter race, Suzu, Aoi, and Aki were in a three-way battle of strength.
However, the difference in power gradually began to emerge. Aoi, who has accelerated, is closing in on Suzu, who is running in front.
Moreover, from behind it, Aki is coming at a furious pace.

[she’s fast …… at this rate ──── …… oh]

“Wait !”

It was a moment when Suzu, who was in the lead, was distracted by two people on the side.
Voices are raised from the boys who were watching the four and the girls who were cheering them on.

“Haaaa Haaaa Haaaa………H-Huh…?”

There is a winner.
The first one is ────

“Am I the winner?”

It was Hitomi

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