After the book signing, I returned home and immediately dived into my bed.

While looking at the signed book given to me by Matsudaira sensei, I savored my happiness.

The first time I met him, the first time I talked to him, the first time we shook hands, yesterday I was at the peak of happiness.

But there was something that surprised me even more.

I learned that he might be my childhood friend, Matsudaira Riku kun.

I’m not entirely sure about that.

It might just be a pen name, or they could have the same name but different people.

However, I’ll never forget his reaction at the book signing when I mentioned my childhood friend’s nickname just before my turn was over.

He said [Hmm?] Then he looked up at me, and even after I left, he kept glancing at me (or so I thought), which made me curious.

….Maybe he really is my childhood friend ! ! if he really is.

I still don’t know the truth, but I feel like it might be fate while wriggling on the bed hugging my pillow.

Since I’ve longed for a destined love like the one in the novel, which sparked my imagination even more. In the end, the night passed without me reading his book.

However, I remembered that I had a part-time job coming up the next day, so I decided to take a bath and go to sleep early. I decided to work at a national chain coffee shop last week. I managed to get a paper-time job after persuading my parents because of the cute uniform.

From the next day, I went to work part-time four times a week.

At first, I made a lot of mistakes due to nervousness and anxiety, but thanks to the cute uniform, I didn’t back down.

One day, when I was working part-time, something unbelievable caught my eyes.

Believe it or not, Matsudaira sensei appeared at my part-time job ! ! 

That scene made me panic.

That’s no wonder. 

Even if Matsudaira sensei was my childhood friend in my fantasies after the book signing, I had no idea where he lived or what high school he attended.

It would’ve been quite normal for my brain to stop working when sensei’s visit, just as i realized that my unrequited destined love does not exist in reality.

Matsudaira sensei came to the store alone, but he said that his companion would be coming later.

When I watched the conversation between him and my senpai from a distance, for some reason I was impressed when he answered confidently.

I keep my eye on his movement.

When he ordered a morning set from senpai, he took out a laptop from his bag and started to write something. Even from a distance, you can see his profile.

…..Haa, so cool. Is he writing a continuation of the novel?

I thought it was disgusting to have an ecstatic expression on my face, but I can’t afford to worry about that right now.

“Miuchi san, the morning set is ready, so take it with you ! !”

My senpai’s voice brought me back to reality. 

And then, my senpai’s words made me hyped again.

If you tell me to bring his morning set to him, it’s a great chance to talk to him ! !

I dressed lightly while carrying his morning set with a tense look on my face.

I watched him as he sat on his seat. 

He was concentrating on his keyboard and didn’t notice my presence.

His focused expression was so cool that made me want to stay here forever.

But I’m in the middle of my part-time job. I can’t just stare at him for too long.

I called out to him saying [Thank you for waiting.] while suppressing my regret.

Maybe I got nervous and my voice flipped out. I don’t smell like sweat, right? I am too anxious to make him feel uncomfortable while he reacts, such as.

When I thought of that, he stopped typing and said [Thank you].

….I’m so happy that I’m going to die ! !

While delighted by his words, he seemed surprised when he noticed me. Maybe he remembered my face as a fan.

“Matsudaira sensei ! ! “


“Why are you here Matsudaira sensei?”

“I’ve been using this place for a long time when i’m writing. I can concentrate more here.”

He answered my question with a smile.

I was excited about that, so when i talked to him about my part-time job and some small talk (one side), he listened to me with a smile.

I can’t believe we’re the same age, his coolness is spurred by his mature behavior and chic clothes that don’t stretch too much.

….yeah, i like him ! !

However, what I should regret is that I am currently working part-time, and the bell to call the waiter rang.

[Yes, be right back〜.] I turned to him, put his coffee and toast on the table, and said, [Well then, please do your best with your writing, sensei, enjoy ! !]

I called out to him and left the seat.

Needless to say, my senpai warned me when I returned to the kitchen with fleeting thoughts, wondering if I could take it easy until my part-time job was over.

He sees me off and begins to continue writing.

The anxiety strikes me when I see him putting his phone to his ear to see if someone contacted him.

Could it be a girl? A girlfriend?

It wouldn;t be strange for someone as cool as him to have a girlfriend or two. I was tempet to ask him….if i could have his contact information, but that ended up being a passing thought.

A few minutes later, a man came in and sat down next to Matsudaira sensei’s seat.

He looks like he’s an editor.

They were discussing something across the laptop. 

Occasionally, I walked by their seats and listened to what they were talking about.

After they settled down, they ordered lunch, so I went to their seats to serve them.

Even though they were on break, they had a serious expression.

“Thank you for waiting, I brought you a sandwich set and a hamburger set ! !”

I served the food around the heavy atmosphere, and they stopped talking.

…..I wonder what happened.

After the food was served, I listened for a while near their seats and managed to catch what they were talking about.

“I am also a businessman, and I can’t support the novels of authors who cannot contribute to the company’s sales.”

As soon as I heard that, I stopped thinking.

….Could it be that his work will be discontinued?

When I thought of that, I felt dizzy from the sock and dropped the coffee cup that I was just about to serve to Matsudaira sensei.

The fact that his novel, which had been supporting me, would be discontinued, was definitely a shock to me, and I was unable to do my job that day.

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1 year ago

This girl is the worst of them so far. By a mile.

Thank you for the translation though 🙂

1 year ago
Reply to  Desumacher

nah brah u trippin, she is better than the gyaru and the stepcsis who judge people by their appearance

1 year ago

“I was tempet to ask him….if i could have his contact information, but that ended up being a passing thought.”
tempet –> tempted