Kurase’s teaching style was very good, and I got a lot out of her even in this short time.
However, there were some happenings such as sometimes answering inaccurately, being in a daze, or spilling the tea when she was making it for me on the way.
……But then again, it was really just studying, wasn’t it? No, I wasn’t expecting anything. I just came here to study. I just came here to study.
It’s not that I was a little excited by the words, “My parents aren’t here.”

……… No, I’m a guy, too, you know.
I’m not saying that I like Kurase as a member of the opposite sex, and I’m sure he doesn’t think so either, but being alone with a cute girl like Kurase, it’s a bit of a quandary.

Finally, as the sun began to set, I thought it was time to call it a night, but Kurase made me a proposal.

“Ito-kun. Would you like to have dinner with me?”

I stopped and thought for a moment.
….. Is it ok?

Also, Kurase’s casual remark confuses me.
Certainly, if you go home now, you will either have to cook it yourself or Ayako will have to help you.

Nevertheless, even after dark, she is not alert or somehow …… when she invites me to join her. …… No, it’s just that she doesn’t see me as a man.

“Umm, what about your parents?”
“Well, my father is the only one. As you know, he’s a detective, so he’s always late. Sometimes he doesn’t even come home! So don’t be shy!”
“……Ah, well, I’ll take your word for it.”

In the end, I decided to have dinner at Kurase’s house.
I was surprised that only my father was there, and I knew I couldn’t leave after hearing such a thing.

When I informed Ayako san about it, she replied, “What about my snacks?!” I replied, “Please do something about it.”

The customer snacks, not yours.
“So what are you going to cook for dinner? Do you want me to help you?”
“No. It’s okay. I was going to make curry. Revenge for the last time!”

Last time was mountain climbing, right? That time, she turned it upside down. …… 
It brought back bad memories.

“I’m going to show Ito-kun that I can do it too! So, Ito-kun, go watch TV and relax!”

She seemed confident, so I decided to follow Kurase’s words and wait for her.
Kurase put on a cute frilly apron and stood in the kitchen.

I glanced sideways at her as she began to cook with a familiar hand. Kurase hummed a tune as she smoothly proceeded with the cooking.
I smiled at the sight of her.

This is kind of like a newlywed. ……


I thought a little strange.

And not long after, I could smell the cooking rice and the nice smell of curry. It also permeated my hunger.

“Okay, it’s done!”

Kurase exclaimed loudly as she gave the pot a stir.
She then placed rice in a container, filled it with the curry, and brought it to the table.
Next to it was potato salad with lettuce. This also looks homemade.

It looked delicious.

“Then, let’s eat!”
“Oh, yes. Itadakimasu…….”

Kurase looked at me as if she was expecting something. In the midst of such a gaze, I scooped up the curry with the spoon that was handed to me and brought it to my mouth.

“What do you think?”
“It’s good. ……!”
“I’m glad ……. Ito-kun is a good cook, so I was worried that mine wouldn’t suit your palate.”
“I’m sure that’s not true. Kurase’s cooking is quite delicious.”

There was no mistake about the seasonings or any other goofy things, it was just the usual sweet and tasty curry that I like.

“Ehehe, I got complimented on it.”

Dangerous. So cute.
In fact, this is the kind of thing that could be misunderstood in a number of ways. I can’t believe she invited me over to her place for study, just the two of us, and even had me over for dinner.

“And the seasoning. The last time you made it for me, it was sweet, so I made it sweeter.”
“You remember it well, don’t you?”
“Well, yeah. But I wanted to recreate the taste I had then, but I couldn’t. ……”
“I think the taste of curry is up to the individual. I like the curry Kurase made for me.”

When I said that, Kurase blushed and turned her face away.
I am not aware that I said such an embarrassing thing.

“The truth is. I was going to make a few more dishes, though……”
“You thought?”
“I made a mistake with the seasoning! It didn’t turn out so well, so I left it out.”
“Oh, really?”
“Yeah. I can eat it, but I think it might be too spicy for Ito-kun!”

I wish she would have just kept her mouth shut. But I knew she made a goofy mistake. I’m glad that didn’t end up on the tabletop. ……

At least she seems to have a general sense of taste. I was so relieved when I felt a sensation in my brain that I hadn’t felt in a long time.


“Who is it? Nanami. Who is that man ……?”

There was a stubble-bearded, well-built man in a suit looking down at me.

He was wearing a suit.


“Oh, m-my bad. I was a little spaced out.”

……What did I just see ……?
Probably, Kurase’s father. I’m sure of it, given the circumstances.
He was staring at me with powerful eyes.

Eh, maybe, but will he be back soon?
I have a bad feeling about this.

I hurriedly shoveled the curry into my mouth.

“W-What’s wrong!?”
“Hey, I just remembered something I have ……Ug!?Ugh guh”
“Goho ……”

I was in too much of a hurry and swallowed my windpipe.
Kurase got up from her chair and rushed over to me. She rubbed my back.

“Are you okay?”
“Goho gebo ……, I’m fine …….”
“I’ll get you some water!–Kyaa!?”

Kurase was unlucky enough to catch her foot on a chair and fall backwards.

It happened in a split second.
Unconsciously, I reached out my arm and tried to grab Kurase’s arm.
But I couldn’t catch her and I fell down with her.

A loud clattering sound echoed through Kurase’s house.

“…… Tss. Kurase, are you okay?”
“I-I’m …… all right. Ito-kun caught me, so I’ll be …… fine. On the other side, your left hand …….”

I was relieved to see that Kurase was safe.
But still, left hand?
Oh, could it be that she was worried about my injury? No, wait. It is my right hand that is injured.
Then, why the left hand?

I wondered, and checked the feel of my left hand.


A sensational and sweet voice reached my ear.
I noticed it and hurriedly removed my left hand from where it had originally been.

“I-I’m sorry. Kurase,……!”
“I-It’s okay. ……”

Each other’s faces are as red as apples. We were both trying our best to turn our faces away from each other.
I was still not sure what the situation was.

“N-Nanami …………?”

I turned my head toward the shaking voice.
There I saw a mature man with a stubble beard and a despairing look on his face as he lowered the bag he was carrying to the ground.

“Ah, father. Welcome back!”

The hairs on my arms stood on end, as I was in danger like never before in my life. And even in such a situation, I was still calmly making a comment in my heart.

─ ─ Kurase, there is no “welcome back” in this situation.

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1 year ago

He’s going home with his hand chopped off. And maybe his head too lmao.