-This is the beginning that leads to Tachibana Kanata’s doom-

The heat had been intense until recently, but in the past few days, a cold wind that feels like fall has begun to blow. However, there were two people training on the middle school roof without worrying about such environmental changes.

“Here, if you use the solution formula and substitute the corresponding numbers……see, you can easily solve the problem.”

“I see. But, isn’t it going to be a little while before we learn this……?”

“Fu, I mastered this in elementary school.”

“Really, Kanata, you’re really out of league……”

The two of them are working on a third-year middle school problem collection. Rather, it would be better to call it a reference book for exam preparation.

The reason why they are solving these things is because he was concerned about Sakura’s lack of academic ability. The classes at this school are not that difficult, but the progression is still quite fast. He had the idea to teach Sakura the range of the high school entrance examination, which is the goal of middle school education, in this six-month period.

Incidentally, this reference book was the one he had used in elementary school, and a normal first-year middle school student would have had a hard time understanding the contents. However, he is so familiar with this reference book that he can instantly find the answer to any question on any page.

“Um, what is this ionic formula for calculating amperage, Fleming’s law…..and what is this formula? We’re in science class right now, observing plants and stuff, right  !?”

“Don’t worry. I’m reaching for basic physics and basic chemistry.”

“What are you bragging about !?”

He is taking his domination in such a modest manner. At first, he focused on building Sakura’s body, but recently, he has been focusing on her studies in order to improve her academic skills. Of course, he, who teaches her studies, is also learning something new every day.

“Ich möchte Erdbeer Frappuccino trinken.”

“What is that? Is that English or something you learn in the third grade?”

“No, it’s German.”

“Where are you really going !?”

“By the way, it means I want to drink a strawberry frappuccino.”

“No, that’s not what I meant.”

After he master German, he plan to study French next. He thinks it is good to learn a language, and he would like to visit the area and tour the sights. When next summer vacation comes, he may be traveling around the world.

One day, when he had no particular alternative but to think about such things. He was staring into the distance.


“? What’s the matter, Kanata?”

Sakura was perplexed to see him thinking with his arms crossed, as he usually does not show any signs of being troubled. He has little to think about. He always makes the right choice immediately and has the ability to make a decision faster than anyone else.

“Well, there’s something that’s been bothering me.”

“What’s on your mind?”

“About this school.”

Ichinomiya private middle school is an integrated elementary and middle school, which means that only really good students like him can enter the middle school. Sakura, who attended Ichinomiya from elementary school, had a fairly easy time because of the escalating advancement system, but those who took the middle school exam must have had a difficult time. But still, the school is famous for its high level of education, and apparently a lot of money is spent on it.

However, he suddenly overflowed.

“Overall, isn’t the level of the students low?”

This is not to say that he is exceptionally smart. He was not the only one to notice that a few of his classmates had not mastered what they had learned in elementary school. If anything, they were sleeping through the entire class, and there were many students who scored in the single digits on tests. Even in his own class, it was doubtful that more than half of the students were keeping up with their studies. A bad public school would be a much better environment for this.

“Isn’t that a bit of an exaggeration?”

“I joined this school partly because it is in my neighborhood, but also because I heard that there are a lot of very smart people here. But isn’t that a little weird?”


Sakura doesn’t seem to have a clue. But to the outside world, it is advertised as a prestigious middle school. For him, who entered the school with high expectations, this discrepancy was surprising.

(Could it……it’s a lie?)

However, looking through the city’s documents, he could not find anything strange in the budget process. In case you are wondering, there is also a deviation-like figure for the middle school, but it is a number that is far too unlike this school. It’s as if……

(Are the teachers faking the academic performance of this school?)

When he thinks about it, there is one point that makes a little more sense. He looked at this school’s career pathways and they were too varied. Some went on to borderline non-preparatory high schools that anyone could get into, and some went straight to freelance work.

Only one or two students a year were admitted to Ichinomiya High School, a nearby school of the same affiliation. Perhaps they failed in a purely academic test.

When he told Sakura about this possibility, she laughed at him, as if it were unrealistic.

“What’s the point of teachers faking grades?”

“I can’t say for sure without looking into it, but……”

“Besides, there’s no way there’s a development like that in a manga, is there?”

Even if she said that, Kanata didn’t feel like his reasoning was off. Perhaps, it was his intuition.

As he hesitated, the words of his own grandmother crossed his mind.

[Never doubt your intuition. If you think something is wrong, there is always a flaw somewhere. Look for it.]


He rarely acts solely on his intuition, but even so, he makes sure to pursue what he finds strange. And in fact, he thought the environment around him was strange this time.

Then, he should investigate without telling Sakura.

“Well, yes, I suppose so. Sakura, you can forget about it for now.”

“Sigh……that’s fine then.”

Sakura is still in the process of growing up. He decided that she shouldn’t get involved in what he was about to do.

And from that day on, he began to act.


On an empty rooftop in the afternoon, he looked up at the sky and smiled to himself.

It had been a week since he had made up his mind, and even though it had happened so quickly, he had learned enough about this school to be able to judge whether it was right or wrong.

He concluded. This school is bad.

They are getting money from parents to falsify the grades of certain students on their report cards, and they are forcing their staff to work in a clearly illegal manner without telling them. This is probably worse than black companies.

And although it has not yet been confirmed, the possibility has emerged that school board members may have been involved as well. It would be strange if the school board did not intervene in a school with so much scandal.

(Maybe Sakura’s bullies didn’t even make it through to the school board.)

Bullying on Sakura had a major impact on this school, but there were too many strange things before that.

First, none of them were reported to the school board.

In elementary school, there may have been people in Sakura’s class who had a strong sense of justice, and there may have been teachers who could not turn a blind eye. But still, Sakura continued to be bullied.

The reason this incident became a topic of conversation and a problem is that the bullying was leaked from somewhere to the surrounding residents, and it quickly spread.

In other words, was the scandal covered up by the school and school board collaborators?

“If so, Sakura…..”

Maybe she didn’t have to suffer like that. Sakura almost lost her emotions and could only speak in honorifics. If the situation hadn’t changed at all, it wouldn’t have been strange for her to commit suicide.

(……I’ll have to put even more effort into finding out)

I did a lot of things during the week. I inserted a USB memory stick containing a remote control application into a computer on the school’s intranet to check its history, took turns with students cleaning the staff room, and snooped around the room as much as time allowed. A lot of evidence is already in place, but it’s up to me to make the most of it. Besides, I’d like to have a little more ground to cover.

(Once I have all the evidence, I need to get it directly from the principal.)

I have never talked to the principal of this school, but he must know something about the situation. And they wouldn’t leave a student in the dark if they knew something about it. But of course, we have to be aware that the risk is great.

(Sakura…..I wonder if I should ask for her cooperation.)

At first I was going to do it alone, but I still wanted some help. Besides, it might be a good opportunity to teach Sakura about the dark side of adulthood.

The current Sakura is still in an unstable state, her mental wounds have not yet fully healed. If a bad adult were to take advantage of her, who knows what kind of trouble she might get into. That is why this incident is the perfect time for Sakura to test her ability and will be an opportunity for her to know why she had to suffer extraordinarily. If possible, I will help her get over it, too.


As soon as I decided to protect Sakura, she appeared on the rooftop. 

“Oh, Kanata, you were ahead of me. So, today’s subject….”

“Um, Sakura, we’re going to have to reschedule a little bit, okay?”


I’ll think a little about our future plans. Even if I talk about it, I don’t know where people’s eyes and ears are in school. For the time being, it would be better to think of a place to discuss after school. At times like this, it helps that we’re both in the go-home club.

“Well, let’s go have some tea.”


“Well, it’s a date(like a strategy meeting).”


And then, we touch the dark side of adulthood.

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