“So you want to do this?”

I say in front of the crane game Shiina wants.

“Yes! I want you to take this!”
“Haa…………… will be satisfied if I get it?”
“Yes! Super satisfied! …………, well, there’s a lot more I want you to do, but I guess I’m satisfied for now, huh?”
“Oh yeah.”

I reply in disgust and take out a 100 yen coin from my wallet and put it into the slot of the crane game.
The machine started playing light music and counting down the seconds to move the crane.

“Go! Saku-kun, go go go!”

Shiina cheered from the side, using all her strength in vain.

“Shut up~, you’re distracting me!”
“If I cheer you on, you’ll get it right away!”
“I’ll get it if you shut up.”
“That’s a lie! You’ll get it better with my support!”
“Just shut up!”

I was yelling at her, concentrating on what was right in front of me.

“Oh, …………”

I couldn’t get it.

“See~ I told you! I told you I should be the one cheering for you!”

Shiina said proudly, but no matter how much she cheered me on, I couldn’t get it.
100 yen, 100 yen, and another 100 yen ……………
There was no sign that I could get it at all.

“More, you have to grab me by the buttocks to get it!”

Shiina gradually changed from cheering to instructing me.

“I was not so sure about that.”

I’m a beginner at crane games, just playing a little when I come with my friends.
I’m not a pro, so how can I aim accurately?

“No, no, no! It slides there, doesn’t it? You have to grab it by the tail more.”

Shiina shakes my arm in spite of my manipulation.

“I’m going to grab your head.”

I say with a click of my tongue.

“hnn? What did you say?”
“No, nothing.”

I quickly cover up my true feelings with a cold sweat.
Who do you think is making me miss the target? If you want me to aim accurately, don’t wave my arm around.

“Um, wouldn’t it be faster and less expensive if you took it yourself instead of giving me advice?”
“Don’t worry about the money? I have plenty of it right here!”

Shiina searched through his bag and pulled out an envelope from the bank.

“What’s this?
“This? This~ is the money to pay tribute to Saku-kun!”

She pulled out a wad of bills with a belt from inside the envelope and smiled.

“Hey, wait a minute! Putting aside the question of how you are going to pay me tribute, where did you get the money!”

This guy doesn’t make the money by doing daddy’s business or something, does she?
Otherwise, this wad of cash is ridiculous. Even if she was working part-time, there’s no way a high school girl could have come up with a wad of money all in “yukichi” (money that is used to pay off a debtor’s debt).
Besides, I’ve never heard of this guy having a part-time job.

“Oh, this money? I earned it, all of it. It’s for Saku-kun.”
“No, what I want to know is how you got the money.”

If she was doing daddy’s business, I would have to stop her.
No matter how much I dislike this guy, I have to correct this wrong path.
It is not because we are childhood friends. It is as a human being.

Well, I don’t know if what I said will have any effect because I’ve never been able to correct the behavior that made her think she was going out with me.
“Uh, didn’t I tell Saku-kun?”

Shiina takes out her phone and shows me a certain screen.

“What’s this?”
“It’s a magazine cover.”
“Why is a magazine cover shown on …………………, is this you?!”
“Yes, it’s too late to notice.”

The cover of the magazine I was shown had the model “Yukio Shiina” clearly written on it.

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Crazy, rich, pretty, devoted, crazy. Just give in bro she’s got it all.