I Can See a Few Minutes Into the Future, but I Don’t Know What a Woman’s Mind Is Like

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Ito Arase knows what the future holds a few minutes from now.

For some reason, Arase has transferred to a rural town.
He thought he would live a quiet and mundane life at his new school. However, future foresight doesn’t let him do so.

Most of the futures he can see will lead to misfortune for himself or someone else.
Despite being a nuisance, the good-natured Arase avoids such an unfortunate and inconvenient future.
As a result, Arase helps girls with various problems.

Arase does not know. Before he knows it, the girls like him.
Arase is unaware. Unbeknownst to him, the girls are fighting with each other.

Chapter 1

Episode 1 – It was a future of being slapped by a beautiful girl

Episode 2 – I avoided a future I didn’t like and ended up saving a beautiful girl

Episode 3- Melancholy of a rescued beautiful girl

Episode 4 – I know what the future holds, but I’m not sure about the outlook

Episode 5 – Even when the future is known, reunions are surprising

Episode 6 – Even if you avoid a future you don’t like, what awaits you could be a worse future

Episode 7 – The future of ‘maybe’ and what I want to make sure of

Episode 8 – In times like this, future predictions don’t happen

Episode 9 – I predicted the future and picked up a silver-haired gal

Episode 10 – People are not as talkative as they appear

Episode 11 – Skipping has come to an end

Episode 12 – It seems that the sports girl will get hurt if left alone

Episode 13 – An altered future is not always the best

Episode 14 – It was a strange encounter

Episode 15 – Rumors have tails and fins attached to them

Episode 16 – Even if I don’t foresee the future, problems will still come down

Episode 17 – Sometimes nature helps

Episode 18 – You could have told me if it was going to be a little bit of a shura

Episode 19 – It felt like a roller coaster ride

Episode 20 – Someone who can help in any way

Episode 21 – Just the two of us

Episode 22 – Please Call the bomb squad

Episode 23 – Sometimes it’s for someone else who isn’t you

Episode 24 – A smile as bright as the sun cheers us up too

Episode 25 – Some things can’t be protected by predicting the future

Episode 26 – Occasionally, I demonstrate skills other than future prediction.

Episode 27 – About a person named Ito Arase

Episode 28 – What if I know the future, and it’s inevitable?

Episode 29 – I thought he and I were a lot alike

Episode 30 – The reality of not getting along with that girl in dreams

Episode 31 – I want youth to be done without me

Episode 32 – Two worried people

Episode 33 – The strange change in Asagiri and the long-awaited thing

Episode 34 – Golden Week Incident 1

Episode 35 – Golden Week Incident 2

Episode 36 – Golden Week Incident 3

Episode 37- Golden Week Incident 4

Episode 38- Golden Week Incident 5

Episode 39- Trauma is not easily forgotten

Episode 40 – I was unloved and my brother was loved

Episode 41 – Past and Future

Episode 42 – I knew there was a resemblance between his past and mine

Episode 43 – A pitiful sister and a kind brother

Episode 44 – Farewell to the Past

Volume 1 Epilogue – Even when I know the future, there are still things I don’t know

Chapter 2

Episode 45 – Do best friends shura?

Episode 46 – What is V?

Episode 47 – If you’re going to skip school, it must be on the rooftop (with cool kouhai)

Episode 48 – A man who unintentionally appears in a stream

Episode 49 – Even if I could see into the future, I couldn’t predict these things.

Episode 50 – Flowers on both hands (but airtight)

Episode 51 – A private study group?

Episode 52 – It doesn’t end with just the two of us

Episode 53 – VS Father

Episode 54 – What Happens at the Park at Night

Episode 55 – It’s not good to be too conscious

Episode 56 – Unloseable battles and the injuries that come with them

Episode 57 – The person I just met is not my boyfriend!

Episode 58 – If it’s not ornamental…… is it practical …..

Episode 59 – Concerns as a Streamer

Episode 60 – Let’s just skip school and go on a date, shall we?

Episode 61 – Working together at the dump

Episode 62 – L-like, you know! He didn’t suddenly hug you or anything!?

Episode 63 – Half Hearted kindness suits

Episode 64 – When you change the future, you tend to enter a cold stream

Episode 65 – Girl living alone is full of dangers

Episode 66 – The identity of a kouhai who lives alone

Episode 67 – To change the past of Kouhai

Episode 68 – If you are hanging out with a cute and bright kouhai, there would be something strange about the two

Episode 69 – What it takes to change

Episode 70 – The girl next door knows you are, even though you don’t know yourself.

Episode 71 – For the future

Volume 2 Epilogue – What one wants to convey in this stream

Chapter 3

Episode 72 – Prologue Longing for That Person

Episode 73 – That always cheerful girl is not so cheerful sometimes

Episode 74 – If you keep on playing dumb, I’ll get senpai first, okay?

Episode 75 – Calling out is harder than it sounds

Episode 76 – They say even the sun can be cloudy sometimes

Episode 77 – Person who Arase kun likes

Episode 78 – Sometimes you need a break, right?

Episode 79 – Even if there is no future prediction, a bad feeling can still come true

Episode 80 – Use what’s available

Episode 81 – Hopes Shattered on a Movie Date

Episode 82 – A little sweet space

Episode 83 – date crisis

Episode 84 – I hope you’re not too far off base

Episode 85 – It’s hard to please everybody