Final Episode – How to make up with a childhood friend connected by ‘blood’ and I found out why she wanted to be a sibling with me – Last Part


“This is why I wanted to be your ‘big sister.’”
“I see. I understand your reasons.
Now will you listen to me?”

I looked Rinne in the eye and said

“I wanted to be a ‘family’ with you, too.”

I continued to Rinne’s surprised look.

“I’m not looking for a sister and brother. I wanted to be a husband and wife.”
“Because …… that would be ……”
“Hey, Rinne. as you say, divorce is the way to go. I think there are a lot of divorced couples out there, just like you say.”
“I guess so,…….”

Rinne said so with a lonely look on her face. But I told her how I felt.

“But, I’m sure there are countless non divorced couples out there who will be together for the rest of their lives.”

Rinne’s eyes widened. She had never thought of it that way.

“I was thinking, Rinne. I wanted to be a family like that. I thought I could become such a family with you. So that day, as a step toward becoming husband and wife, I asked you to become my lover. That’s what I said.”
“So that’s what you said. ……”

I look at the ceiling.

“We both wanted to be a family. But the form of family was not the same.”
“Yes, I guess so.”

After saying that, I looked at Rinne and laughed.

“hey, Rinne, why don’t we start all over again?”
“Star over…?”

I shake my head at his words.

“Let’s start over again with ‘strangers.’”

Rinne was surprised, but I continued.

“If you are a child friend, a family member, an elder sister, a younger sister, and so on, let’s all start over again with a clean slate. I’m sure we’ve all been through too much.”

I think we have become too complicated.
We have thought about too many things, experienced too much, and our relationship has become a mess.

Then let’s start over from “strangers”.

Once again, from the beginning.
Let’s create a new form for Sakurai Kirito and Minamino Rinne from now on.

“……Then there is still a chance for me.”

The eyes of the usual Rinne had returned, unlike the weak eyes of a few moments ago.

“Now your heart is occupied by Kitajima Towa. But you’re not married yet, so she’s a ‘stranger’ to you too.”
“That’s right.”
“And if you say that I am a ‘stranger’ too, then we are in the same position. That means there is still a way to become a family with you.”

Rinne says this confidently.
However, there is an overwhelming discrepancy between Rinne and me.

“Hey, Rinne. The reason I’m here is to reset our relationship and to become a proud lover with Kitajima Towa-san, right?”

Rinne’s thin chest arches at those words.

“Well, that puts me in a very bad position. I’m in a pretty ‘bad’ position, shall I say?”
“If that’s the case, why are you so confident?”

Rinne laughed at my words.

“What is it, you? Did you forget?

When I went to the national competition. You said in the interview that it was my strong point, didn’t you?”

Rinne grinned as she said that.

“Rinne’s …… advantages……”

Ah ……

“I see you’ve remembered! Yes, I’ll show you my strong points!”

Rinne says with a bubbling smile.

“I have a strong competitive spirit that will never give up, no matter how bad the odds are. That’s my strength, Minamino Rinne!”


(TL/N : What a way to end the chapter, there are still 2 more extra episodes in this chapter, and of course, I will continue translating the next chapters !)

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1 year ago

Sigh…..what a way to end things….