I, Asagiri Yuuri, sighed deeply in my morning classroom.


How many times has this happened? I knew it, but I couldn’t stop myself.

“I should have hit him one more time.”

And the more I thought back on it, the more frustrated I became.
I was thinking about what had happened yesterday.

“What’s wrong, Yuuri chan? You’re in a bad mood.”
“I’m just remembering something I don’t like about …….”

Nanami, my best friend, is worried about me.
I can feel my troubled heart being healed by her gentle voice.


I couldn’t hold back any longer and unintentionally hugged Nanami.

“Ah~, Nanami is the only one who can heal me.”
“Eh? Ehehe~I see~?”

Nanami’s expression relaxed at my words. I was so happy to see her.

“What happened to you?”

Nanami asked me again after I had replenished with plenty of Nanami ingredients.

“About that, listen! I was molested yesterday!”
“Eh!? Molested!?”
“Yes! And he hugged me in broad daylight! That’s the worst!”

Yesterday, I was walking on the side of the road when I was suddenly pulled by the arm. I calmly slapped him once, but at the time I was too surprised to do anything more than that.
I regret that now.

Nanami’s brow furrowed at my words. The loose expression on her face changed to a serious one.

“…….I’ll never forgive him for that. If I find him, I will definitely seize him, I will do it!”
“Fufu, that’s dependable. I’ll ask you to help me then, too.”
“Hehe, leave it to me!”

Nanami’s father is an actual detective. Perhaps Nanami also has that blood in her veins, for she seems to be a bit flustered and has a strong sense of justice.

“But don’t be too hard on yourself, okay? If something happens to Nanami, it would be a big deal.”
“Yes! I won’t force myself!”
“You said something like that, but Nanami had a hard time yesterday, didn’t she?”
“When I ran into uncle, he told me about it. I heard that you came home soaking wet. It wasn’t even raining.”
“Ah, you met my father. Yes! Thanks to him, my father got angry with me. ……”
“I’m sorry to hear that. What happened?”

He is a detective. uncle is quite scary. But he is a single father raising Nanami, and that’s how worried he is about her.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I jumped into the …… river!”
“…… why?”

I asked Nanami, who said something incomprehensible in a cheerful and cheerful manner.

“The boy dropped something important in the river because of me.”
“But that doesn’t mean that you …… should go too far, no matter how hard you try.”
“No~ when I came to my senses, I jumped into the river. ……”
“When you come to your senses…”

Nanami is like that. Her body moves before she thinks. That’s why uncle gets angry with her every time. This time, too, she was apparently scolded for not thinking ahead.

“But as I recall, Nanami can’t swim, can she?”
“Yes! I almost drowned!”
“A-almost drowned! What’s wrong with you?”

I leaned over and grabbed Nanami’s shoulder. She was still smiling and laughing without caring.

“Ehehe. Actually, a guy helped me out.”
“A guy ……?”
“Yeah! He was just there. He saved my life! Oh, but I’ve never seen him around here before.”
“H-Hee~ I see ……, that’s great.”

I’d like to thank him for saving Nanami, but I’m worried that Nanami might get some strange insects. ……

“Ah, But after that, I had a hard time!”
“…… still?”
“Yes! I’m glad he saved me, though. After that, my clothes became transparent, and thanks to that ……, he even saw my underwear.”
“Underwear ……?”

I found myself wrinkling my brow.

“Even so, I was wearing a pair of dirty underwear at the time,”
“……Don’t talk like that. Why were you wearing that? I mean, why do you have that?”
“Noo~, I bought it in a grab bag of underwear this New Year’s Day! I was wearing it by accident. Haaa…… I should have gone with something more modest …….”

Whether that is the point of the argument or not.
After all, Nanami is somewhat out of the loop. She has even gone along with pickups without knowing what they meant.
Uncle’s concern is understandable.

“So he lent me his jacket. But He went away right away.”
“Hee, he is surprisingly gentlemanly, isn’t he?”
“Is that so? I’ll have to thank him next time I see him! Put on something modest this time!”

I’m glad the person who helped her was harmless. I’m really …… glad he wasn’t a suspicious person like the one I was hugged by.


I’m getting pissed off again.
That pervert may still be hanging around. Let’s try to work with Nanami as much as possible.

I vowed to do so once again.

“Ah, speaking of which, did you hear? I heard that a new student is coming today.”
“A transfer student?”
“Yeah! I heard everyone talking about it.”

Rumors circulate quickly in the countryside. If you see a stranger around here, you know immediately that they are a stranger, and if they do something wrong, it will spread quickly.

…… wait. Maybe yesterday was ……?
I’ve never seen this guy around here before. And I think we were about the same age.
No, no, no. No, right? ……?

Despite this bad feeling, Nanami and I continued chatting idly until homeroom started.

Then the chime rang and the teacher entered the classroom. Nanami went back to her seat.

Our homeroom teacher──Kirihara-sensei stands in front of the podium as usual, dressed in a pants suit.
Many teachers wear plain clothes, but for some reason, Kirihara-sensei always wears a suit. She is a beautiful woman, and her model-like style and dignified appearance make her popular with both boys and girls alike. However, she is a bit strange.

“Quiet, everyone.”

With that command, the class suddenly quieted down.

“It’s finally quieted down. Today, I would like to introduce a new student.”

With that one word, the classroom immediately became noisy.

“Keep quiet. It will be hard for the new student to come in, won’t it? Boys. I’m sorry to say that this has not turned out as you might expect. I’m afraid it won’t turn out the way you expect.”

As soon as the teacher said this, the boys were filled with disappointment. The boys, who were expecting girls, must have been extremely disappointed.

—That’s what men are like.

“And to the girls. Congratulations!”

At that moment, the girls let out a yellow cry. The teacher’s words caused the heat from the girls to increase.

………… girls may not be much different. Well, if someone says he’s good-looking, of course. I guess they expect a little bit more. I’m not interested.

I mean, aren’t they raising the bar for new students? Poor guy

“Well, come on in, then.”

The teacher grinned and urged the transfer student to come in.

“Then, transfer student. Introduce yourself.”
“I am ………… Ito Arase.”

As soon as he said that and looked up, I was convinced.


────Yes, the transfer student boy who came in was the man who molested me yesterday.

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Gotta love when the girls are like the boys LMFAO