Final Episode – How to make up with a childhood friend connected by ‘blood’ and I found out why she wanted to be a sibling with me – First part



Kitajima-san sent me off and I arrived in front of Rinne’s house.

When I looked at the front of the house, I saw that Rinne’s bicycle was still there.

In other words, she is at home. That’s what it means.

I’m not sure if I think it’s good or not, but if I want to talk properly, it’s her house. It would also be better in her room.

But before I do that. I have a big “wall” that I have to overcome first.

If I’m not good at it, I may even be turned away at the door.

She loves Rinne with all her heart. I have to convince her “mother” now.

I’m sure she’s heard everything I have to say.
And the fact that she’s here now means that she’s seeing Rinne in that state.

The cause is me. She must know that.
Will she let the person who is the cause meet her beloved “daughter”?
If I don’t get over that person first, I’ll never get to Rinne.

Make up your mind! Sakurai Kirito!!!!

You’ve received from her what you need for that!

I ring the intercom at her house.


After a while, I hear a beautiful voice coming from the speaker.

“Fufufu. I knew you’d come Kirito kun”

The camera over there can see me
But I can’t see her.
I wonder what kind of expression she has on her face. ……

“Yes. It’s been a while, Shizuru-san.”

I greet Rinne’s mother over the speaker.

Minamino Shizuru-san. Rinne’s “mother”

“Now, Kirito-kun, you know what I’m talking about, don’t you?
Unless you can convince me, I will not let you go to Rinne.”

That’s what she said.

Of course. Of course I knew that!

“Yes, of course. Of course. First, let me open the front door.”
“Fufufu. You have a nice face. Then I’ll ask you, Kirito kun. What are you doing here?”
“I came to apologize to Rinne.”

I answer immediately.

“You’re up to speed now.. So, I’ve heard about you and that girl. From my point of view, it’s still Rinne-chan’s fault, right? But you’re still going to apologize?”
“Yes. I’m sure you are well aware of that, aren’t you, Shizuru-san? In a fight between me and Rinne, no matter how bad it is for Rinne, I have to apologize to her. Besides, I am at fault in this case.”

Blocking of incoming calls and blocking of message apps.
The fact is that I hurt her feelings this morning.

“It’s okay. I’ll listen to your story in detail. I’ll open the front door for you.”
“Thank you.”

Okay. First, the first one is clear.

Then, a little later, I heard the front door unlock.


I walk toward the door.

And then

“Good morning. Shizuru-san.”
“Good morning, Kirito-kun.”

From the other side of the door, a very mild-mannered and beautiful woman, who looks nothing like Rinne, appears.

“I’ll allow you to go up to the entrance. Come in.”
“Yes. I’m sorry to disturb you.”

I bowed and entered the house.

“Her father has already gone to work. He knows how Rinne is. I’ll pass on the message from him.”

[Tonight. Come to me with the results]

“That’s all. Any questions?”
“No questions. I promise to come to you with the best results.”
“The best. Isn’t that right?”
“Yes. The best.”

Shizuru san seemed to agree with my words.

“Now, Kirito-kun. You confessed your feelings to my Rinne chan didn’t you?”
“Yes, I did. Yes, but she rejected me.”

At my words, Shizuru san sighed.

“You know the reason, don’t you?”
“Yes, I do. She said that I am her ‘family’ and ‘brother’ to her.”

I don’t want to mention the part about “bad workmanship”. I kept the “bad” part to myself.

“I, too, yesterday. I hurt Rin-chan yesterday.”
“……Eh ? Why?”
“I asked Rinne chan why she rejected Kirito-kun. Then that girl said you are ‘blood family.’ That’s what she said. So it’s like family, but it’s not family. That’s what she said.”

After that, Shizuru san’s eyes were downcast.

“That girl told me that …… Rinne-chan told me that… I am more important to her than ‘blood family’ and that I am her ‘blood mother’.”
“If it’s true, I couldn’t be happier. And she also said that Kirito-kun and Misuzu-chan are her ‘blood family’ as well. And don’t deny her ‘family’. She said that and ran to her room.”
“………… I see.”

I understand. What she meant by “blood family” was not about “blood relationship”.

She was talking about precious memories, time spent, and love received, which she called “blood”.

She was betrayed by her “blood relation,” so she used “blood” as a substitute for it.

And we denied it …….

We, the “family”, denied her something that she thought was more important and precious than anything else.

That’s why she got hurt so much. ……

“I didn’t have a firm grasp of what that girl was trying to say. I can’t blame …… Kirito-kun that has been with her for ten years. I’m an unfit mother.”
“That’s not true.”
“…… Eh?”

I look into Shizuru san’s eyes and say.

“I’m not sure there is a better ‘mother’ for Rinne than Shizuru-san.”

I smiled and said so.
I really believe that. I don’t know anyone who loves Rinne chan more than she does.

Shizuru-san replied with tears in her eyes.

“You idiot …… Kirito-kun. Don’t seduce such an old lady. You should talk to Rinne chan about that.”
“No, I don’t look at Rinne that way anymore.”
“…… Eh?”

I take a firm breath and say to Shizuru san

“I wasn’t really standing here. I’m going to run away from Rinne and fall in love with that girl. I was being such a wretch.”
“I see….”

“I ignored Rinne, rejected her, and went to see that girl, and she said, ‘You’re disgusting. I hate you. I can’t forgive you’ It was an eye-opener. But she also told me that I am a kind person who understands other people’s pain. I came here to make her like me again.”
“Who is that girl ……?”
“Her name is Kitajima Towa-san. The girl I saved from being bullied when I was in the fifth grade. Three days ago, I met her again at Kaiho High School. She told me something at that time.”

[From the time I was in elementary school until today, there has not been a day that I have forgotten you. You may say my love is heavy, but this is me.]
[Kitajima Towa loves Sakurai Kirito-kun with all her heart. Please make me your girlfriend.]

“These words were said to me the day after Rinne dumped me.”

Shizuru holds her mouth with her hand.
She does this when she is surprised, a habit of hers.

“A day after I was dumped, a cute girl confessed her feelings for me, and it is disloyal to fall in love with this girl right away. I thought so, but with Misuzu’s words, I decided to fall in love with her on the premise that we would become lovers.”
“I see. ……”

“I came here to hear Rinne’s true intentions and then to tell her how I feel about her. And also to become a heartbreaking lover with her who believes in me and is waiting for me. Shizuru-san. Please let me come over to your house. I’m counting on you.”

I said and bowed my head to Shizuru san

Then she said

“Rinne, you are such an idiot. You’ll never meet such a nice boy again. ……”
“No, I am not at all. I can’t even stand by myself without someone to support me.”

Shizuru san laughed at my words.

“A good boy must know his own weakness.
You should go. I’ll take you to see Rinne.”

Shizuru-san said and opened the way for me.

“Thank you. Shizuru-san.”

I said and went up to the house.

Then, I tell her one more thing.

“I will definitely invite Shizuru-san to the wedding ceremony with Kitajima Towa-san. Naturally, as a ‘relative’.”
“Why is that?”

I say to Shizuru, who tilts her head.

“Because we are ‘blood family’.”

I said and went to Rinne’s room.

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