Quiet Cafe

We arrived at the cafe and settled down with a cup of coffee.

This place is run by an old lady, and although it is small, you can enjoy a nice atmosphere.

The partitions are separated from each other, so you don’t have to worry about the other customers.

As I was examining the nice aroma of the siphon coffee, Yuna sipped from her coffee cup, glanced at me, and drank her coffee again.

Really cute.

She looks like a female lead character in a TV drama.

She has flaxen hair that reaches her shoulders and big eyes with irises pulled back. Blue eyes.

Eventually, she takes a sexy breath and opens her mouth, eyes moist.

“Thank you so, so much for saving me two years ago ……”
“Y-yeah. ……”
“I’ve never forgotten that day.”
“It wasn’t a good experience, and I think you should forget it.”
“No. I was so happy that Tsukasa-kun came to see me that day.”
“….I see.”
“What’s wrong? Your expression is dark,…….”

She looks at me worriedly with her big eyes fluttering.

The first thing I did was to tell her what I did wrong in that incident.

“As I said at the time, I should have helped you sooner. ……”

I turned my face down, feeling guilty.

She didn’t lose her virginity, but she was touched on the body and her breasts were squeezed.


Yuna’s breasts.

“Don’t suffer from that.”

At some point Yuna came next to me and grabbed my right hand with both of hers and took it straight to her blasted marshmallow.

“Yuna …… what !?”
“Haa …… I feel at home in Tsukasa’s hand after all.”

My hands are already swallowed by the soft flesh, and any futile resistance is 100% absorbed by the impact by the cushioned breasts.

Furthermore, Yuna keeps on sticking to me and calls out again

“Hey …… can I ask you one thing?”
“You said that that stun gun was very important, right? Why is that?”

The stun gun.

Come to think of it, after I saved her, I gave her the taser.

That stun gun is ……

I start talking with my right hand between Yuna’s breasts.

“My parents were self-defense contractors.”
“I-I see?”
“Yeah. And when I started high school, it was their anniversary, so my mom and dad took a trip.”
“I was a scaredy-cat at the time, and the thought of them being gone made me nervous. So my parents gave me that stun gun and said, ‘This stun gun will protect Tsukasa for us’. Well, my parents died in an accident on the trip. ……”
“You gave me such a precious thing?”
‘Well, I thought Yuna could make better use of it than I could.”

Yuna’s face turns pink and my left hand is also brought to her chest.
It’s an unbelievable sight.

The big breasts of this beautiful girl who looks like she could be on TV are completely swallowing my hands.

I was struggling to control my racing heart.

“I’ve been putting it to good use all along. ……”
“Yeah. I’ve been using the stun gun that Tsukasa gave me to knock out all kinds of creepy guys. ……”

Yuna let go of her own hand that was holding my wrist and reached into her own brand bag on the table and pulled out a stun gun.

“So you really had it?”
“Of course I did. Tsukasa gave it to me.”

I was torn.

Should I let go of her hand or should I keep it still?

The pressure of the bra and marshmallow that held her large breasts together was incredible.

“You can stay like this forever.””

I let go of her hand.

For a moment I tasted her softness, and my brain was roaring for me to touch her again, but I held back.

Then Yuna gasped in disappointment.

The sight was so bewitching that I opened my mouth.

“I thought Yuna hated men?”
“Yes. I hate them.”
“Then, Me, too.”
“Tsukasa protected me. So I don’t hate you. I like people who protect me.”
“I want to be friends with you, Tsukasa kun”
“With me, ……”
“It’s not something. I want to be friends with Tsukasa-kun who saved me.”

Yuna said as she opened her eyes wide and looked at me.

Her beautiful voice seemed to have a hypnotic effect on me, and my mind began to fade a little.

“….. as long as friend, okay.”
“Fufu, thank you.”

I’m sure she has plenty of male friends like me who would be protective.

So don’t make any funny mistakes.

Because she is such a beautiful girl.

I’m just one of her many bodyguards.

When I think of that…

“Yeah. ……”
“I’m scared.”
“Of what?”
“Walking alone at night.”
“You need a company….?”
“Yeah. I’d really appreciate it.”


I came to Kiryu’s house with her.

On the way, people on the street looked at us.

This is a tower apartment building with high security.

We took the elevator to the 22nd floor and stood in front of the door.

Yuna entered the code and the door opened.

“Yuna, welcome back.”

A voice came from inside.

Soon a woman in an apron appeared and came over to us.



I was surprised.

I often say that I can’t keep my mouth shut but

“Hiiragi…… Kaede”

There is no doubt.

She’s Hiiragi Kaede.

She looked at me, touched her cheek gently with her hand and smiled.

“Ara, …… you must be Tsukasa?”

She looks at me with an ecstatic expression on her face.


Her blue eyes

Her blue eyes caught my eyes so precisely.

It was as if she was telling me that she would not allow me to run away.

I froze.

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1 year ago

Que triste… En lo más interesante. No podrías traducir una historia similar?

1 year ago

You just went inside the snake dent, man. Good luck with that

1 year ago

“I’m sure she has plenty of male friends like me who would be protective.”


4 months ago
Reply to  1024led

Calm down man. he’s a typical Jap MC he is dense and insecure so he will say some stupid stuff from time to time.