Episode 2 – I avoided a future I didn’t like and ended up saving a beautiful girl



I believe that I am basically an unhappy person. That has not changed since before I became this weird thing

No, in fact, I even feel that it is getting worse.

The daydreams that come by chance, informing me of the future a few minutes from now. Most of the time, they tell me a future that is not good.
For example, the woman who slapped me this morning. If I had left her alone, she would have been hit by a car that ran a red light and died.
Because I saw such a future, I couldn’t leave her alone. It wasn’t out of a sense of justice or anything like that. The truth is, I hate trouble.

Still, it was bad to let it go knowing that she was going to die. I knew that somewhere in the future, I would remember what I did and regret it. In other words, this is for my own sake. That’s all.

“If possible, I hope I can live peacefully and uneventfully at my new school.”

…… I can’t help but feel that this is a flag. I realized it after I said it, but it was already too late.


At that moment, a vivid image was burned into my mind.

“Hehehe, come chase me up here!”
“Hey, wait a minute!”
“It’s your fault for being so slow! You should’ve caught me!”

I am on the bridge.

I heard the boys’ voices behind me. But the voices were so far away that I didn’t notice them yet.
A few seconds later. I felt a presence behind me, but it was too late.


One of the boys bumped into me.
He had a cool hero toy in his hand. The toy slipped out of his hand when he bumped into me and flew out of the bridge.


I heard the other boy’s scream of pain.
The toy, which had left his hand, continued to fall straight down the bridge, not defying gravity.

“I-it’s not my fault! It’s this guy’s fault! I don’t know!”
“Uwaaaaaaahnnnn!! My 〜〜〜〜〜!!!!”


Suddenly, I came back to reality.

I saw something unpleasant.
And I know for sure that a troublesome future awaits me.

From the looks of things, it seems that the boy who bumped into me was running away from the other boy, taking his toy from him.
And the bad boy who was running without looking carefully ahead bumped into me and dropped the toy in the river.

…… This is definitely my fault. I’m not sure how much I’m going to be able to do with it.

No, I don’t see that far, and I am not responsible for the bump.
I don’t feel like it’s my fault, based on my experience…….

And now I realize that I am on the same bridge as the image I just saw.
As soon as I realized it. The same moment as that scene came.

“Hehe, come chase me up here!”
“Hey, wait a minute!”
“It’s your fault for being so slow! You should’ve caught me”

But knowing what’s ahead, I’m not going to do something like bumping into a boy here.


I was the first to sense the boys coming up behind me and gave way.
The two boys walk past me.

Sometimes this future prediction comes in handy.

Now the boys won’t bump into me and drop their toys…or so I thought.

“Eh !? Kyaa!?”

But what I heard was a boy and another, a woman’s high-pitched voice.
The future I was supposed to bump into. That changed, but instead the boy hit the woman in front of me.
And just as I had seen, the toy fell vertically and sank noisily into the river.

It was the same situation as the future I saw.

“I-it’s not my fault!”
“Uwaaaaaann!! My 〜〜〜〜〜!!!!”

The boys’ words were the same. The only difference was…

“I-I’m sorry! I didn’t notice you behind my back. ……”
“uuuu …………”

The woman who was hit by the boy was trying desperately to comfort him as he cried.
The woman was about the same age as me. She was a beautiful girl with bright milk tea-colored hair that exuded a soft atmosphere and a slightly innocent look.

And the boy who bumped into her was gone before I knew it.

“It was a precious thing that my mother bought for me. ……”
“I-I’m sorry. It’s all right. I’ll get it for you right away!”

The girl immediately took off her shoes and climbed up on the railing of the bridge.

“Eh!? From here ……?”

I, who was right next to her, involuntarily shouted at her action.

“Yes! I’ll get them right away!”

She answered immediately and jumped from the bridge without even a pause for breath.

“Wow, that’s amazing …….”

Admiring her energy, I looked into the river and saw that the boy next to her had also stopped crying and was peering anxiously at the girl who had jumped in.
…..I went around and encountered a troublesome situation. Frankly, I want to leave, but the atmosphere is difficult to leave because I can’t say I’m the cause of the problem.


Above all, the boy was looking at the river and me alternately with concern.
I had no choice but to wait here with the boy for the girl to come up.

“I-is she all right ……?”
“I was surprised that she jumped in so suddenly, but she’ll probably be fine.”

I guess that means she’s confident in her swimming ability. It was a perfect dive, undaunted by this height.
But that was not the end of the boy’s fears, and it turned out differently than I had imagined.


She is drowning …….

“H-help ………….”
“……, no, she can’t swim”

I couldn’t help but calmly giggle
Could it be that she’s an idiot, ……? What was that beautiful dive she just took?

“Wait, That’s not even the point!”

I came to my senses, took off my jacket, and after leaving it with the boy, I jumped in from the bridge just like the girl had jumped in earlier.

“Zee zee zee …….”

I-I’m gonna die
I seriously thought I was going to die. The water temperature of the river at this time of the year is still cold, and it takes an unusual amount of strength.
I didn’t realize how difficult it was to swim with one person in my arms. And in the current of the river.

“Onii chan onee chan, are you okay?”

When we came to our senses, a boy was close to us on the riverbank. He gave me back the jacket I had left with him with a worried look in his eyes.

“……I-I’m okay! I’m sure she’ll be fine. Haaaaahaaa…….”

The woman winked and gave a thumbs up.

I think she was….. jumping in and drowning the rest of the time, but what was so great about it?

I’m mentally tsk tsk’ing at the girl who answered for me.
I wanted to say it out loud, but I didn’t have time to do so now that I was deprived of physical strength.

“Okay. here”
“T-thanks. ……”
“Don’t let them take it away from you, okay?”

The boy accepted the toy from the woman, nodded cockily, and ran away.

Although she was drowning,……, she was able to retrieve it properly. I’m not sure what to expect.

———Okay then

I’m soaking wet all over. How did this happen? I just wanted to go get my uniform. ……


I suddenly heard a cute sneeze that interrupted my thoughts.

The girl who sneezed is shaking her body.
Then she looked at me and blushed.

“T-thank you for the kindness! Thanks to you, I was saved. ……”
“No, don’t worry about it. ……?”

I was trying to be strong, but to be honest, I was on the verge. It would have been cool to show some composure here, but I have no such pride.
I’m so cold and shivering.
But I guess it’s the same for her.
For some reason, she is staring at me blankly and frozen. Is something wrong?

“Is everything alright? Can you go home?”
“Ah, …… yes! I’m fine! I live close to here!”
“I see. Then I’m glad. ……!”

I look away with both relief and panic.
She tilts her head, seemingly not understanding my reaction.

“What’s wrong?”
“Ah, …… no, …… that …….”

Is it okay to say this? No, I should say it. If I don’t, she will be embarrassed until she gets home.
I don’t need to take care of her that much, but ……. I can’t help it, I can’t stand being there.

“……, clothes.”
“Clothes?……. tss. D-Don’t look at me!”

She looks over her own body at my point. Then, at once, her face turned bright red and she protected herself by hugging her body.
At the same time, I turned my face away from her.

Yes, her blouse was transparent because it was soaked in water.
I gazed at the red piece of cloth peeking out from it and the two ample twin dunes that surrounded it. Thank you very much.
So that’s what was so great about it.

I am a high school boy in the prime of his youth. I hope you will forgive me for my male nature, which is to look at them even when I know it’s wrong to do so.
………….But even so, for someone who looks so innocent, you’re wearing something pretty fancy. Oh, my thoughts are perverted.

I shook my head to shake off my evil thoughts.

“D-Did you see it?”
“No. ……, umm …….”

I felt that “no, I didn’t see it” was a bittersweet statement.
Because of this, it’s not possible for me to declare that I have seen it.
But even if I am at a loss for words, it would be the same thing.

“I-I’m sorry. ……”

In the end, all I could do was apologize.


The girl is red to the ears and is roaring.

“I-It’s not! I don’t usually wear these fancy things!”
“Eh, ah…… that?”

What came back from the girl was a very misguided excuse. Maybe she was in a hurry and didn’t know what she was talking about, but that’s not what she should have said.

“Because it isn’t! I had no choice because this is all I have today and it’s ……. I had no choice. I’m sure you thought it was didn’t you? Oh, she looks so mature, but she’s wearing a dirty underwear ……!!!”
“No, that …… is close, I don’t think that far …….”

The excited girl forgot about what she was wearing and started to crowd me.
I desperately try to turn my face away, but I can’t hide the bipolar and dusky …… flamboyance of it, even if I don’t want to. I never hate it, though. I’m not going to say that I don’t like it, you know.


The girl noticed that I was desperately trying to turn my face away from her and remembered what she looked like, so she hurried away again.

“Don’t tell me you’re …… after my body? That means you asked those boys to bump into me ……!”
“No, no, no, no.”

Isn’t that too unreasonable?
I had a bad feeling again about the development that went a little beyond my imagination.

“I don’t think I’d jump into the river with that !”

I desperately tried to defend myself. I didn’t want to be falsely accused by the girl I had saved twice in one day.

“Well, then, artificial respiration! You wanted to do artificial respiration?
“I’ve never met you before! I didn’t think you were going to drown!”
“W-Well, that’s …… true. …… sorry for doubting you.”

I guess she understood my desperation.
I wonder if this person is a natural. I can’t keep up with her, she’s so unpredictable.


The silence continued for a while, when things finally calmed down.
I heard another lovely sneeze.

It can’t ………… stay like this forever.
Although I’ll never agree that I’m about to be treated like a pervert, I’m about to get a real cold too.
Even though it’s getting warmer, I shouldn’t be overconfident about the early spring temperatures.

I stood up, picked up the jacket the boy had given me back, and draped it over her shoulders.

“I think it’s better than nothing, for now. Please return it again sometime.”

I said that and walked away as if I was running away from the place.

Why did I run away?
Because I thought it would be better than just staying in the awkward atmosphere of that place.

“Why does misfortune keep happening to me like this? The morning slap and the afternoon soaking wet ……. Haaa……”

I was left with nothing but anxiety about my future life.
After that, I picked up my uniform and went home soaking wet.
I couldn’t go shopping, so I took Ayako san’s car again after I got home.

She was complaining a lot.

I, Kurase Nanami, watched the man’s back as he left as if he were running away.

“I-I felt like I had done something wrong. …… I suspected him even though he had saved my life. ……”

I was so nervous earlier that I said some strange things. Now, being calm, I know that he had nothing to do with my drowning.

“…… Hachoo.”

I sneezed three times.

“It’s getting cold. Let’s go home.”

I was left alone, I muttered to myself, got up and walked towards home.

“He kind of looks like my onii chan.”

I was talking to myself.
I recall once again the time when I was pulled out of the water by the man who had just pulled me out of the water, and it brings back memories of the past.

I had been saved by my favorite cousin brother when I was about to drown like this in the past.
I thought that the atmosphere was somewhat similar to that of such an older brother. So after he saved me, I stared at him for a while.

“Fufu. I hope we can meet again.”

I hugged his jacket on my shoulder with both hands so that it wouldn’t slip off.

When I returned home, my father asked me why I was soaking wet, and when I told him the reason, he got angry.

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1 year ago

If your daughter who you know can’t swim jumped into the middle of the river, you’d be angry at them too.

8 months ago

I believe what happened is called natural selection.