An hour later.


“How is this? Is it okay like this?”

In the mirror, there was a guy I didn’t know at all. Who’s this guy?

“….Who’s this guy?”

“Who, you said…..It’s you. You look much better.”

……..That’s a lie. Is this fresh and handsome guy is me? No way.

“Like you said, I made the bangs short and mash. It added a bad boyish image and made it look more masculine ! …Haaah, so cool.”

“Huh…? What about a set for this?”

“No, it’s not necessary. It only takes about five minutes.”

“I see. Thank you very much.”

I stood up from my seat, not really feeling that this was me.


I went to my sister and Riko’s place without feeling anything.

When I got to them, my sister started grinning and Riko looked stunned.

I know, Riko. I don’t understand it either.

“Yuuki, you’ve become so cool.”

“Y-yeah. I’m not sure if it’s me after all, Nee chan.”

“Fufu… Yes, it is.”

“I see…..”

It’s me, after all. If that’s what she says.

“Yuuki Nii? Are you really Yuuki Nii?”

“Ah, yeah. It seems so.”

Just when I thought Riko started talking to me, she suddenly hugged me.

Huh? That’s impossible. Riko hugging me? That Riko who’s so cold to me and my dad?

I was confused, and then Riko started talking.

“I’m glad…  Yuuki Nii has become so cool. …..I mean ! Well, isn’t it good that you feel better?”

“Y-yeah. Thanks.”

I feel like she became dere-dere for a moment, but maybe it’s just my imagination.

Even so, Riko is still hugging me.

…..It feels so nostalgic. It’s been since elementary school that she was like this.

“……What are you grinning at? Yuuki Nii.”

I didn’t realize it myself, but I was grinning.

“Well, it’s been a long time since Riko came up to me like this. I’m kind of happy.”


When I said that, Riko’s face suddenly turned bright red.

Then she pushed me away and slapped me in the face.

“Yuuki Nii, you idiot !”

Saying that, Riko walked out of the store.

I guess she was still embarrassed? …..But I was happy to see her like that after a long time.

After that, I tried to chase after her, but I couldn’t see her any more. Fortunately, it wasn’t that far from home, so I thought she would be able to get home by herself, thinking that, I went back to the store without chasing her.

When I came back inside, it seemed that my sister had already paid the bill and was just leaving the store.

“Nee chan, I’m sorry. For making you pay for everything.”

“It’s okay. It’s for Yuuki’s sake.”

Even though I said that I would pay for it. It was meaningless.

Thinking that, I left the store.

“Ah, Nee chan. I went to chase after Riko, but she wasn’t there anymore, sorry.”

“I see. …..Riko did something wasteful.”

“….? What do you mean ‘wasteful’?”

“No, it’s nothing. …..Come on, let’s go shopping for clothes.”

In the end, I didn’t know what she meant. What is it?

In order to buy new clothes, I was taken by my sister to a large shopping mall nearby.

“Fufufu. Yuuki and I are going on a date together.”

“What do you mean by a date….. Oh, That’s right.”

My sister seemed happy to have a “date” with me, so I didn’t go into it any further and we headed to a large shopping mall.

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