“Good luck,……Sakurai kun,……”

I pedaled my bicycle and watched the back of my favorite person who was leaving.

And when his back was completely out of sight. My true feelings came out of my mouth.

“He went …… and left …….”

To say that I have no regrets would be a lie

If I say words that fill the void in his heart that is so broken, he will surely become ‘dependent’ on me.

That is an emotion that I can take to a deeper relationship than a lover. It will increase the possibility of making him my own person.

Besides, this is the perfect opportunity to pull Sakurai kun away from Minamino-san
But I didn’t do it.

The man I fell in love with is a kind person who understands other people’s pain. If he cannot go to Minamino san’s house,

He is no longer Sakurai kun
It is something in the shape of him.

That is why I sent him away.

“Then I shall do what I can.”

I pedaled my bicycle and headed off to school by myself.

It was only for one day, but I still felt lonely when I thought of the route to school I had taken with him.

When I arrived at school, I parked my bicycle in the parking lot and went to my classroom.

When I opened the door to the classroom, I found the two members of the class council.

“Good morning. Kirisaki san, Hoshi kun.”

I greeted them in the morning.

“Good morning, Towa chan”
“Good morning, …….”

Kirisaki-san, who was looking out the window, and Hoshi kun, who was playing a smartphone game, turned to me and greeted me back.

“You are not with Sakurai-kun today, are you?
Did something happen?”

Kirisaki san asked me.

So I will do what I can here.

“Sakurai and Minamino san are not feeling well, so they will be late …… and if they are not feeling well, they will be absent. That’s what I was informed.”

It doesn’t sound good to be absent without notice, does it?

When I said that, Kirisaki san nodded her head.

“Roger. I’ll talk to Negishi sensei about it. And Hoshi kun, can I ask you to write in the class journal that they were sick?”
“Yes, If that’s the case, I’ll do it.”

Watching the two of them interact, I thought they would get along well.

While I was thinking about that, Kirisaki-san called out to me.

“Towa chan. Let’s talk for a minute at the edge of the classroom.”

Let’s talk about love.

She said

“Hahaha. I understand.”

And as we changed places

“What happened?”

She asked me

I understand. It was the two of them, wasn’t it?

“When it’s all over, Sakurai kun will explain it to me. And now he has gone to Minamino san.”
“….Is that good?”

I understand what she is trying to say.
But that is something I have already answered.

“Yes, The Sakurai kun I fell in love with is the Sakurai kun who can go to Minamino-san”
“Haha …… that was a groundless fear.”
“But I am not without regrets. Even now, I still think …… that if I just keep Sakurai-kun around, I’ll be able to keep him around. If, after all this, Sakurai-kun ends up saying, ‘I’m going out with Rinne after all,’ then ……

I think that would be okay.”
“…… eh?”

Kirisaki-san’s words raised a question mark in my mind.

“Sakurai kun, you know, ‘To be a lover with Towa chan and her chest, I went to Rinne’s place’”
“……Is that right?”
“I was so sure. Sakurai kun went to settle his feelings for Rinne chan. Towa chi, when he comes back, you should spoil him a lot.”

I laughed at Kirisaki san’s words.

“Yes, that’s right. I will spoil him a lot when he comes back. I said some pretty harsh things. ……”

Kirisaki-san reacted to my words.

“…… Eh? What did you say?”
“He is the worst. I hate him. I can’t tolerate him. …….”
“Haha that’s harsh! But you’ve become close enough to be able to say that!”

I can scold with a sincere heart.
You have to be pretty good friends to be able to do that, right?

“I appreciate you saying so.”

As I was doing so, students gradually gathered in the classroom.

I guess it’s time to talk about various things. ……

Sakurai-kun…..I believe you

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