At the moment the man stuck out his tongue and reached for Iyoki-san.

I forcefully tore off the duct tape and kicked the man.

“!? Why you, you can move freely ……”

It’s true that a normal guy would be stuck by the duct tape.

If you’re a normal guy, that’s the story.

The man stared at me sharply.

Men gathered behind me and looked down at me with sneering smiles on their faces.

“You guys, get your asses in gear.”

“You should have just kept your mouth shut and watched. I’ll make you regret it!”

“Get out of here!”

The guy comes at me.

A big right fist.

“Too Slow.” 


I avoid it and land a blow to his gaping gut.

The color of his eyes changed as he fell down with a yelp.

“You Bastard!”

He struck at me again.

I saw him move, avoided him, grabbed him by the arm and threw him off.


“W-What the hell is this guy?…..”

“D-Don’t be scared! He’s outnumbered!”

The guys who had regained their composure now surrounded me.

But I held my position without changing color.

–situation like this, compared to my father’s training, this was a gentle situation.

“Damn you!”

I duck and kick him in the back.

I kept dodging the attacks and countering each one, and within a few minutes I was the only one standing around.

“Y-you’re kidding me. ……”

“W-What the hell is going on?”

Iyoki san was stunned, and the boss, Kaburaki, was stunned.

That’s right.

This harmless-looking guy had taken out a bunch of guys without getting hit by a single shot.

“Give up already.”

“Don’t …… underestimate me. You’re just a kid. Don’t get too cocky just because you beat him a little!”

Kaburaki attacks.

I stepped forward to avoid him, and then I slammed him in the face with a single punch.

Staggering, Kaburaki clutches his cheek and rages violently.

“Damn it… !!! Tch, I’ve got no choice in the matter.”

He pulls out a knife from his back pocket and points it at me.

Seeing the shiny, sharp blade, Iyoki shouted.

“Please run away! The blade is …… even for you, as expected!”

Kaburaki, in a state of excitement, rushes in without waiting for my reply.

“Die, you!!!”

The blade heading straight for me.

I dodge just in time and kick Kaburaki in the hand.


I didn’t waste any time in closing in on Kaburaki, who was holding back his arm, and delivered a blow to his gut.

Another kick followed, and Kaburaki was blown backward.


And then he passed out.

After confirming that no one else was left, I released Iyoki san’s restraints.

“Y-you are …….”

Iyoki-san didn’t understand what was going on.

I silently let her put on the blazer that she was wearing.

“It’s all right now.”

Then I heard a police car in the distance.

Apparently someone had called 911.

…… Phew. Now it looks like we’re going to be all right.

I patted my chest in relief and sat there, relieved.

♦ ♦ ♦

After that.

The responding police took us and sent us home safely.

The guys were taken into custody and after that …… well, I’m not interested.

Iyoki-san, the victim of the attack, must have been in a state of shock, but she was very clear in her answers when the police interviewed her.

I would say that Iyoki is indeed a very good person.

She will probably return to her daily life soon.

And me, I was in the newspapers.

…… Really, why?

“The hero who saved a high school girl’s life, huh?”

Although my real name was not exposed, it said that I beat them up and saved Iyoki san’s life.

In the end, I was almost awarded a commendation.

I declined because I didn’t want it to become a big deal.

However, the school seemed to know that the victim of the incident, a high school girl, was Iyoki-san.

“Hey, who do you think that hero is?”

“Rumor has it he’s a student at our school!”

“He beat more than ten people by himself, didn’t he!”

“That’s right! And he didn’t even say his name!”

“He’s so cool!”

And the topic of who was the hero who saved Iyoki-san has been a hot topic these days.

Well, after a week, the topic will probably change to something else.

Anyway, days are as usual, despite everything that has happened.

It’s a little sad to be back to the life of a loner.

Well, I guess I’ll read a manga as usual.

“Eh, huh? Sae-sama?”

“Why is Sae-sama in this class?”

It’s awfully noisy outside.

But don’t worry about it. Concentrate on the manga for now.

“Something’s going into the classroom.”

“Who is it? Who does she want?”

The sound of shoes approached me.

Then it stopped in front of my seat.

“‘–Iriake Tomonari.”


I looked up to see Iyoki-san standing there.

I was puzzled, and Iyoki-san gave me a slack-jawed smile.

“Fufu, I finally found you ♡.”

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9 months ago


9 months ago

How the hell did he get knocked out in the first place if he was this strong, even calling himself “not athletic” last chapter….

9 months ago
Reply to  lazyc97

and he didn’t even try to run, he literally stood there watching how they came to catch him xD

7 months ago

bro , did you just let they hit you on the head at previous chapter and pretend to be weak all the time then come a hero save the united states plot? fr? ffs .

6 months ago

Yeah, that’s first flaw here. Got knocked out then got became Supersaiyan even though he (Tomonari) claimed not being an athletic himself

6 months ago
Reply to  Hawhaw

im not athletic but i can throw a hell of a haymaker and take a few hits. maybe its something similar to that?

3 months ago

Bro got da dawg in him even tho he “isn’t athletic”. Some bad writing ong.

2 months ago

Well, I’d like to think he got knocked out on purpose because he afraid they would just drove off with her.