Sunlight streaming in through the window, a refreshingly cool breeze, and the faint scent of miso soup wafting in the breeze. Hnn, The smell of miso soup?

“Good morning, Ren-kun.”

“Ah, Rin-senpai, good morning…”

“Ren-kun, breakfast is ready.”

“T- thank you very much. ……… Rin-senpai?!”

Why is Rin-senpai in the house? The key? She has a key to my house!?

“Good morning, dear.”

“Good morning…why are you here too, Shinju? Why is Rin-senpai in my house?!”

“Eh? Because I’m making breakfast for Ren-kun…”

“W-Why are you making my breakfast?”

“I asked her to.”

Shinju said from the side.

“Hm? What do you mean?”

“Well, as you know, I’m not a very good cook, so I asked her, Rin-san, and she agreed to do it.”

“Oh, so that’s! Shinju! Why are you asking Rin senpai to do this? Why did Rin-senpai also come home so early in the morning to cook?!”

“No, no, it’s okay, it’s okay, I just want to do it…”

“That’s not what I meant! Rather that, I’m sure Rin senpai has school after this!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do whatever I can to help you,”

Even if I’m late for school, I don’t care, she said, but that’s also bad, but more than that, I felt a terrible déjà vu.

“Shinju…could it be…?”

“Oh, I forgot to mention that Rin-san has joined forces with us.”

“I knew it….”

“Here, hurry up and eat, it should be delicious.”

Rin senpai told me to eat the breakfast that was prepared on the table.

The taste is…

“……… delicious.”

It was delicious. I’m sorry Shinju, but it was very tasty.

“Yes, good! There’s more to come, so keep eating ♡♡♡”

Rin-senpai told me so, and although I couldn’t eat much in the morning, I had another bowl of rice today. Then, I got ready to go to school (with Shinju and Rin-senpai watching me) and was about to leave,

The intercom rings with a beep.


Who’s there so early in the morning? I was just about to leave when the intercom beeped. But if it was Ruri, she would have come in without pressing the intercom, I thought, and when I opened the door, there she was…

“Good morning, Ren-kun♡ Let’s go to school together♡”.

There was Takahama-san, who had confessed to me on the first day of high school.

(TL/N : I forgot about her)

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