Episode 53 – School’s Madonna Chooses Class



[Aikawa kun, have you decided what your elective class will be?]

After I returned home, I received a phone call from Watanabe san a short while later.

The content that was cut out was about the special class that came out in today’s homeroom.

“I haven’t decided at this point, but what about you, Watanabe san?”

[I’m…..interested in many things, but I don’t think I’ll use this class as a reference for the future.]

“Well, sure. We’ve only just started high school, and I’m sure we’ll be in college and all sorts of other things in the future…….”

There is plenty of time to learn when you want to learn, so there is no need to take this special class too seriously.

[Actually, I would prefer the same elective class as Aikawa kun’s, but……]

When I heard Watanabe san’s voice coming through the phone, I was stunned.

[However, I’m thinking of separating my studies from what I want to do.]

“Yeah, I think that’s a good idea. I don’t want what I want to do to crush your choice.”

Watanabe san often puts me first, and if we had been in a relationship up to now, I could have told her what I wanted to do and she would have agreed to do it.

But even though we’re dating, it’s better to take a step back when it comes to studying.

[And even if we don’t take classes together, I can study with Aikawa kun most of the time.]

Her words brought to mind the scene of us studying together every weekend.

It’s true that we visit each other’s houses quite often and study side by side.

“Well, then, let’s say we don’t say anything in particular about what we chose for each other.”

[Yes, I look forward to the results.]

With that, I ended the call with Watanabe san.

“I’ll announce the elective subjects.”

The following Wednesday, after class and homeroom, the teacher uttered those words.

“On a piece of paper that had been put up, the names of all the students were written on it. It also lists what you will need for the day and what the class will be about, so take notes if you need to.”

The teacher then left the classroom.

“Let’s go take a look later.”

At the same time, my classmates were the first to head off to see their classes, so Aizawa and I stayed in our seats, not wanting to crowd the room.

After a while, most of the other students had finished checking their classes, and the area in front of the sign became empty.

Aizawa and I got up from our seats and checked the classes we were going to take.

“Oh, I got my first choice.”

I looked back and saw Aizawa’s name in the “Fisheries” class.

Apparently, this class thoroughly teaches the basics of fisheries, aquaculture, and the oceans.

Perhaps because it is a special class that focuses on knowledge that is not used in everyday life, it is not very popular, and there is a blank space in the student section of the sign.

“You really did make it to [Fisheries] didn’t you?”

I thought Aizawa would have chosen ‘Industrial’ for some reason.

It seems that you can experience a class to make parts using general-purpose processing machines and lathes, so I was a little worried. I thought that if I could make parts, then I could customize fishing equipment a little.

When I was thinking of tying everything to fishing like that…..

“Oh, Aikawa’s name was there, too. You’re….’home economist,’?”

“Ah, this time I think I’ll do what I can for the time being…”

It seems that you can cook in home economics class. I’ve been cooking since I was a kid, so I decided that this would be a safe way to get by without dragging anyone down.

“Whoa, there’s a name I know. Rejoice, Aikawa, it seems you are not alone.”


At Aizawa’s words, I begin to look at the names on the posters in turn.

Perhaps I made the same choice as Watanabe san…………

“Nishishi, I’ll look forward to seeing you on the day. Aikawacchi.”

“Y…yeah, likewise.”

The next day, Sawaguchi san visited the classroom during lunch break.

People around me are staring at me, but there were rumors that I was with her before the summer vacation, so it’s better than that time.

“I didn’t think that Aikawacchi chose this too.”

Yes, it was Sawaguchi san who had chosen “Home Economics” in addition to me.

“Why did you choose home economics, Sawaguchi san?”

I asked her.

“You know I’m a model, right? I arrange clothes when I wear them.”

I look at her and see that she has done a lot of work on her uniform.

It could be the length of the skirt, or different buttons……

“That’s how I got interested in clothing. I chose home economics because I heard they teach you just a little bit about that.:

“I see. So that’s the reason.”

It is true that her words make sense to me.

“What about you, Aikawacchi? Why home economics? Very few boys choose this class, you know?”

“That’s because….I can do housework and cooking, so it’s a process of elimination.”

I found out later that many boys chose “industry” and many girls chose “home economics”.

Perhaps because of this, the home economics classes were skewed at 10% boys and 90% girls.

“Perhaps you don’t know that we form groups during cooking class?”

“That’s…I knew it by looking at the class content…”

Actually, when I read it, I was a little worried and couldn’t help it.

“Hey, Aikawacchi? Want to team up with me? You want to work with me, right?”

She asked with a twinkle in her eye.


Sawaguchi san, knowing that I’m not used to other people, gives me a teasing smile.

“If Aikawacchi insists, then ……

The moment she puts her hand over her mouth and is about to utter a suggestion,

“It seems that the teachers will divide the home economics cooking into groups.”

Aizawa interrupted from the side.

“Why ! I just had a chance to eat Aikawacchi home-cooked food ?”

“That’s just Maho’s way of wanting to team up with you……”

Listening to the exchange between the two of them, I felt like my stomach was tightening at the thought of teaming up with people I didn’t know.

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